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  1. It is true. I just returned tonight from the Ovation. The Windjammer is only open for breakfast and lunch. Many of the tables are blocked. You must sit at a table that says cleaned and sanitized, and there are not that many of them. When arriving at the Windjammer you have to swipe your card, and when you leave, you must swipe your card. They are limiting how many people are in there. It was never closed to people when we arrived, but this ship holds 5000, and we only had 2250 on board. I posted on the Sept 3rd page. If you want any info, please look there. Ellen
  2. As are on the Ovation fo.orrow. which pier is it sailing out of? 66 or 91. Thank you
  3. Does anyone know if RCCL is still offering a stock holder benefit at this time? Thank you.
  4. We have the RCCL Credit Card and transferred some points to become OBC. We have cancelled that cruise, and would like to use the OBC on a different cruise that we booked instead. Has anyone had experience with doing this? We would appreciate any information. Thank you.
  5. We also received the notice. We are going to wait it out, and hope it goes. If not, didn't lose anything. We also have two cruises in Oct., but not on Carnival. So far, no notice from either of them. Cruise withdrawal syndrome has hit me hard. We both received our vaccines, and are very anxious to sail.
  6. Just purchased some metal straws in a travel pouch. Don't want to be without them!
  7. We just received our first shots a few days ago. When they handed us the cards, we were told that they can be used for transportation requirements. She then had us fill them out.
  8. Last week I was looking for a cruise to book, hopefully in May. I noticed the 8 and 9 day cruises, and wondered why they were showing since I know the CDC directive. Now, I know a little more from these posts. I just hate not knowing if a cruise will go or not, but I hate not being able to sail even more.
  9. I'm hoping that a partially full ship is better than no ship. That would at least be a start.
  10. I would prefer that cruise lines require the vaccine, and masks. Like most people, I don't like wearing masks, but I respect other people and will do what is necessary to protect them and myself. We had our first vaccine 2 days ago. No reaction except a sore arm.
  11. Does anyone know what hotels offer cruise parking for a week? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your response. We are going east to AZ.
  13. Does anyone know of a car rental agency that picks up at the Port of LA? If so, do you know if they are open on Sunday's? So far, I have had no luck in finding one on a Sunday am in Oct. Thank you
  14. So man responses and so quickly. Thank you everyone. Looks like we will enjoy it!
  15. We haven't been to CocoCay yet. If you aren't interested in the waterslide park, what is there to do? if the beach club worth it? Is there plenty of space around the island to just sit out? Thank you.
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