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  1. Right up until the Covid Pause, I always had juice and tea delivered to my cabin. The tea was always nice and hot. Maybe that was a bonus of the smaller ships?
  2. None of the starters really work for me. Both soups sound nice (Two Soups?...🤣). Nice selection of main courses and could probably eat one of the vegan options. Desserts sound not bad but probably tasteless...
  3. Although not necessarily a bad thing, it is possibly not a good thing either. I may be completely wrong but I would hazard a guess that the uptake of vegetarian and vegan dishes on Aurora and Arcadia is pretty low. To me it is much more understandable to have such options on the newer ships that attract a much more diverse set of pax. One of the ladies on my table in August was vegan but she was decidedly unimpressed with what was on offer most nights.
  4. On Aurora in August, omelettes made to order were back in the Horizon Buffet fortunately. Those pre-made ones were dire...
  5. I haven't been on Arcadia since they refitted her so it might feel a bit different now but I love Aurora's and loved Oriana's. I haven't been on Ventura but wasn't keen the Planet Bar on her either.
  6. I know what you mean about Arcadia's Crows Nest. Although it's a long time since I sailed on her, I had that feeling too. There are two possible reasons. I seem to recall that the ceiling is quite low for one thing and also the bar is an odd circular 'standalone' affair. I tend to use the Crows Nest late-night and unless it has changed, there was no way to secure the bar and it was emptied and bottles taken away on a trolley rattling across the bar area...
  7. As regulars on here will know, I choose to only sail on the smaller ships (although tried Azura twice). I like the more intimate feel with, generally, smaller public rooms. I have done a lot of solo cruises in the last 11 years and love that when walking around a small ship you continually bump into people you have previously met and chatted with. I like the fact that you don't spend half the day walking around the ship just in order to get between venues. I love walking whilst exploring ashore but walking what seems like miles just to get from, say, the restaurant to the theatre, is just dull. On P&O's smallest ships I love that there is a full, wraparound promenade on one level, close to the sea. I enjoy that there are fewer eating venue choices as when on a cruise I don't want to have to think "where should I eat tonight". My needs are simple and the smaller ships meet them. Hopefully that's plenty of positives for you ICF...
  8. A lot of P&O pax travel down from the North and wish P&O sometimes used the likes of Liverpool...
  9. I'm not sure what direction they could take with a "comprehensive rethink". They are currently sitting between the larger mainstream lines and the likes of Saga. They could easily steal pax away from P&O's two smaller ships just by modernising a little and moderating their prices. They are unlikely to take business off Saga with the current launch prices but probably could do so with more realistic fares. I've been sailing with P&O for many years but am now finding that their product is very repetitive and with much less choice for those of us not interested in larger ships. I would love to give Fred another go but need to plan ahead due to other commitments and since Covid, Fred's advance prices are just crazy for what they offer - especially for a solo like me.
  10. Indeed. Personally, I would like them to position themselves in between P&O (with the two smaller ships in mind) and Saga - but with realistic launch prices. With some of their fares at present, Saga are a better option taking into account what's included. I'd also like them to continue trying to operate more interesting itineraries.
  11. Obviously we all have different tastes but imho whilst the hot desserts in the mdr aren't too bad, the vast majority of the cold ones (not including ice cream or fruit salad in this) are pretty dire. There is the exception of course but I found them generally pretty awful.
  12. A tongue-in-cheek remark based on the assumption that LNG vessels use more fuel when sailing faster, like other fuelled vessels. P&O - and most mainstream lines - now sail at much slower service speeds than they used to and seem to plan itineraries around saving fuel. I do of course appreciate that emergency rescues are of course accepted as part of maritime operations.
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