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  1. Our first cruise was on the Monarch of the Seas, a four day just to see if we would like cruising. We also thought Monarch was HUGE! Haha! Now our favorites are the Mega ships. Like others have said, it very rarely feels crowded. Waiting for an elevator can be a pain sometimes though. Edited to add: The Radiance felt more crowded to us than the mega ships and she is so much smaller.
  2. Thanks, we already have a rental car as we came to Orlando to do WDW a couple of days before the cruise. Sorry that I didn’t make that clear. We just wanted to know what is the best way as far as what freeways etc. to take. We looked at GPS and it gave us two ways, so we were just wondering if anyone might have advice for the best/quickest way to drive there. Thanks again!!
  3. To all of you awesome people from Florida, could you please tell me the best way to get from Orlando to the port in FLL? Just wondering if there is more then one way to get there, or if there is, if one way is better than another. We are on Harmony of the Seas boarding at Terminal 18, I believe. TIA!!
  4. Thanks for the Balmoral lunch information, Andrew. Looks goods. That water looked amazing! Maui would have caught my eye too! I miss Hawaii!
  5. Hey Andrew, thanks so much for another fun review and scopes! Looks like you guys had a great time! You helped pass the time until our cruise on Harmony on the 29th! Time to start packing! Just a quick question, what did they serve for the lunch at Balmoral? This looks interesting.
  6. If it is where the Suite seating is now, it’s not worth it to us, at least not for the ice skating show.You might like it, actually. It is over on one side down in the front. The seating for the theater is up in the balcony in the middle. We actually don’t mind the seating for those shows. The seating for the ice show used to be at the end of the rink so that you were looking straight at them during the show. We just prefer that.
  7. Does anytknow where the Key seating is for the theatre, ice skating show on Harmony of the Seas?
  8. We don’t usually use the flowriders or the rock wall, but do like to use the zip line on occasion on Oasis class ships. So are you saying that now the Key people have the same privileges as the Suite guests with the Priority line? I think if I was a Suite guest and had paid all of the extra money, that might irk me a little. Especially if there are now 200 Key people. (I know that hasn’t been confirmed.)
  9. We were on Radiance in summer of 2017 in a balcony cabin. We did have the curtain that went across the room. It was nice because my DH goes to bed earlier than me and our teenage son. We could still watch a movie with a little light on. So, unless they have done some kind of a refurb since then, it should have the curtain. We will be on Harmony at the end of the month. No curtain. We’ll see how it goes. I like the curtain. It gives privacy and blocks the light.
  10. Hey Andrew! So happy that you are doing another live review. Always love your pictures and sense of humor. Also, can’t wait to get your opinions about the ship. Wow! Owen is as tall as Lisa! He sure has grown A LOT! Bet he is eating you out of house and home. Lol! Funny, our son was as tall as me (mom) when he was about 11 too. Our son is almost 17 now and just over 6 ft. tall. They grow up FAST, don’t they? Like the song says, “Don’t Blink.” I didn’t realize that CLR and Yorkvillian were also on this cruise. Should be one to remember! Haha! Happy cruising!
  11. Another vote for the connecting cabins. Two bathrooms with teenagers is a big deal! Lol! With the money that you are saving over the suite, you could buy the Key and still have a few of the perks. (Depending on the price and whether you find value in that.)
  12. Thanks so much for letting me know! I just realized that I had not responded here with our cabin assignment. I let our roll call know as there were several of us waiting on WS GTY assignments. I think I must have posted on a different thread also. We ended up with a JS on Deck 7 on the starboard side. There are reviews that some of the JS in the area we are in can be noisy because of the kitchen area for Jamie’s above and kitty corner to those rooms. I am a very light sleeper, so I hope that we are far enough away. It could be a long 9 days for my family if I’m grumpy because of lack of sleep! LOL!! Thanks again! Have a wonderful cruise!
  13. Hey Tinkr2, I really didn’t mean to get anyone upset. I guess it just ruffled my feathers a little that you said “Americans” which to me implies all Americans. I just don’t like it when any one lumps a group of people together like they are all the same. Hope that you can understand. Happy cruising!
  14. Narrowshokie, So very sorry to hear of your Mom’s passing. We lost my Dad 2 and a half years ago. It is so very hard! So glad that you and your sister are able to remember her and her love for cruising. I am sure she is right there with you both. I agree with you about the ice skating show. I can’t remember the name, 1787 or something like that? The skaters are great, don’t get me wrong, but it was just strange! We are going on Harmony again in a couple of weeks and we didn’t even make reservations to go and see it again. The other ice skating show is really good though. The skaters skate to music they picked out and showcase their talents. It’s the upbeat kind of show that you are used to. It was very enjoyable. We also liked Columbus a lot. Again good music and we thought it was hilarious. Thanks for the review. Enjoying the pictures and the info. Have a great cruise!
  15. Sorry, like Biker said, just a silly name for Pinnacles. No disrespect intended!
  16. Yes, the only time passengers are allowed on the Heli-pad on Oasis class is during the Suite sail away party. For passengers in GS and above and Pineapples.
  17. Sorry, but not ALL Americans order LARGE amounts of food. Are the portions at some American restaurants large? Yes! But when we visit one of those restaurants, we share, or take some home for leftovers.Also, a lot of times at a fast food restaurant I order a kids meal! LOL! It’s cheaper and just the right amount of food for me, anyway. Do a lot of Americans over indulge? Yes! But not ALL!
  18. Wow! I would accept that offer!! I didn’t even know that they did that. I would take less space, as long as I still have the balcony and basically get a free cruise! Good for him! Actually I guess he kinda got paid to take the cruise! Lol!
  19. I have to agree that Royal’s desserts need help. Hopefully they will make an attempt to make better desserts like they have tried to make their pizzas better tasting.
  20. We were assigned Deck 7 and did receive a cabin on Deck 7 about 2 weeks afterward. ETA: We received the deck assignment about 50 days out and our actual room assignment around 30 days out.
  21. Usually there are 2 musical type shows during the week. The same cast does both shows, which is why the main Broadway type show usually runs the first part of the week and the other musical the second part of the week. We were on Harmony last May and will be on her again at the end of March. We did not care for Grease. But others really enjoy it. I would not take kids younger than about 13, as it has some more mature themes. We did really enjoy Columbus, the other musical. The music was good and it was hilarious! The Solarium Bistro is complimentary for dinner. There are a few entrees that are for a charge, but you don’t have to order them, there is plenty to choose from. They do suggest reservations, you can make them in the cruise planner, but I’m not sure if you really HAVE to have a ressie, as it is usually pretty quiet. A couple of things to know about activities on the ship. If you do the zip line, I believe that you need sneakers or such, no sandals or flip flops. If you want to do ice skating, you have to wear pants. No shorts allowed.
  22. Normally you get your E docs when you are done with check in. But with the GTY we did not get them until about 50 days out. And then it just said the Deck number. It was just yesterday that we actually got the room assignment.
  23. Yes this is true. I just did not word it right: 180 guests have signed up for the Royal Meet & Mingle on our cruise. That would take awhile for everyone to introduce themselves! I agree with what another poster said, that when someone wins a prize they introduce them selves and say what their CC name is.
  24. We just received our room assignment for our late March Harmony cruise. We had a WS GTY. At first our E docs just said Deck 7( for a couple of weeks) then yesterday they assigned the room, JS on Deck 7.
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