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  1. If the restaurant only adds a 3 or 4% tip, then yes I would add more to the tip. (that is about the amount your cabin steward gets out of the automatic tip on the daily cost of your cruise. Many restaurants I go to have an automatic 15% tip. I do add at least 5% if the service is good. Again, if you don't tip - that's your business. But I just think people saying I am bribing my cabin steward if I tip several times during my cruise after they have given me great service, is sad.
  2. So if you are staying at a hotel, and go down for breakfast in the morning, I assume you tip. If you go back that evening for a meal, do you not tip again? Same restaurant, right? But another meal. I feel the same way about my cabin steward. They make up my room two times a day. I don't tip them twice a day. But I do tip several times during my cruise. And yes there is an automatic tip - but usually $13 or $14 a day - that the cabin steward probably receives $3 or $4. That is nothing compared to the service I get. I am not shaming you or anyone else that decides not to tip more than the automatic tip. But don't shame me because I believe in paying for service that I receive. As I said previously, its my decision to tip for service - and its not a bribe for goodness sake!
  3. I disagree with those that think that people tip at the beginning of a cruise are bribing for better service. On the first day of the cruise, I meet my cabin steward and always ask for extra bed pillows, ask for a couple extra towels to be in the bathroom each day, ice in my room and extra hangers. Once I receive those items, I give him/her a tip - that is money for a job well done. During the cruise, as he/she also continues to do little extra things for me, and their regular job well done, I tip. And at the end of the cruise I tip again. Nothing different than tipping at the end of a meal at a restaurant. I think cabin stewards work their butt off for us and the daily tip that is charged to our accounts is distributed widely to workers on the ship. So I for one feel that my cabin steward deserves every tip I give them, especially since some people don't tip at all (remove their tip from their account). It's a personal decision for me.
  4. You know, one of the reasons I usually do not comment on these boards are people like you. I merely posted my situation with Princess - to be informative and to let others know their policy. As I stated, there is no reason to accept their $50 if I am not planning to cruise with them in the future. I did accept the apology of the agent I spoke with as the policy is not of her making. If you didn't approve of my thread - you didn't need to read or comment.
  5. The way to treat customers is to return their money in a timely manner - not ten weeks. I was told by the customer service agent that their policy was to "try" to get it out by eight weeks. That is not acceptable. Unless they would like to wait 8 - 10 weeks for us to pay our tab at the end of the cruise. I don't see that happening, do you?
  6. I didn't find it acceptable. I declined the credit as Princess has had the last of my business. And not just over their ridiculous policy on returned OBC. We were on the Emerald for 39 days and we had horrible service in dining, The Sanctuary, and several other mishaps. After 37 cruises, it was the only cruise I have ever written a complaint and taken to the service desk. I never heard from anyone. I always have felt a bad day at sea is better than any day back home. I can usually roll with the punches. But we were so taken back by things that happened on this cruise, the OBC was the last straw. Therefore, I would say they aren't interested in my business.
  7. Exactly. And as long as people keeping accepting this behavior it won't change.
  8. I find it interesting when I have ended a cruise with a balance of over $1,000, there wasn't time for a "verification" to charge the amount to my credit card! Why should it take 10 weeks to verify the credit if they can instantly charge you for your on board account?
  9. The agent at Princess I dealt with in customer service was apologetic and even offered me "$50 OBC" for my next cruise. I declined. I don't do business with companies that handle their customers in this manner. Too many other cruise lines to choose from to be treated in this manner.
  10. I posted back in December the question if others had a long wait on return of their on board credit at the end of their cruise. I finally received my check from Princess for my OBC from the cruise that ended on November 18. It took ten full weeks, numerous calls and emails in order to receive it. The person at Princess I spoke to said that they usually don't mail out for eight weeks. This is an unbelievable way to handle business. This OBC was over $1,200 so it wasn't just a few dollars I was waiting on. When I have OBC with Celebrity its posted to the credit card that they have on record on the ship within 2-3 days.
  11. As an update - It's now January 14 and I got off the ship November 18. I have yet to receive my $1,200+ in OBC that we did not spend. After many emails and calls, I finally spoke to someone that seemed to know what they were talking about. I was told that she was monitoring it and that at EIGHT WEEKS she would make sure it was sent! That is ridiculous! On other cruise lines (Celebrity, a few days after getting off the ship your refundable OBC is put on your credit card that you registered with the ship. Princess should not keep your money for that long. Just more thing that they don't do right!
  12. What ever “floats” or “sinks” your boat.
  13. I did not know about them. Will look for your previous post. Thank you.
  14. Thank you. It’s frustrating that I can’t speak to anyone at Princess but have to wait for a reply email. I am used to Celebrity refunding immediately on my credit card.
  15. Again, different strokes for different folks. I assumed I was free to post my thoughts but as so often on here, people feel the need to attack a person that doesn’t agree with them. Enjoy your horn blowing Love Boat.
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