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  1. Yes, a thank you to PaulS. I was worried a war of words would start. My handle is very simple. It's my initials and house address. Y'all take care!
  2. OMG. Did you even read the original comment about Mrs. Doubtfire?
  3. Thank you for the awesome virtual cruise and finally we get to put a face to the wonderful words and images. In the meantime be safe and maybe someday we'll meet on the Lido Deck!
  4. Being a pilot was to have been my dream job. Isn't the feeling of flight awesome!
  5. I think Loucat beat me to the answer. I too would say praying mantis.
  6. Welcome back! We experienced similar pool action while on the Carnival Miracle back in 2014 on our Mexican Riviera cruise. The ship had left Cabo and was passing by the most southern tip of Baja Mexico and heading north to California. The only difference was they closed the pool so no swimming for us!
  7. That is definitely a look of bemusement. I've mastered that look.
  8. I'm relying on pure brain power just like I'd be while on the ship!
  9. If you liked those hot springs you should come to Wyoming and see Yellowstone, home of "Old Faithful" and many other hot springs!
  10. I'll try the Egyptians and trout (just a guess as I did not google)
  11. And not to be confused with your other British pal Phil Collen of Def Leppard!
  12. I just realized something and had to go back to the beginning of your cruise pictures to double check, the ship is empty! Did you have to take pictures at 4 am to get images of empty venues, pools, bars and dining areas? Was the ship full?
  13. I had no idea the "Love Boat" theme is played on the ship's horns! Makes sense since 😁 they are Princess Cruise Line. My favorite sound is the ship's horn when leaving port.
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