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  1. No, you probably can't expect anything as joyous as the most extreme examples we're seeing here, but you can expect to do a lot better than through the airlines. Just for hoots, I went to the Delta site and priced our April-May 2020 trip, which includes land time and a 7-day cruise (Italy and Greece), and found Delta wanted more than twice what we booked for in business class. Cruise after cruise, I don't see anyone coming close to EZair prices, and best of all you're flexible until 45 days before your flight departure. Jim
  2. I guess I'm not clear on the terminology. What I do know is that last year we booked EZair from Oregon to FLL, then home again from Barcelona after a TA and the rate was way better than anything I could get through the airlines. I've had similar experiences with other EZair bookings. Jim
  3. EZair is great for that. And it doesn't seem like you pay a nickel more for the open-jaw flights. A couple times it was so cheap we treated ourselves to business class. Jim
  4. Just to be clear, "our host" has asked that we dress formally only if we plan to eat in the main dining room. I always get a kick out of this "our host has requested" business. (No offense, christinelee, just an observation.) Our host has requested that we observe the progressive boarding schedule on embarkation day too, and no one seems to have any interest in honoring that request. BTW, if you define formal as coat and tie or better, I'd say maybe 50 percent of men are dressed formally. I think people who say the vast majority are dressed up are mostly just looking around the dining room. Jim
  5. The cruises I've been on the Platinum Elite Suite lounge runs from 5 to 7 p.m. You can probably wrap up dinner by 6:30 sometimes and drop in at the end. By the way, a few drinks are still discounted. It's just that they're $6.50 now instead of $5. There are something like 8 drinks to choose from. Jim
  6. Oops, I see if I do just a little arithmetic this is a 7 day cruise. For the added money I would consider an aft suite with the bigger balcony. But I would not consider one of the side-facing Riviera suites. They have the same skinny balconies as most Royal-class balconies. Jim
  7. Without knowing how long your cruise is, it's impossible to judge what a good deal is. BTW, this sounds like what's usually called an upsell. Jim
  8. Consider a longer cruise with more sea days. In those you will usually have the Princess Pop Choir, in which a group of 20 to 50 will rehearse most sea days and perform 6 or 8 songs in the Piazza near the end of the cruise. Nobody gets a solo, but it's lots of fun. Jim
  9. In addition to being seated almost immediately, you generally spend less time waiting for courses. If you can count on being finished in an hour, it's a lot easier to plan to your night's activities. Jim
  10. No. I'm not implying that, and I'm trying to figure out what you mean. Jim
  11. My recollection is that the coffee bar on the Island opened closer to 7 when we cruised the Panama Canal a few years ago. Maybe it's earlier now. I hope so. All I know is that I didn't consider it a good coffee ship. Jim
  12. You haven't said what ship you're sailing. If you're on the Royal or Regal or one of the upcoming new ships, you can get brewed coffee in the buffet or any dining room. No concentrate-bases coffee on these ships. Jim
  13. Unfortunately, no. I think it's silly. Soon you'll get replies about what a fire danger they are. But several cruise lines have them and I've yet to hear of one starting a fire. Jim
  14. But wouldn't the passenger, whether booking solo or in a group of 500, be able to go to the Princess site and confirm booking number, dining and bedding choices? Jim
  15. In 25-ish cruises we've had exactly one minor upgrade. I think a lot of people have never gotten one, but it's the lucky ones who pipe up and say something. And it seems like in the new world of upsells, you'll see fewer and fewer free upgrades. Jim
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