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  1. For a December sailing weather will likely be warmer from Miami than from New Orleans. That's another advantage Encore has over Breakaway. With that said I have no issue with sailing from New Orleans at that time of year as we have done so as recently as this past January. We can drive to New Orleans and prices are often quite a bit less. If the prices you are looking at are close and you will be flying to either port, Encore is the better choice in my opinion.
  2. Unfortunately 13202 isn't representative of 13200. The staterooms alternate bed location. Since 13202 has the bed mid-cabin, 13200 will have the bed by the balcony door.
  3. Papeete to UK via Sydney will necessitate a second stop, probably in the UAE or Singapore. You should find options with one stop only flying in the other direction.
  4. They are included in you e-docs along with your boarding pass. Once you complete your online check-in you download them.
  5. Its not a problem to transfer a FCC to a newbie. The booking itself generates a latitudes number. Your PCC or TA can handle this for you without any difficulty.
  6. I compiled the list from the Freestyle Dailies you receive each night onboard. They outline the ship offerings and events for the next day.
  7. We sailed a ten night itinerary on Breakaway in January. A theme party was held almost every night in the Spice H2O area topside aft. I listed them on this thread.
  8. The billing system may be able to do the metering. Non-Haven guests ship cards could be given a window where they are active in the lounge. It would surprise me if NCL ever asked anyone to leave. They don't do a good job policing their pool and hot tub policies. The inability to order a drink especially for a beverage package holder will likely get fannies moving along.
  9. I pity the poor wife. NCL is rid of the buffoon but the poor dear must take him home.
  10. The Cuba cancellations are being rerouted to the Bahamas. Why Dawn sailing from NYC to The Bahamas and Port Canaveral would be rerouted isn't clear to me. From my perspective Nassau is a better cruise stop than Freeport as it offers more options. To really enjoy The Bahamas you want to visit the out islands which can't really be done on a cruise.
  11. All modern cruise ships have a brig as well as a morgue. Things happen.
  12. There is no simple answer to this question. Minimum bids seem to vary depending on which category you are booked into. There is a very long thread titled "What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid" that can provide you with information of the bidding process. The thread should be easy enough to find.
  13. I don't want to divert this thread into a separate discussion of credit scores so this is the last I will say. Debt relative to available credit is a specific about a revolving credit line that can impact credit score so we agree. Too much DEBT is a general statement that requires evaluation of an overall portfolio.
  14. You can use them at any venue. Some venues have an uncharge but I do not believe the Jewel class ships have any of these. Your dinners are non-transferable so only you can use them. At ala carte restaurants you can order one entree but as many appetizers, sides and deserts as you like.
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