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  1. I wonder if anyone from RC looks at the message boards for cruises. They sure could learn a lot. I have worked in customer service and I would be embarrassed at the service they call customer service. I know some of the problems can be chalked up to historical circumstances but come on, they have had plenty of time to figure out the plan. I think that the fact there are so many unhappy customers doesn’t promote much confidence.
  2. Thank you for the link! I really did try several searches but came up blank. I will be following.
  3. These threads are full of people who got the shaft. I wonder if anyone at RCCL reads any of them. This whole changing of ships and elimination of cruises is just the icing on the cake of 2020. I frankly don’t understand any of it. I know it sounds dramatic but they need us to come back to cruise, have confidence that things will return to a somewhat normal place. How can RCCL do this to loyal customers and get them to come back? Our cruise was flat out cancelled, we booked it 2 1/2 years in advance, we will rebook for 2022 and live with the fear of them canceling again. I wrote the company with my concerns but I’m certain they won’t respond. I don’t feel they really care.
  4. Ours , also cancelled ,was booked on Nov. 14. So I will pay attention around that time. Wondering where in Michigan you live? We spent 30 years in a little town on Lake Michigan, Grand Haven.
  5. I beg forgiveness if there is a thread on this already. My searches came up empty. Can anyone tell me when the schedule is released? My memory says mid November, but my memory isn’t what it used to be. i enjoy the predictions from those that follow too.
  6. Interesting——— finally received an e-mail rom RCCL today and mine seems to be a different expiration date. Understanding how much time and effort go into planning your cruise, it's important to us that we make it up to you. So, we also have a special offer just for you. If you rebook an alternate European itinerary departing in 2021 by October 21st, 2020, we'll provide you with an Onboard Credit valued at a $100 USD for interior and ocean view staterooms or $200 USD for balcony staterooms and suites. You must decide to move to a new sailing by October 21st, 2020. Once you find a new sailing, contact us to rebook your next getaway. The Onboard Credit will be automatically applied to your new reservation 72 hours from the date you rebooked your new cruise. So, there's nothing additional for you to do!
  7. Why couldn’t they cancel the Jewels 12 day Baltic, and hold off making us decide until the deployment plans are announced for 2022, then allow us to L&S? On another thread someone suggesting compensation to RCCL was told they weren’t going to offer any because this was not covid related. Which is bull! Would anyone be able to share how to reach Mr. Bailey? When I calm down I would like to contact him. TIA
  8. Not very happy with RCCL right now. Booked our cruise on Nov. 11, 2019 for July 2021. RCCL seems to have forgotten us. Still have not heard anything from them. I questioned our TA she didn’t get anything either. She just called and said it was true. Maybe when they just cancel your cruise they don’t care enough to let you know. Maybe folks who can reschedule are the only concern.
  9. I know☹️. I don’t think it would be allowed anyway because is showing as cancelled not rebooking.
  10. I just have to vent. RCCL publishes a press release a few days ago “in error”. They remove it. Many people call in to confirm and it is denied or another vague answer is given. They send out emails to some—we haven’t received one—- but virtually the same wording as the “error”. Offer nothing in the way of compensation, no 125% , no L&S because they cancelled it. Then give you 5 days to decide. I am disgusted by this.
  11. I understand that point of view now, post virus. We booked this 2 years in advance, so as to have a chance of seeing everything we have dreamed of seeing. This was to be the trip of a lifetime. Who knew even when this nightmare began it would affect plans made 18 months in the future.
  12. We were on the July 27 sailing of the Jewel out of Amsterdam. We thought about moving to a shorter cruise as long as it included overnight St. Petersburg. Two problems, we have booked private tours with other couples at a significant savings and they might not rebook and we are worried RCCL will require that we only do ship excursions.
  13. Wow, we are very disappointed. We booked our Baltic 12 day on Jewel when they were first released. Planning is done, booked private excursions, hotels for before and after cruise. It was what I did while stuck in home trying to do something productive. We didn’t get a letter yet. Wondering if we could do a L&S for 2022? I know it doesn’t fit the rules because they cancelled but hoping they might offer an incentive if we let them keep our money in exchange.
  14. We are booked for the July 27, 12 night ,Jewel from Amsterdam. The biggest reason for this was the overnight in St. Pete. We wouldn’t care if we could get a similar itinerary but leaving from Copenhagen. The release is very vague in regards to longer cruises which is frustrating as we don’t want to fly that far for a 7 night cruise. Im very disturbed by RCCL’s lack of attention to customer service. They should get it together and contact those booked on affected cruises FIRST! Not put out a vague statement, then pull it and not say which part was in error, then say we will contact those folks in three weeks. REALLY? Bad form RCCL.
  15. Thank you Ine! You have been very helpful. I will do some research and decide. I have noticed that public transportation is very good, we actually enjoy using it to get around. It feels like more of an adventure. We have actually discovered interesting things to do and see that way. Im finding prices to be higher in July when our Baltic sails. Thank you!
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