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  1. I'm one of the World's biggest wooses when it comes to spicy food - even an M&S pasta dish labeled as mild was too much for me! I have however been to Sindhu twice and enjoyed it on both occasions. The first time I had the Lamb Shank and the second was either the mixed fish dish or the duck - can't recall now. Believe me, if I can cope with them, anyone can! 😁
  2. I've had many cruises on Oriana since she was made adult-only - and I am still over 7 years away from hitting 65!
  3. I looked at a 2021 cruise yesterday but it would only allow me to look at early saver fares and not select fares!
  4. Yes, hopefully P&O will resist any moves from Carnival to sell off Aurora for a while. Mind you, assuming they do take on the sister-ship to Iona in 2022, it is anyone's guess what they might do.
  5. The daily programme that is delivered to your cabin each evening for the next day will confirm whether you need to take your passport ashore with you as it varies from country to country. It is rarely checked, although last time I went to St Petersburg, you did have to present passports to Immigration Control. You might find it useful to take photocopies of the photo page of your passport and keep it with at all times just in case.
  6. It has probably been stored somewhere for a while and would be in need of a quick clean down.
  7. Recently published on Cruise Critic News: (3:20 p.m. BST) -- P&O Cruises Aurora cruise ship left dry dock in Brest, France, on April 8, following a 16-day refit that has seen the ship redesigned as an adults-only vessel. The refit saw 28 brand-new cabins added to Deck 8 of the 19-year-old ship. Other areas, including public spaces, restaurants, bars and the ship's spahave also been refurbished. The 1,910-passenger Aurora joins Arcadia and Oriana as the line's third child-free ship, though the latter will leave the fleet in August 2019. Other updates include: New furniture, carpet, curtains, soft furnishings and bathroom fittings in all suites, including the two-floor penthouse suites. A new look at The Oasis Spa, with refurbished treatment rooms, thermal suite and steam room. The Glass House has been remodelled with new decor, tables, artwork and soft furnishings. New carpets, soft furnishings and furniture in Anderson’s, Carmen’s, Charlie’s, Masquerade and Raffles venues. New poolside furniture and tiling at the Riviera and Crystal pools New carpets in the atrium and main dining room New mattresses for all cabins will be added over the next six months. I wonder if there is still a free sauna & steam room? If you get chance to find out Brian, that would be great.
  8. Its been a long time since Columbus was Arcadia though...
  9. From a quick look, it seems a typical P&O IT bodge job! I clicked through to look at Aurora, clicked on Anderson's and got a generic description. Links immediately below go to other bars that are not even available on Aurora. Did the same on the Arcadia page and the photo of the Crows Nest was from Britannia - not Arcadia! I then looked at the Dining Section. Clicked on Cafe Jardin but the page doesn't say which ship. Isn't Cafe Jardin only on Oceana? Confusing enough for me when I know P&O well but hopeless for anyone that doesn't Its probably a good site to sell cruises from but not for getting decent, targeted information. I sent feedback - and it wasn't good!
  10. I know I was only on her for 4 days last month but did not experience any smell either in my cabin or when walking the promenade deck, so it obviously is not a constant issue.
  11. Re the delay - lucky passengers - longer in Madeira and still getting the Azores! Nice to either eat out in Funchal or maybe have a meal al-fresco on the ship whilst still in port.
  12. I think what they are saying Jean is that the drinks in the bars are at extra cost - its not all-inclusive. Sadly, so often websites are updated with an intention to make them better but that is not what happens in reality!
  13. Yes, as you say probably a false rumour. If there is any truth in it, unless P&O/Carnival have no say in the matter, I can't see it being a British Cruise line. Maybe someone like Phoenix Reisen from Germany - they have a fleet of older ships.
  14. Its probably best that I am not on her. I had a tear in my eye recently whilst in Southampton when I waved her goodbye as she sailed out. I'm sure you will have a great time.
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