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  1. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable visit there. I've only been to Bergen once and that was on a small ship. Is there much to see/do in Haugesund? Is it a pretty town?
  2. Sorry to hear you had such a poor experience. I was on Marco Polo last year and had no 'technical problems' at all - despite her being 53 years old at the time! 😁. I hope your next cruise is more enjoyable, whichever line that may be on.
  3. Glad you got it sorted. Sadly, P&O IT is really the pits. There are regular problems with Cruise Personaliser and many people agree that the new P&O website is dreadful in many ways. If I go into "My Account" at present and look under "My Cruises", it says that my next cruise is in 2021, when I have one booked for 2020!
  4. Yes, Aurora and Arcadia both have a lot of 18/19 night itineraries. Really not surprised that Iona to Norway prices are good - she is basically doing the same itineraries for the second Summer season running and they have over 5000 berths to fill every 7 days! Interesting to see that Bergen has been replaced with a town called Haugesund - I wonder why that is?
  5. Which is why so many of the niceties and freebies have disappeared and the general standard has declined. I'm not saying that today's prices are not good value, merely that it is now quite a different product.
  6. Azura's last Caribbean-only cruise is 5th/6th March - Barbados, St Vincent, St Kitts, St Maarten, Grand Turk, Tortola, Antigua, St Lucia, Grenada, Barbados. On 19th March she re-positions to Malta, calling at Gran Canaria and Cadiz along the way.
  7. I'd like to think you are right but it has gone on for so many years that I think it is just their dreadful admin/computer issues.
  8. 11/12 March, Barbados, Curacao, Aruba, St Vincent, Grenada, St Lucia, St Kitts, Antigua, St Maarten, Barbados.
  9. Non-marketing communication from P&O is a complete mystery. I am opted in and have been sailing with P&O for for 22 years - sometimes I get a 'Moments' magazine and at others I don't. Sometimes I get a full brochure and sometimes the abridged version. It really is anyone's guess...
  10. I suspect it is only on the odd occasion when there is no other option. Assuming this is the 3rd November, there are 4 ships in but they are all Carnival brands. Ventura is in Berth 46/Ocean Terminal, Aurora is at 106/Mayflower Terminal, and Queen Elizabeth at 38/QE2 Terminal.
  11. I received the 'full-fat' version this morning too. It is quite a different style with, I feel, further evidence of the evolution they seem to be following at present. The word "Adventure" seems to feature a fair bit and phrases like "culture hop", "world's most iconic cities" and "travel more, delve deeper". The "Explore Ashore" section says "Be a traveller Not a Tourist" and features "Urban Adventures". Within each destination section, the cruises are divided by number of nights rather than simply dates, which some will find helpful and others not. Fortunately, they have retained the cruise calendar for each ship at the rear of the brochure. Sensibly, there are no prices, just a "from" indication for one specific departure in each section. There is a four-page spread feature on Iona - unsurprisingly. Sadly the full brochure is wasted on me. I'm only likely to sail on Aurora or Arcadia and there is nothing suitable for me beyond my Arcadia cruise in early 2021.
  12. I completely agree and like Arcadia myself. Some of the most common dislikes I have seen/heard are that "she's very beige" and "I don't like that all the public rooms seem to be on a corridor with people walking past all the time". I shall look forward to my cruise aboard her in 2021!
  13. Let's not take this thread down the route of politics eh? That's a recipe for disaster! TC have indeed been struggling for a number of years and I am sure much of it is down to the issue of people booking on-line and putting together their own packages. Budget airlines like Easyjet and Jet2 also offer package holidays. Check out the local High Street and see how many Travel Agents still exist...
  14. It would be sensible but I think the problem is that once a company goes into administration or bankruptcy, all their assets are seized/frozen.
  15. Yes, but let's not forget Oceana is still fly-cruising for the next couple of weeks. I guess the main problem with aircraft shortage at the moment is short-haul though due to the 737 problems. P&O will presumably be looking for larger capacity long range aircraft?
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