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  1. This is for anyone who has been on the Bliss. After looking at the deck plan, I don't see an internet café. Does anyone know where it is if they have one? Thank you.
  2. We travel quite a bit, but not so much on NCL. Would appreciate it if someone would answer some questions about the SDP Looking at Cagney's, for example, if we have the package and order Halibut which shows $29., does that mean that we have to pay an additional $29.00 above the cost of SDP? Is the only non al carte restaurant on the Joy Teppanyaki? Thank you for your help.
  3. All the info one needs is available on CC. Thank you all for your replies.
  4. Such great info here. Thanks again.
  5. We have used this before on Princess, but this will be our first time using it on Carnival. How far in advance do you usually apply for it? Does it usually come thru within a few days? Thank you,
  6. Are these gift cards actual physical cards, or issued online? Thank you.
  7. How precious! We no longer have Chloe, but we do have four other fur babies.
  8. Thanks to everyone who replied. We do want to use them while onboard to pay our grates, so we will go to customer service. Thanks again.
  9. Has anyone used one of these cards for the daily gratuities? Thank you.
  10. Thank you everyone. Appreciate the into. $6.00 is fine. Don't like the continuous shufflers though.
  11. Has anyone heard when they are going to refurbish the Explorer?? Thank you.
  12. We haven't been on Carnival for a while. Do they have $5.00 min. blackjack tables??
  13. We must be on the same cruise. There are no tours posted yet.
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