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  1. I'm relying on pure brain power just like I'd be while on the ship!
  2. If you liked those hot springs you should come to Wyoming and see Yellowstone, home of "Old Faithful" and many other hot springs!
  3. I'll try the Egyptians and trout (just a guess as I did not google)
  4. And not to be confused with your other British pal Phil Collen of Def Leppard!
  5. I just realized something and had to go back to the beginning of your cruise pictures to double check, the ship is empty! Did you have to take pictures at 4 am to get images of empty venues, pools, bars and dining areas? Was the ship full?
  6. I had no idea the "Love Boat" theme is played on the ship's horns! Makes sense since 😁 they are Princess Cruise Line. My favorite sound is the ship's horn when leaving port.
  7. Interesting topic. In some ways we're frugal and in others we're more extravagant. We've always booked a balcony but never get the drink package and rarely go to specialty restaurants. I prefer to book excursions independently but the DW insists on booking through the cruise line so we're not "left behind" at the port. I have a feeling that our cruising habits will change a little because I've been unemployed for 18 months now. Fortunately the DW has a secure and well paying job so we'll continue cruising in some form when this Covid crap is behind us.
  8. My apologies Ellie, Covid talk shouldn't be in this thread. Tons of other threads for people to vent their frustrations and opinions on that topic.
  9. You guys in the UK will be cruising long before us in the USA. My guess is no cruising here till there is a vaccine.
  10. I had a good laugh of the movie still and spent the next 20 minutes trying to think of a snappy comeback but failed in that endeavor. I guess an image of you that is 5 x 5 pixels will have to suffice!
  11. Finally a picture of you! (at least a finger anyway). Have you included yourself in any of these images? If not, please do so us faithful followers can better appreciate the author.
  12. Very interesting no one has commented on your dream. Sounds spot on with cruise ships currently having skeleton crews onboard. I know some cruise ship personnel have opted to stay onboard without pay during the pandemic. Fortunately the cruise line has enabled that policy - for the time being.
  13. AF-1, would you mind sharing your first name and I can ask my brother if he remembers you.
  14. Wow, my brother was a Navy Videographer (Combat Camera) and was assigned to White House Communications Agency during part of POTUS Clinton's term. I wonder if you two were on AF-1 at the same time?
  15. If you ever find yourself in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area be sure to say "Howdy"!
  16. Thank you. Most fire works displays will be virtual thanks to the wonderful pandemic but we live in a rural area of Texas and fireworks are not banned so we'll watch our neighbors light up the sky!
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