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  1. We cruise six to twelve times a year depending on length. The only thing slowing us down is this darn virus and the ship stoppage.
  2. My brother was found to have high blood pressure (sky High) when he was being drafted back in 1966. A week of testing followed in a local hospital with no cause found. He was exempt from the draft and been on BP meds ever since, otherwise he is a very healthy and active 71 yo. I’m sure that his Dr. would happily sign the form for him. He and my DIL were on Enchantment in late February/early March.
  3. They are changing the age breakups in the Kids Club so that siblings (and cousins) are not as separated and there is more of a family feeling amoung the young cruisers. I would suggest calling RCCI and asking about the program on your particular cruise. Dinner, with or without the children is often the parents choice. Our grands have always loved the “kids club” and are hard to drag away.
  4. Serenade spends much of the year out of North America where “freestyle” is not supported
  5. After several day trips on Labadee, we no longer go ashore there. The last three times that we have been there, maybe just a coincidence, but the DH has come home with pneumonia. When we stay aboard all is well. Plus we have never found anything in the markets that we had to have. Yes, there are lots of interesting and unusual things, but we can display only so much ‘stuff”. And as far as gifts go, we have to consider the likes and dislikes of possible recipients. Most people don’t appreciate “aboriginal” art from someplace they’ve never been. Having a near-empty ship is a delight like few others. Quiet areas abound.
  6. One is more likely to see dolphins on sea days if occupying a cabin very near the bow of the ship. We have seen them both before and after the canal on Panama Canal cruises. We have also seen them on a cold October day off the Maritimes. Dolphins were spotted several times while on Symphony last spring. Just keep your fingers crossed and watch the water.
  7. My parents gave us our first ever RCCL cruise on Legend of the Seas to Alaska in June, 1996 for our 25th anniversary. We had a starboard cabin on deck 6 OV (pre-balcony days).As we were sailing through the Inside Passage and preparing for formal night, a movement along the shore caught our attention. It turned out that a family of sea otter were romping and playing near the shore. We both stopped what we were doing to watch their antics. We watched and laughed until they were pretty much too far away to see. As we turned away from the window to continue dressing, our eyes fell to the bed tables. There in plain sight, unused but on the ready, were both our still camera and movie camera!😂 Kay (& Steve)
  8. We have taken several family cruises over the years, babies thru great grandparents. Everyone would do their own thing, singularly or in “cousin groups” during the day and we would meet and have dinner as a family to discuss our respective experiences during the day. (This didn’t work well on NCL as they don’t like accomplishing large groups until “late” when the grands want to retire and the tots have fallen asleep! ). Meeting up in the evening like this worked for us as no one felt pressured to take part in an activity that had no interest to them.
  9. On the larger ships expect a lot of families. Since school has started, most of the children will be well-behaved as they are probably home schooled. Onboard the ship, I usually wear the stretchy maxi dresses with only one or two pairs of capris & tee shirts for Excursions where a dress might not be appropriate.
  10. I’m sorry for your loss, but welcome to a whole new way of life.
  11. The tram has a stop right by the cabanas and there are paved walkways everywhere so the walk won’t be very far. However, a scooter will probably get bogged in sand unless it has balloon tires. The walk from the tram stop to any particular cabana is across sand, not recommended for scooters. We have a scooter but leave it on the ship both at Coco Cay and at Labadee.
  12. One’s cruise card has the Coke emblem on it. Simply show it at any bar and receive the beverage of your choice. No need to carry the cup around unless by choice.
  13. For our “Perfect day at cocoa cay”, we plan to stay on board.
  14. Please, John, where is CK on Symphony? I can’t find it on the deck plan and it doesn’t show up in my cruise planner.
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