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  1. And you are one of the few out if the hundreds of millions of people who fly every year. but it's still it's nothing like checking reservations a month before a cruise and seeing everything is booked up. From what I'm hearing on here people book 6 or 7 seven months out. Anyway. Most answers here we're not even addressing the original question. Mostly they were assigning blame or defending Royal Caribbean. I got a few real answers. So that will suffice.
  2. Why is it my own fault. You as a frequent cruiser know this ins and outs. A lot of people aren't in that boat. Do you book a meal on an airplane months in advance? Or do you reserve your meals at an all inclusive months in advance? The answer is no. No you don't. How am I or anyone else supposed to know that this ship requires this sort of thing? You can't know what you don't know. Anyway, I hope you are right and I enjoy it.
  3. Wow. That is horrible. Just wondering, how did you order your tenderloin? Medium rare?
  4. Matinees are played by a different cast. What's the problem? This is how other Broadway shows function.
  5. For the BOGO do you have to dine on the first night it can you reschedule the courtesy reservation to the second night and to a restaurant of your choosing?
  6. And why would I make reservations if I'm not sure I want to go there? So I can be a jackhole and make a reservation that I won't use just in case? I suspect that's what people have been doing with the shows. Reserving a bunch of times for themselves every day so that they can have the freedom to choose while others can't even get a reservation. I invite you to block me and not follow my posts if you're going to be snarky to me.
  7. "With all your ranting"...? Don't sound to nice. Why stalk me if you thinking I'm ranting?
  8. Thanks for the tip! I think my so. Would like seeing the ice skating show! In fact, we got him ear muffs to protect his ears during the shows!
  9. Good to know. I guess for royal newbies like me, we just look at the marketing and think "wow, what a great ship!" We we're deciding between a cruise and a resort. We decided on the cruise because the cost per day was lower while still allowing for shows and pools and meals included. Oh well.
  10. We booked a montg before the cruise. Did not realize people were this hypnotized by cruising that they would book so early! Oh well.
  11. No. I would have all shows be twice a day every day at an afternoon time and an evening time. The theater sits empty. Why should it? If there are 6600 passengers, a system that allows passengers flexibility would suffice.
  12. Yeah because you're used to the system and you may have different needs. That's a pretty horrible system for people who want to decide daily when to eat and which show to watch. We don't want the show to dictate our schedule. If it was just me and my wife that would be fine, but we have a one year old as well, so this sort of pre-planning doesn't work well for us.
  13. So basically, you have to plan out your whole dang week on the first day in order to get good seats? That kinda sucks for people who didn't know about the system until too late. On all the prior cruises, you'd just show up 15 min before and get decent seats.
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