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  1. Years ago they used to do a cocktail that you could only get in Sindu, had raspberry on the bottom, was in a tall glass. Anyone any idea what it was, as they stopped doing it on later cruises.
  2. Yes, I cancelled a cruise, got the deposit back as FCC, and used the FCC from a cruise they cancelled to rebook/pay for that one.
  3. There isnt any more benefits (as in share benefits) for booking a select to an early/late saver is there?
  4. If they cancelled your cruise, they are still offering 125%.
  5. ...refunds may take up to 60 days to be processed. Gone up from the 45 days then.
  6. I think its because DPD are delivering it, not the usual morrisons vans and it will be easier to pack 100's of all the boxes the same, than to do individual shopping lists. I would not order one because at the moment Im fortunate to be able to get my own shopping in, but if it helps one person, then its a good thing.
  7. To be fair, some people dont have any choice Jean. If you are housebound with no one to get your shopping in, you still going to say 'I dont think so?' I dont think so.
  8. Off topic (a lot) but some people have mentioned having trouble getting on-line delivery of food. Morrisons are doing 2 different boxes for £35, that get delivered the day after you order it. https://www.morrisons.com/food-boxes/
  9. The flu jab is only effective for around 45% of people (based on 2018/19 figures), do we think a Covid19 jab can be more effective? I think there isnt that much chance. Sadly.
  10. So not the law at the moment, but 'may' come into force. The be fair, so long as it is covered with insolvency protection, I dont mind, and by the sounds of it, even if you dont use the 'vouchers' you can later get a cash refund.
  11. Oh Avril, so sad. I have a funeral to go to on Wednesday, strangely enough, the same nasty evil reason, and the same age, 48. My best mate and business partner, sadly missed, but the hospice and the workers there made sure his last few weeks were as good as possible. I do love our care workers/volunteers so much.
  12. That is fantastic news, so pleased for you. Keep safe!
  13. But their population is about 5.5 times bigger.
  14. Totally off topic (although to be fair, the thread is already off topic) those clever people that can see where ships are, where abouts is 'The World'? What are they doing during this crisis?
  15. Arrggg!!! Horrible stuff, full of chemicals, much better off getting the other 'local' brew (was a bit of a local rivalry in its time 😉 )
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