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  1. The speed I get is quicker than the basic broadband packages in the area. I usually get a speed of 20+. Another option if there is a decent data sim deal is to buy a sim card router. So basically it is exactly the same as having wireless broadband in the home, but your route has a sim card inside it, instead of plugging into the phone line. Obviously, all dependant on signal/speed in your area.
  2. Yes, just use the phone as a hotspot. No different to wireless.
  3. For that one yes you would still need home broadband, but landline no, if you are happy just using your mobile. I have not had a landline for years, it was only getting used by sales calls/scam calls. I now have a £13.50 sim that gets me unlimited everything, and gives me broadband speeds so no need for broadband or landline.
  4. If you factor in cashback, you can get unlimited calls and texts, and 8gb of data (including 5G) for £4 pm if you factor in the cashback (£8 pm if you dont factor that in.) {If you do not mind playing the cashback gamme, you can get an EE sim with unlimited calls/data and 1gb data for £2.67 a month.}
  5. I find forums where people have things in common can be lovely caring places. You will always get some odd-ball though. 🙂
  6. I had thought that, but knowing P&O's online system, didnt know if it would actually work. Guess they probably spend more time on the sections that bring money in to them. 🙂
  7. And another total change of subject, and completely in the wrong place, but I guess its a general question about booking for any line (but I am talking about Cunard). If I am fancying one of the cruises they are going to release in a few day what is the best/easiest way to book, can you usually get through on the phones on the morning bookings open, use the internet, other? I would normally use a TA, but in these times, would prefer to book direct. TIA
  8. Could you not just get someone on a Saga forum to introduce you, presuming you dont 'really' need to know them.
  9. Does not work for me, it just keeps saying there is an issue with my booking and to please call. 😞
  10. I've had the pleasure to cruise with him before, and he is as nice and friendly in real life too. Hoping everything is okay with him.
  11. Also cashback cards, so essentially free money, and to reach new card incentives. Airmiles/nectar etc with Amex
  12. Ahhh, just when reading some of the American forums, they are obsessed with rum runners and the like.
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