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  1. That seems a good result for you. At the moment there doesn't seem to be a similar itinerary to mine in 2022 showing on the website but I might contact my TA just in case.
  2. Sadly, I have not been on a Premium Line such as the ones you mention. I guess however that my take on it is that it depends how important a cabin is to you you and how much time you think you will spend in it. The cabin is completely unimportant to me so if I were making that decision it would be done in a minute - Premium all the way. I would choose nicer surroundings, better service and food of a higher quality above a big cabin, a nice breakfast room and a butler I wouldn't use any day. Obviously you will take itinerary and likely need for flights into account.
  3. Just wondering what you will do if at final balance time, P&O have not cancelled? Will you just transfer to another cruise under the flexible arrangements they are currently offering - assuming they are still on offer then?
  4. Hello Jean. I haven't been following a lot of the posts on here recently because a number of them have bordered on aggression, which I really don't want. I had not realised that S had been poorly but am pleased to hear she is well again. Please do send her my best wishes. Regarding her voice, imho it is far better than Ms Lynn's has been for a number of years. Whilst I do appreciate what a great job VL did during the war years, I am not a fan of her later voice or indeed her as a person.
  5. If the passenger cancels, you are bound by the usual terms and conditions, with the financial penalties set out in those. At present P&O are allowing people to transfer deposits to any other cruise currently on sale without charge and you can also transfer more than once.
  6. I must admit that scenario has been in my head for some time and adds to my quandary. Sadly, I am suspicious enough to be concerned that they might have no intention of operating the world cruise but still take our final balances as though it were...
  7. I am booked for the middle sector, so my balance is due end of October. As a solo traveller, it is a not inconsiderable sum and I am in a bit of a quandary about it. I'm not sure I want to commit that amount of money, only to find out it is altered beyond recognition or cancelled - especially if refunds are still taking an age to deliver...
  8. Thanks for that. I typed a very similar reply a few days ago but my tablet threw a wobbly and the text hadn't been saved when I went to re-do it....
  9. Yes, but it is a joke that they make so much of Cunard and Britishness. The currency is the US Dollar, the menus are geared to American tastes and drink prices are set for the American market. I enjoy Cunard but it definitely does not feel particularly British any longer.
  10. I have not sailed with RCI either but I feel you maybe need to think about what you want out of the cruise. If you have sailed previously on the large RCI ships, I think you could (but may not of course) find Arcadia and/or Aurora a very different product. Service on P&O generally is pretty non-intrusive and some experience this as the staff being 'cold' - it is very different to American-style 'upbeat' service. Menus on P&O are very geared to British tastes and the buffet in particular can be a shock to the system if you are used to expansive USA lines buffets. As has been said, Arcadia and Aurora are adult-only ships and as such the passenger demographics are skewed to the higher side. If you want a laid-back cruise on a smaller ship with, by today's standards relatively few eating and entertainment options, then it could work for you. If you want a large-ship buzz and a plethora of choice for eating and entertainment, then maybe not. Hope you find that helpful.
  11. I would prefer Oriana's - but before they installed the wall of plastic foliage! If it has to be a current ship, then I would go for Aurora's. An atrium may look good but the bigger it is, the more space it uses up that could be another bar or lounge...
  12. I've sailed once with Saga - about 6 years ago - and had a fabulous cruise. Unfortunately (from my perspective), their new ships are all-balcony, which make them especially expensive when sailing solo. That is even taking into account that they are all-inclusive with tips and travel to/from ship included.
  13. It depends how much more upmarket you want to go Selbourne. Both Crystal and Silversea do very occasional roundtrip cruises ex UK. Crystal also do a very occasional London to Amsterdam cruise, where you could come back to the UK by Eurostar from Amsterdam. Naturally, they are luxury lines with prices to match. I would also say however that perhaps you should keep trying to convince Mrs S to give Saga a go - maybe just for a week. If I could afford their prices, I'd get on one of their new ships like shot!
  14. The date for Iona's Maiden is not yet known I am afraid. Whether there will be any cruises in October is not yet known either. I am due to sail with P&O in October to Spain and Italy and will be surprised if it goes ahead. As you know, the situation we are in holds many unknowns and only you can decide whether it is worth the risk. Personally, I would not be booking any cruise going anywhere in October at the moment.
  15. Mixed messages are the norm for Spain :-) . I am fortunate enough to spend a fair bit of time there and believe me, Government - local, regional or national - do not make things easy!
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