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  1. My latest post is about the 12 cruise habits that drive other passengers crazy. The worst things people do in cruising vacations. Do any drive you mad?
  2. Tomorrow Saga's Spirit of Discovery is being named by HRH Duchess of Cornwall. My latest video filmed over the last week shares the 8 must-knows and 1 big watch-out about the ship.
  3. Antarctica Cruise Watch-Outs. 8 Things Brochures Don't Warn You About! Watch my latest video to find out what these are
  4. The keel laying, where specially minted coins are set into the first block of a new cruise ship, is a key milestone and start of the building of a new cruise ship. In this short 35-second video I show what the ceremony is like as I attended one this week for Saga Cruises Spirit of Adventure in Germany. Hope you find it interesting as a cruise lover!
  5. Discover the 8 things that you need to know about river cruising in Europe. I explore some of the surprising and less well-known aspects about river cruising. I look forward, as always, to your thoughts and comments. Hope you enjoy and find the video interesting
  6. Discover the (sometimes surprising!) things you can no longer do on a cruise and cruise ship. How many of these did you know about? Got any to add that I missed? I look forward to you watching and your comments :
  7. Discover the need-to-knows and watch-outs about Silversea Cruises Expeditions, which is the part of the line that operates their expedition cruises around the world. Look forward to you watching and your thoughts and comments. What do you think of the line?
  8. Find out what you will find and have on Viking European River cruise ships (and a few surprising things they do not have too!), in my latest video. Look forward to your thoughts and comments
  9. The first in my series of videos about my trip to Antarctica is a review and tour of Silversea Silver Cloud expedition cruise ship that I chose for the trip. Hope you enjoy:
  10. When Should You Take Or Refuse A Cruise Cabin Upgrade? There 8 Times That They Could Ruin Your Cruise! Find out when in my latest video:
  11. What are the 8 things (in my view) that Celebrity Cruises do better, the same and worse than other premium cruise lines? Discover what I think, and I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts:
  12. The Caribbean is the most popular region in the world for cruises. I discuss the best and worst parts and things about cruising the Caribbean in my latest video what they are:
  13. Discover the 10 things that are likely to happen to you on a cruise in the medical area that you should pack in your personalised first aid kit. As 50% of cruisers will suffer from something, these will save stress and money. Hope you watch and look forward to thoughts and anything else you take and recommend
  14. 10 Best Ways To Avoid Weight Gain On A Cruise (While Still Having Fun And Indulging!) Discover how in my latest video on YouTube:
  15. My latest video shares East Mediterranean And Greece Cruise Tips And Watch Outs. 9 Must-Knows Before cruising there.
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