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  1. The current situation makes no difference to me as I wouldn't choose to visit the Gulf countries anyway because of their dreadful approach to human rights and equality issues.
  2. No & yes. I totally agree with your comparisons of the public rooms but as I am not a lover of larger ships, Aurora is my second favourite after Oriana. I generally choose not to sail on anything larger than Arcadia and am not overly keen on Oceana.
  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to find and post the videos. The construction is fascinating - a bit like very grown-up lego these days 😁
  4. Well done for working it out - I'm hopeless with any IT outside of anything I have already done!
  5. Being very un-techie, I don't know how to embed a video in a post but here is a link to a video of the first chunk of Iona's superstructure seeing the light of day outside the shed on 24/5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBd8NUrKzr0
  6. Hope you have a great time Andy. They'd have to pay me to go on her 😀
  7. Thanks for reporting back. I shall look forward to my next cruise aboard my soon-to-be favourite P&O ship (once we have lost Oriana) next year!
  8. I tend to agree with Selbourne on this. Once the automatic tips are abolished by P&O, if I receive particularly good service from (Club Dining) waiters and my cabin attendant, I will give them a tip at the end of the cruise. If the service is only average, I won't. I think there will be plenty of people who do that - as well as plenty that don't tip under any circumstances. Consequently, I think it likely that Club Dining waiters will still get more extra tips than those in Freedom Dining.
  9. I had an e-mail from a well-known & reputable cruise agent this morning offering prices from £685 based on 18/7, 29/8 & 12/9 departures Dai.
  10. From what I have been told whilst on Oriana & Aurora Stephen, first sitting is in much demand so if you book quite late on a Saver fare, it is not easy to get allocated first sitting. I always go for second sitting and have noticed since the introduction of alternative dining and freedom dining that empty seats at tables are now quite common on second sitting. Not sure what the situation is on the larger ships as I rarely sail on them.
  11. With regard to Whatsapp or Text whilst on the ship, either can easily work out expensive. It will depend on your itinerary and whether you are close enough to pick up a phone signal from land - and whether that is in Europe or not of course. When at sea, the phone signal often comes via satellite and a Marine Communications network. Internet connections when at sea are not consistent and again, not cheap. Depends whether you have a requirement to keep in contact with work or a desire to be in regular contact with friends/family. I have neither so normally wait until I am ashore and find a cafe/bar with free wifi!
  12. It is a while since I have been on Oceana and haven't sailed at all with NCL but hope these thoughts might help in general terms: Oceana will be 20 years old next year, so whilst P&O keep her in good condition, she will be showing signs of wear & tear here & there - it must be a constant battle for P&O to keep her looking decent when she is at sea pretty much 365 days a year. She is about half the size of Epic and consequently has fewer facilities and in particular, far fewer eating options. In fact, possibly the fewest eating options of all P&O ships. Generally, food in the mdr's on P&O is pretty good. The buffets however don't really compare well with most of the American cruise lines. The weather will depend on your itinerary - if you are looking at the far eastern end of the med (Greece etc), whilst the chances are that the weather will be pleasantly warm, there is a chance of cloud and the odd storm from mid-September onward. Hope that gives you something to think about.
  13. We are on a Southbound Inside Passage aboard Coral Princess in July this year. We want to do a Glacier Landing on a Helicopter Tour from Juneau. I have tried hard to research this but can't find much. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation regarding the best Company to go with? They seem to operate pretty much the same tours at the same prices. Any views greatly appreciated.
  14. Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience on Magellan. I have only sailed with CMV once, aboard Marco Polo and had a very enjoyable trip to Iceland. CMV are certainly no P&O, Cunard or Celebrity but I felt my cruise was a good, traditional experience with perfectly acceptable food, service & entertainment. I do hope you feel able to come back on the board with more details of your thoughts.
  15. Goodness - the superstructure is certainly coming along now.
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