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  1. It's just speculation but if your itinerary is Nassau to GSC to Key West it seems exceptionally unlikely you will return to Nassau if GSC is too rough for tendering. The most likely scenario in my view is a lovely day at sea was you cruise leisurely to Key West. I have no special insight, just personal experience so take this for what it's worth.
  2. The showers do have shampoo and bodywash dispensers so no need to bring any for the boys unless they prefer to. We have sailed from New York three times, twice on NCL, once on Carnival. We arrived around 11:00am all three times. We checked in and waited 30 minutes to an hour to board, no problem. NCL assigns times on the boarding pass but they don't actually mean anything. You can arrive when you like, not one checks. Parking is very expensive at the port. We paid around $300 for a seven day cruise in June 2017. It is very convenient. The parking is on the roof of the terminal so you just take the elevator down. It's a very large elevator so luggage is no problem. The drink package begins when you board. You will pay local sales tax on drinks until the ship leaves New York waters but it's less than a $1 per drink. Have Fun!
  3. Im with Kochleffel, the sideways rooms on deck 8 are a superior layout. Since the cabin is turned 90 degrees the cabin door is about where the door would be located in connecting cabins, in the middle of the long wall. When you enter the cabin you are in the middle with the bed to one side and the bathroom/closets to the other. This is nice because coming and going from the cabin doesn't interfere with someone dressing or going through the closets. You also get more storage space as what would be hall space from a normal cabin door becomes extra closet. Inside cabins are very small but the sideways layout is a little more functional. If you have an inside you will appreciate every efficient use of space.
  4. I just checked our reservation on ncl.com It now has Velvet listed as the dinner show. Velvet Ready to “Turn the Beat Around”? Then slip behind the red velvet rope to relive the music and glamour of the sexy disco era. Dinner & Show A 20% gratuity and specialty service charge will be charged at time of payment.
  5. Cirque was on the Breakaway in January. We are sailing Breakaway again next February. Last month Cirque was available to book but now it has been removed. We suspect a change may be coming between now and next February but to what and when is unknown.
  6. Thanks but the credit belongs to KeithJenner.
  7. When you pick the dining package as a free at sea offer you get the package for free ($112.80 to purchase) but you pay 20% gratuity which is about $22.56 each or $45.12 totaL USA money. When you pick the beverage package you get the package for free (not sure of the cost) but you pay the 20% gratuity on it. For our next seven day cruise the drink package gratuity charge is $154.40 each for a total of $308.80 US money. The prices I'm quoting are what I see in my booking as available for purchase on my sailing. Once you book you will see them also but must do the currency conversion.
  8. The advantage of seeing Hawaii for the first time by cruise ship is visiting each of the four main islands. They are very different from each other and offer their own unique sights and experiences. A land vacation is the best way to experience an island or possibly two in-depth, but which to choose? My recommendation is to cruise the islands and wet your tourist taste buds. Then when you have the chance go see what really ticked your boxes by taking a land based vacation.
  9. KeithJenner has provided a concise explanation of specialty dining and booking tips in his signature. It covers specialty dining package and Platinum complimentary vouchers. It is well worth the read. From his signature: https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2561613-updated-speciality-restaurant-booking-guide/?tab=comments#comment-55222117
  10. We have never seen it enforced. Since luggage is dropped off with porters I'm not sure how it could be enforced. The only problem you may face is where you will store the empty bags in your stateroom. Having some bags that can fit inside others would be a help.
  11. You can select the beverage package as a perk or you can select another perk instead so you need to consider the value of the other perk too. By that I mean you could take the dining package instead of the drink package so you need to include the value of that perk plus the cost of the drink package gratuities. The dining package is four nights on a ten day cruise and costs $112.80 plus gratuities to purchase. If the dining package were something you would do anyway you will need to buy $508 worth of drinks to break even. The package covers drinks up to $15, you pay the difference for drinks which exceed that cost. Unless you are sure you will drink at least two drinks each every day you are better off passing on the drink package.
  12. As njhorseman said above enforcement can be spotty but pants are required in the Manhattan room per the Dailies.
  13. Im quoting directly from my Freestyle Daily Thursday January 17th 2019 " Dress Code: Resort casual and shorts are allowed in all dining venues except Ocean Blue, Le Bistro or Manhattan Room after 5:00p" (emphasis mine)
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