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  1. Thank you very much! I wasn’t clever enough to go to my laptop and couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. Fortunately, we visited our son in college, and of course he knew😁. He laid one out for me and taught me how to get icons for it. Yay! Thx, again. Beth
  2. I am very late to this wonderful review, but totally enjoying. I’ve read all your others in the past. Love the calendar you made, but I couldn’t find a Google drawing app. Is that the specific name? I really want to make a calendar like yours for our upcoming trip. Thank you so much for the review. Beth
  3. Thx for your review. We really enjoyed our time on the Magic in April, too. Hate it about the shower. Maintenance couldn’t fix it?
  4. It worked very well for us. It’s a big modern bus and arrives at the stops right on time. We were impressed.
  5. That's very good news. Hasn't worked yet for me, but I appreciate the encouragement.
  6. I love the platter! Did you get it in Cozumel? I have some pretty good plates and bowl, but kinda jealous of the platter. From where are the two prints or photographs?
  7. I appreciate all your answers. I don't understand why the mobile app isn't a priority. Thank you for your responses and I am glad I'm not alone wishing I could still enjoy the app.
  8. Thank you, and I’m replying to you on my phone. Very sad Cruise Critic isn’t functioning fully on our phones.
  9. Thank you so much for another fantastic review. I enjoyed it so much and have had the chance to watch most of the vlogs. Looking forward to the last three. Your cruise wall looks wonderful!
  10. Hello. I can always sign onto CC w my laptop, but am always shut out on my phone and iPad. Most of the time I can read threads on my phone and iPad, but I cannot comment or open some things. I think I have a lot of sign in names from trying many times to get in. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thank you. Beth
  11. I am one who is disappointed, crzndeb, aren't you?
  12. I agree with you. Our first cruise w Carnival was on an overcrowded Legend out of Tampa in 2011 with our four kids. We had a blast and booked another and then another. Have tried Royal and like it, too, but really appreciate all the included restaurants on Carnival. My husband and I booked the transpacific in October and how I wish we could get in eight more days before so we'd be platinum on that. Maybe we will! We not only particularly enjoy the included options on Carnival, but maybe even more, we appreciate the stock option OBC benefit. Another thing Carnival is so good about is giving the status upgrade the first day of the cruise even if the cruiser doesn't qualify till the last day.
  13. I love your review and bright attitude. Haven't yet been on a Princess cruise or to Norway, but def want to.
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