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  1. The free transport is usually a People Carrier with 2 households in it.
  2. If your September '21 cruise is cancelled, there is a reasonable chance that Cunard - and many other cruise lines will have gone to the wall... I am lucky enough to have sailed on QE2 once - just as well because I have no intention of visiting Dubai. Hopefully they will have improved the area around the ship's berth - I know someone who went a year or so ago and said there was nothing else in the area and the only way to get to and from her was by taxi. I hope things work out for you.
  3. I'm sure I am not the only one hoping against hope that very few Covid restrictions will be necessary by May...🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  4. I hope it isn't. I hope that cruising will have maybe restarted by April. I have a (non-P&O) cruised booked for 23rd June and hope that things have well and truly settled down by then 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  5. The Azamara ships look lovely and for me are a really good size. Price apart, the only negative for me is their itineraries largely are very port intensive with few sea days. That's a bonus for some but I love days at sea...
  6. Sounds lovely. I hadn't been to North Wales for many years until spending last Christmas on Anglesey. Had a great time in unbelievably good weather. I was also surprised at how good the A55 is now!
  7. You can never put much store by these brokers' websites - they usually don't have any permission from the owners to put the ship up. P&O's Oriana was on some of these sites for a good 2 or 3 years before Carnival Corp sold her... It would be super if a buyer could be found for these two gorgeous ships though...
  8. I suppose he has a bit of the 'puppy-dog' look about him but any warmth that generates disappears as soon as he starts his waffle - and especially when he says 'Janu-ry' 'Febu-ry' and 'itiner-ry'...
  9. Probably for the on-board P&O team to find some more faults...😀
  10. If I were in the market for a balcony cabin, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment booking a Saga cruise on one of their fabulous new ships - but then I prefer smaller ships anyway... I have a couple of FCC's in hand with P&O so in the meantime am hoping the Aurora and Arcadia fares for 2022 are not too high!
  11. But also, the comparison you made was with balcony cabins, which purely in terms of supply and demand will never really work across these two lines. P&O's smallest ship has 417 balcony cabins (including suites); Fred's largest ships have 172 (including suites). It may be that there is a similar pricing disparity for inside/outside cabins but again, Fred's largest ships carry 500-600 fewer pax and so it is only to be expected that prices will be higher. Having said all of that, I do still agree that some of Fred Olsen's prices are eye-wateringly high in comparison to even P&O's smaller ships - especially for unusual or different itineraries.
  12. Amsterdam/Bolette was obviously determined to be captured by the webcam in almost the same spot as her sister ship when she went under the bridges this morning at about 0900!
  13. But it's a comparison between apples and pears John. Sailing on smaller ships will always be much more expensive than the new big ones. Fred Olsen ships carry 900 (Braemar) and under 1300 (the other 3), with consequently far fewer balconies. P&O's take more than 1800, 2000, 3100, 3600 & 5200. Arcadia has almost as many balcony cabins as the total number of cabins on each of Fred Olsen's largest ships - and that is the two that have only just joined the fleet. For those that enjoy the big-ship experience, it is a no-brainer to choose a large ship with P&O. For those of us that prefer the small-ship experience, we have to accept that either we pay more for that or compromise and sail on a big ship. We all have to balance and choose what is best for us. Yes, that is generally true Avril. The launch prices are "Freedom Fares" and often include gratuities and some obc. Later they offer "Anchor Fares", which are similar to P&Os Saver Fares but one little difference is that for a small nightly supplement you can guarantee your dining arrangements - as in early or late sitting. Like all cruise lines, they have various marketing ploys with different offers.
  14. She's looking good, even through the murk. Here's hoping the winds cooperate with the low tides soon!
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