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  1. Britboys

    Dress code

    That is truly awful and staff should have insisted he wore some sort of shirt! I'm not a snob on dress code but that really is inappropriate.
  2. Here here Jean! I think you can be forgiven the cough mixture - just make sure you take your own next time 😁
  3. Indeed! I would ban all table-top sales in walk-way areas. Keep them in the shops or a 'closed' venue that those who are not interested can ignore/bypass.
  4. Britboys

    Dress code

    Historically, cruise lines always had the three dress codes - Formal, Black Tie - Informal, Jacket & Tie, Casual - no jacket required. These have been diluted by most lines now. If you wear a tiara you will certainly be the centre of attention
  5. Point taken . Sadly, one of the things that is increasingly common on all the major cruise lines are the horrible 'sales' held in various venues on board. Shopping is the last thing on my mind when I am on a cruise!
  6. Britboys

    Why are P&O no longer docking in Amsterdam

    I too am on this cruise and very unhappy about the change. If it had been just a one-day call, it would not have been so bad but the fact that we are there overnight makes it a poor decision imho. Who wants a return coach journey of 80 minutes to go for a night out when on a cruise? Of course, we don't know for certain that it is the new tourist tax that has caused this but it is highly likely. The problem is that P&O shore-side are very poor communicators and using the cover-all "operational reasons" only winds people up. Sadly, I don't think we stand a hope in hell of getting a goodwill gesture as P&O will just say that they are fulfilling their contract by providing free transfers into Amsterdam. The problem is that they never think out of the box. They could have written to all pax stating that a new tax had been introduced by the Amsterdam authorities and so they would need to add the equivalent of €16 to our on-board accounts but by way of a goodwill gesture will credit our accounts with £15 obc - which would of course cost them far less than £15. In general, UK companies are far less customer care oriented. I'm sure any of the USA -based cruise lines would deal with this in a much better fashion. I am going to write a complaint too and would encourage anyone on this cruise to do the same. They are inconveniencing us so let's inconvenience them!
  7. I haven't been on Britannia but always thought the Atrium looked quite nice - unlike the renderings for the "Grand Atrium" on the new Iona. That to me is very reminiscent of the atrium at Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North London!
  8. Many of the P&O waiters have a visible - but small - tattoo on their hands. I think it may be related to their Faith?
  9. I saw an article about this a while back actually. I thought it was funny that it was portrayed as a Naval Tradition to get a Tattoo... They are certainly going for a very different style of cruise.
  10. Britboys

    Iona Winter 20/21

    According to the Port of Gibraltar website, Iona appears set to call there on 3/12/20, 7/1/21, 4/2/21 and 11/3/21. Of course, by then there may well be different arrangements regarding VAT to the ones in place now...
  11. Britboys

    Iona Winter 20/21

    That's interesting - thanks Dai. You won't be surprised to know that I won't be booking anything on her . I might be tempted by something on Aurora or Arcadia though - to celebrate my 60th birthday!
  12. Britboys

    Iona Winter 20/21

    Sounds a very reasonable guess. Information on P&O website now says that Iona will be visiting Bruges, Hamburg, Rotterdam & Amsterdam (from Rotterdam) in Northern Europe and Lisbon, Cadiz, Tenerife, Gran Canaria & Madeira for winter sun. On the basis of her first season in Norway, I am guessing she will only do two itineraries across the winter season.
  13. Britboys

    Dress code

    I did an 11-night cruise aboard Marco Polo last May to Iceland, Faroes & Ireland. The Dress Code mix was 3 x Formal, 5 x Informal and 3 x Casual. Informal suggestion is "Jacket & Trousers with or without Tie". From memory, not all men dressed in Jackets but did dress fairly smart - i.e. smart trousers as opposed to jeans or anything; maybe a shirt & tie without Jacket (which personally, I just don't get!). The daily programme did not list any suggestions for the ladies aboard...
  14. Britboys

    Port or Starboard docking for St Petersburg

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about what side the ship was berthing to. I have been to St Petersburg twice on a cruise and on each occasion was off ship all day both days on excursions. Yes, some areas may be a bit dowdy but there is a lot to see and I found it utterly fascinating.
  15. Britboys

    Iona Winter 20/21

    Had an e-mail from a TA this morning saying that Iona will spend winter 20/21 in Northern Europe, Spain, Portugal and the Canaries. Depending what they do with other ships in the fleet, there could be some cheap deals on the far horizon...