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  1. I can empathise with you! I have recently booked a 39-night world cruise sector on Arcadia and would have loved a balcony. Sadly, the extra cost was in the region of £50 PER NIGHT 😱. That's an awful lot of wine with dinner and pre-dinner G&Ts.
  2. £734, 812, 979 - inside, outside, balcony. Suspect these are savers but don't think the select will be much more.
  3. Not quite but their 'strapline' now is "Biggest ship built specifically for the UK market"... That's what they said about Britannia and what they are saying about Iona.
  4. Just has an e-mail from my usual TA. Seven night northern europe from £440, fourteen night canaries from £587 and thirty five night caribbean from £1357!!!! All prices for inside cabin.
  5. That's pretty adventurous Stephen - especially with British trains 😁. Hope it all goes well and you have great cruises.
  6. The P&O website is an absolute nightmare at the moment, so personally I would not try booking that way. I tend to get a price from P&O over the phone and then use a specialist agency as they can often better the price by a little. Whether you book saver or select depends on how important things are to you. With saver you will not get a choice of cabin other than type - i.e. outside/window. Neither are you able to choose which dining you want. That could potentially mean that in August with a younger demographic on board, you could be allocated first sitting at 6.00pm rather than Freedom Dining or second sitting. If you book select fare, again personally, I would avoid being immediately above/below entertainment venues or open decks/swimming pools. Just personal preferences! I would generally prefer to book a mid-ships cabin. Outside non-balcony cabins are very limited on Azura - largely on E & P decks. I might be inclined to go for an obstructed view on E deck but I am not that bothered about a view. Hope that helps in some way.
  7. Ah right. Enjoy whatever you do in Europe!
  8. Indeed Andy. For some reason that reminded me of a funny little story. On my first solo cruise after Tony died, a friend had kindly sent a gift package that included a half bottle of Champagne. After casting Tony's ashes from the ship, I set myself up on the Promenade deck to have the Champagne and of course raise a glass to him. Despite having plenty of experience opening bottles of fizz, the cork shot out 🍾and hit me fair & square on the mouth! I don't think I really believe in the "up there" but if there is, thought it must surely be Tony saying "That'll teach you for cruising without me!"
  9. Hope you have a great cruise. I've only just realised that in her last refit, they removed the Universe Lounge on Island Princess to replace it with extra cabins. That means more pax and less public space which puts me off sailing on her after just being on Coral last month.
  10. My partner was always paranoid about travel problems so we always stayed overnight in Southampton, even though we lived two hours or so along the coast in Brighton. Although I am not particularly paranoid about this (and have moved a bit further away), I have continued to stay overnight since he died and - whenever sailing solo - always use the Holiday Inn which was always our first choice.
  11. I hadn't realised they had replaced the Universe Lounge with cabins on Island. I might not be quite so keen to go on her then. I think that is very much a downgrade.
  12. Looks like it was quite a job for those tugs in such inclement weather!
  13. I recently spent 7 nights on board Coral Princess (Island's sister ship) in Alaska. I loved Coral. My preferred ships are mid-size and this fits the bill perfectly in that sense. She is slightly bigger than P&O's Arcadia but a very different style inside. Passenger flow is very good and despite being pretty much full, never felt crowded. Entertainment space is excellent, with a main theatre, a two-deck show-lounge and further single-deck show-lounge. There was also nightly entertainment in Crooners Bar and the Wheelhouse bar. There is a nice atrium in the centre of the ship, two MDRs, two main for-fee restaurants and a spacious, light & airy buffet up top. She has both outdoor and enclosed swimming pools with jacuzzis. I really liked her and if it hadn't have been for the ludicrous solo price for a 10-night cruise to Germany & Scandinavia on Island P in October '21, I would have happily booked her for that! Happy to answer any other specific questions you have.
  14. Very similar layout but with quite a different interior decor, apart from Anderson's. Ambience quite similar too. She does indeed have a nice promenade, with the lovely tired stern too - all with lots of teak. Quite different to Oceana though. Hope you have a great cruise on Aurora.
  15. Thanks for the great blog - and lovely to see you using a bit of Spanish - especially the regional version!
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