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  1. We have had YC balcony cabins several times on MSC. Very recently we did an inside YC and had no complaints about the room or storage. HOWEVER...let me issue a warning!! The plug and the hairdryer in the inside room fall almost directly underneath the smoke detector. If you happen to have fairly long thick hair you may well be in for a surprise. One night while drying my hair the steam (we think/thought) caused the firearm to go off. After what seemed to be an eternity and a visit by Butler, asst. butler, and someone from the fire dept. who had to radio the bridge to confirm there was no fire, the alarm was FINALLY shut off. Trust me the room seems really really tiny when the smoke alarm is going off!! A few nights later I again had to wash and dry hair so hubby was enlisted to fan while I was drying (I was sitting in floor as far away from alarm as possible) in hopes I would not set it off again, SUCCESS (I thought), I finished drying my hair and finally set hubby on his merry way to Top Sail Lounge. Little did I realize that apparently one of the products I use on my hair prior to using a flat iron would cause the "steam" build up yet again. Yes, you guessed it, I got to repeat the fire alarm going off and the subsequent visits by the crew before it was again turned off. I have used the same products and blow dryer (the one provided by MSC) in the balcony cabins before and this fire alarm thing has never been an issue. The only thing we can think of is the room being smaller and the location of the smoke detector in the YC inside room.
  2. For those who have actually received a Move-up offer, could you give us details? Such as when you received it (I think I had read 45 days prior to cruising). What were the bid minimums? And when were you notified regarding whether or not your bid was accepted? Thanks
  3. The new menus only began this past week on the Miami Seaside sailing The menus have been posted daily on a closed YC facebook group. Sorry but I do not know how to share them from there.
  4. On a Facebook page one of the posters has been posting daily the new YC menus that started this week from the Seaside. I know food is suggestive BUT the degree to which they have changed the menus is as I said above " underwhelming and disappointing". Below is my response to the facebook menus. I am very disappointed and underwhelmed at the menus. This will be our 4th YC cruise and I can attest to the fact the the previous menus offered more in both the selection and number of apps and entrees. Being a non-seafood eater the pickings for me are quite slim and if you are a beef or chicken eater forget it. The way it looks I'll be looking a ordering a Filet Mignon or Prime Rib (and NO not a flank steak or something cheap like that!!) One of Hubby's main reasons for doing the YC had a lot to do with the YC restaurant and menu. Another cut or two to the menu and we are gone.
  5. Faze41 could you elaborate a bit more? Both Celebrity and RCL have bid up programs that are fairly identical to each others, both using the same 3rd party to send out email offers, but they also offer a specific link to bid up without receiving an email offer. Did you receive the bid up via email? And were the offers similar to the other 2 lines that use a minimum and maximum bid for the offers? Thank you Spoilt
  6. When is this "Bidding program" supposed to begin? It's actually getting to be a fairly common practice. Right now its used by not only NCL, but also Celebrity and Royal. Not sure who is in charge of the NCL program but as far as Royal and Celebrity are concerned it appears they are somewhat managed by the same 3rd party. If you look under threads for both you will see the identical bidding set up for both. On our recent Celebrity Edge cruise we were booked in an inside (casino comp) cabin. We received several bids to upgrade. Example the bidding for a Infinite Veranda Room started at $ 400 pp to I think $ 800 pp. We passed on it. However the Upgrade Fairy does still live, . We were upgraded to the same Infinite Veranda category about 2 weeks prior to sailing. This was our first Celebrity cruise which I think may have contributed to the Upgrade.
  7. Went back and reviewed my dates. Original booking made using code 3/10 and discount applied on 3/30
  8. I also booked a 2021 cruise using the codes. At the time I booked they said it would be be applied shortly (it had to go to a different dept or something). Called a week later and was told that since the cruise was so far out, it would be applied but they were working on the cruises that had shorter time frames. (The skeptic in me wondered if I was being "had"). But after about another week they were true to their word, we received a new invoice showing the updated price.
  9. We had a super family on the Seaside. They were 2 connecting balcony cabins.
  10. We you able to use it booking online? I tried and kept getting a note that said Generic error
  11. I know last year (2018) there were at least 2 separate mailings regarding VIP casino cruise offers. Has anyone received one for this year?
  12. Regarding the use of Lanyards I have a question. On the Edge in the casino you "tap" your card instead of inserting it in a slot machine. Would the machine still be able to read the card if its in a Lanyard?
  13. SRF Very sorry for my response. My bad I read and interpreted your post wrong!! Sorry again! Spoilt
  14. In response to your rather snarky response above.....I was merely stating my reasons for buying travel insurance. Quite sure that I never once referenced or put down anyone regarding their reasoning for purchasing insurance. Besides I thought the title of this topic was "Travel Insurance Success Story" so I think my post regarding my Travel Insurance Success Story was quite appropriate as Travel Insurance covers several different things.
  15. I have a different reason for taking out travel insurance. Husband and I could (not happily) eat the cost of a cruise and airfare, however the medical coverage is a totally different matter. As with many insurance policies an accident onboard a cruise ship or in another country is considered "out of network". And with a fairly large out of network deductible, not willing to risk it. We have been cruising for over 25 years as a family. For the first many many years we did not take out insurance. Finally it caught up with us. A broken toe onboard ship. The out of network charge was more than the ships medical cost, so we were out all of that. After that we wised up, and glad we did. I think it was the following cruise that son was sick, he was in medical several times before they (the ships medical department after conferring with some higher ups) decided to make us get off the ship in Cozumel and to go to hospital for cat scans. The following day was going to be a sea day and they would not chance a medical emergency at sea. Insurance called ahead to hospital and made them aware of our coming and our travel insurance coverage. Fortunately we were discharged in time to make it back to the ship. However we still had to cover the $ 2000.00 hospital bill before being discharged. (We may have been able to let insurance cover it up front but time was getting to short to make it back to ship before it would leave us, so we opted to pay it and deal with insurance when we got home.) Filed all the necessary paperwork, and it was maybe 2 weeks before we were reimbursed the full $ 2000.00. Used it another time when hubby had a eye infection onboard. The bill was paid in full and we came out fairly even on what we had paid for the cruise insurance. In closing I can say that we have definitely come out ahead after paying to the premiums. Lesson learned from first accident was it would have been a lot less to have taken our insurance than had the pay the entire bill.
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