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  1. I don't actually believe my post said anything negative about P&O or suggested I don't like them - quite the reverse and I still very much enjoy my cruises with P&O. I just think all these awards are pretty meaningless - whichever cruise line they are awarded to. All the cruise lines send out e-mails inviting people to vote for them and many awards offer incentives for people to vote such as prize draws. It just seems that every month or two there is another 'awards' scheme being made. So, I will just ignore them and look forward to my next two P&O cruises...
  2. Yes, that could indeed be possible. It never ceases to amaze me how little research some people do before booking a cruise. Changing tack slightly, I once had breakfast in the mdr aboard Aurora with a couple who had previously done the World Cruise on her. They were telling me about a couple on their dining table on that cruise who had booked the entire Worldie without ever having been on a cruise ship before 😮
  3. Didn't see much of Britannia but the Epicurean looked good.
  4. Happy that P&O are winners but personally I don't take any notice of awards. There are now so many awards in the cruise and wider travel industry that they seem pretty meaningless to me...
  5. Over the years, P&O have continuously (but slowly) distanced their officers from the passengers. When I started cruising, a number of tables in the mdr were hosted by an officer for the duration of the cruise. They weren't always able to make it but were there more often than not and on at least one night provided wine for the table. Many officers also hosted parties that pax were invited to. At Captain's Cocktail and Loyalty Parties, the officers used to make an effort to mix with pax but sadly now they seem to stand around in groups totally ignoring pax. With the way prices have come down and ship capacity risen, I can understand why they don't host tables or individual parties but I do think it is a shame that almost any form of interaction between officers and pax now seems to be frowned on by the company.
  6. Personally, I would have preferred to see Aria here in the UK rather than Dawn - but good that CMV are expanding with a slightly more modern fleet.
  7. CMV have not yet suggested that they will withdraw Astoria and Marco Polo but both of course are a venerable age and their retirement cannot be too many years away now.
  8. Well, as that seems to have worked, I'll be really brave and trying posting a video... 20191205_183017.mp4
  9. Hi Andy, I'm, just back from 9 days in the Malaga area. During the early part of that time, the weather was a bit mixed, with sunshine, cloud and a little rain (with one torrential rainfall on one night). The temperature those days was about 15 degrees. The second half of my stay was lovely, with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures between 17 and 21. All the Christmas Lights in Malaga were new this year and were pretty spectacular. I really hope P&O make this a late-night stop as they are so worth seeing. I'm going to attempt to post photos on here - which I have never tried so far!
  10. I think it is a bold and brave move by P&O which further confirms their desire to build a new customer demographic for Iona and her sister ship due in 2022. Whilst it is not to my taste, I understand the need for them to do this. What I do think is wrong however is that they have decided to do this after many people may have booked this cruise expecting quite a different atmosphere and possibly more varied entertainment on board during their cruise. Also, I do feel it is pretty poor announcing this and putting it on sale without really confirming which artists will be on board. I'm afraid it is the latest in a number of decisions made at late stages which really doesn't instill trust in the company.
  11. Noooooooo Andy - don't encourage him 😂
  12. Indeed it is. As I mentioned on another thread, there will be 4 large ships in on 23rd May - Iona, Anthem of the Seas, Britannia and Ventura. That will mean a turnover of pax in the region of 31,000! Anthem, Iona and Britannia are alongside together on a number of occasions, meaning a changeover of up to about 25,000 pax.
  13. Sad indeed. The Rhodes restaurants were the best P&O had - or indeed still have had - in my opinion.
  14. As far as I know (and I am not one to have inside information), they are just extending Ocean Terminal to cope with the additional passenger numbers on Iona and her 'sister' due in 2022. To date on the ABP website, there is no indication of more than one ship in berth 46 on any one day next year. Hopefully there may be someone out there with more knowledge to advise you.
  15. Do you write the scripts for P&O on-board comedians by any chance Brian 😉😀
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