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  1. I like your positive attitude ! It's refreshing as opposed to people complaining all the time. We've been on maybe 15 cruises. Most of them since we retired. The one Oceania Cruise we took was great as were the others. What's to complain about nothing. Look around, turn on the TV, we are pretty LUCKY !
  2. This question is not about Russian River Cruises, although we did do one on GATE1 in 2013. It was great, the ship was old and we got stuck in a storm going through the giant lake to St. Petersburg at night in September and the ship almost flipped over ! We slept in our clothes, shoes on, life preservers on ! But, except for that a great trip ! And a great story ! Anyway, my question, my Wife and I would like to do that Mekong River Cruise, but, I'm worried about water levels. Do they have that problem ? How would they handle it, if they did . Thanks in advance. Dave & Lee
  3. Yes, that was my point. But, I don't think rude people will ever change. I wish they could see themselves.
  4. Last year we were on the brand new Norwegian Bliss, through the Panama Canal. We went to the Tepanaki restaurant one night. I no sooner sat down than the chef said, did you enjoy your omelets this morning ? I guess, he had prepared them that morning. I know, I said please and thank you, I always do. My omelets weren't anything special or unique I must have said something that kind of made his day. For him to have remembered me out of a ship of 4,000 people, sure made my evening ! Just another example of treat people the way you would like to be treated. I think a lot of old people were in positions of power in their careers and now they don't have that anymore and maybe they don't realize how rude they are !
  5. We agree, "you get, what you give" ! Are you polite to the crew ? Do you say, please and thank you to everybody? Or do you get your drinks and food without a word ? If not, then if I served you, I'd treat you the way you treated me. And I'd go out of my way to please people who were polite to me. So, guess what, I've never had to complain about any service on a ship or anwhere, really. Try it, it works !
  6. We agree, we had 7008 on a Baltic Cruise a couple of years ago and it was a great room and balcony. In November, we are taking the Marina again from Barcelona to Rio in room 7009. 7008 and 7009 are really great because the deck cuts in on 7010 and 7011, so we have half a wall facing aft and no wind because of the full wall to the front of the ship and great views. I took 7009 for the great sunsets to Rio. For those above us, as a rule, we keep our clothes on, most of the time, LOL, LOL !!
  7. All of us tourists can be a problem, but, be careful what you ask for. What percentage of all the workers in all the tourists locations in Europe depend on tourism for their jobs ? I don't know, but, without tourism Europe would be in deep trouble. As would many other places in the world. What's the solution, I don't know, but, they need to have one in place before doing something drastic.
  8. Sorry, for them, but, we pay attention all the time ! It doesn't matter where we are ! Home or abroad !
  9. Last year, we did it reverse, from the ship to the airport for about $60. I would guess, it's about the same from the airport to the ship ! I think it was $60 for both, but, I'm not sure.
  10. Hi, Keith, I agree for 5 or 6 Euros, I would take your train, but, that still doesn't eliminate the luggage problem, if you had to carry it up and down those stairs to get under the tracks. We travel with one relatively large suitcase each and a carry on. There isn't any way, my wife could have carried her suitcase up and down those stairs. I carried mine up and waited for her to come up while I went down and got hers. Watching our luggage the whole time. The 1st time we had to go up and down the stairs under the tracks. But, last year we were lucky and our train stopped right next to the station ! That was great and easy ! If you only knew which track you were going to end up on. Maybe, they do know and you could ask when you buy your ticket !
  11. We've left twice from Termini. Trains leave every hour, we buy our tickets the day before about $5Euros. Buy a 10 o'clock ticket, get their early, you can take the 9 o'clock train. Both times our train left from the highest number track, in the 30s, I think, track is all the way to the left. The trouble is your luggage, you have to get it to the train and watch it. If your train is at the 1st track at Civeticiah (?) you're ok otherwise you have to go down and up stairs with your luggage, if you're not young or able to do it, it's tough. No porters to help. I'm 72, I did it ok, but, it wasn't easy. I went back to help an older person, but, somebody was already helping. So somebody would probably help you, if you needed it. Then a bus is outside the station for a Euro or 2 to take you the port (not far) to a location where the different cruise lines pick you up in a bus (free). It's cheap and easy, but, a little hard for an older person or couple.
  12. Our hotel was close to the Termini Station, so, we could roll our luggage to the station. Maybe, $5 Euros for the train. A bus from the train station to the port location for a Euro or two. The only problem, if your train doesn't end up on the closest track to the station, you have to go up and down stairs with your luggage. No porters to help, if you can handle your luggage, it's ok, if not, it is difficult to do if you're older. But, it is very inexpensive. The train leaves every hour and takes an hour.
  13. We were on the Epic on a Transatlantic and except for the catsup and mustard falling off the table when the ocean was a little rough one day, everything was perfect ! But then the glass is always half full for us !
  14. A couple of years ago we docked in Honfleur. We were 1st off the ship at 7, 1st in line for a rental car. Got the car around 8, drove to Mont St. Michel. It was great. Wish we could have stayed longer. Got there around 10. Had to leave by 2, rental office closed @ 5 and had to turn the car in. It was stressful for sure, but, well worth it. We need to go back, we'd even like to stay overnight ! If you can go, it's worth it !
  15. We've taken Transatlantics on NCL and Princess before, but, in May and Sept or Oct either in or out of Florida and have had good sea and weather experiences. A couple of rough days on the Epic, but, nothing too bad. Early April seems a little early for a Transatlantic in the North Atlantic. We are doing a Transatlantic in November on the Marina from Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro(?). We're hoping the weather will be okay going South.
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