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  1. Both available on the PO package. Also, when talking to a waiter, it seemed as if there was no way of enforcing the 15 drinks limit if anyone did get to that amount. People asking about wine, I cant answer about the rest of the ship, but there was certainly a good choice of wines available in the Glasshouse.
  2. It certainly included the Ice wine, as I took full advantage of it the other week, and the gins came with small cans of tonic. Just order a small glass instead of a large, still plenty of choice such as Boomboom and Jam Shed. I had no problems getting wine with dinner, or an after dinner port/brandy.
  3. No fear of that happening to me. *sigh*
  4. Ahhhhh, I recognise that 'voice' young man. I'm your fellow bearded gambler from cruise 2. Did you get a letter from the casino on the last day? First time I have ever seen them hand out these letters, apparently its been going on for months.
  5. So can you ask for a table for two, or is it like afternoon tea/breakfast where they just take you to the next space available?
  6. Thats what I am after, thanks Alan. Wonder if they do the same on the first whole day of a 7 day cruise.
  7. If you consider fresh juices, coffees...and even more so, free drinks for the kids, then it starts to look better.
  8. Spooky! Well, in a dilemma, as going to give it a try, but unsure if I should wait until the second day or not, hmmmm.
  9. Cheers Grapau. I thought I had read someone say they reduced them by 10% on the second day. I probably imagined it.
  10. Okay, before I start, sorry for bring drinks packages up again, and hoping this will not turn into a discussion on the merits/perils of one but....I was sure I had read that lately they have been offering 10% off them on he second day, or something like that. Did I dream it, or can anyone confirm please?
  11. Im on board in April, when would it be worth checking the personaliser to see who is on please?
  12. If he is tech confident like you say, a useful app can be a 'park your car' where you set it when you get of at the drop off point as if you had parked your car there, then when you want to return, it gives you directions to your 'car'.
  13. I have used this company before, https://www.romeinlimo.com/rome-civitavecchia/ They guarantee getting you back to the ship, and I believe they do shared tours where you can join a tour with other people to keep costs down.
  14. Yes, on sale at select bars and the duty free shop if it is open, but purchasers must be or legal age.
  15. Liking food and wine, the money you save over the cost of a Celebrity cruise, you could eat in the select dining areas every evening. I am a little older than you, but I enjoy P&O, the ships arn't full of people who have escaped from the nursing home, well not the larger ones anyway 😉 . Does not have the flashiness of some lines, but I like it.
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