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  1. Dear Mike and/or Nick: thanks for info. I've researched a ton of stuff to do in San Diego and LA so I think I'll be busy. I'm single and traveling solo AND do not expect any extraordinary events. Puzzled and anxious regarding situation. Currently on double lockdown. Health and disturbances in street, unfortunately, it is uncomfortably close. Trust you are bothered with former only and heat. Quincy
  2. Daniel LL, why not consider a SINGLES cruise. I know a female who met her future husband who as it turns out lived very close to where she did. Quincy
  3. Hallux: Sorry for the confusion: PC cruise 3/22 to 3/29 SF to Ensenada with stops at Santa Barbara, LA, San Diego, MX. Independent touring. Have been researching online via best 10 sites, chamber of commerces, public transportation, YouTube. Will appreciate your input. Quincy
  4. Long Beach, LA, San Diego, Encenada. thanks. Quincy
  5. I paid 1444 for 7 nights without gratuities, speciality dining, drinks, fitness. seems good to me. Quincy
  6. Just do it. 2/14 is my birthday. Every year I get cards, if not enough I display cards from past years. I'm certain you have plenty of memories from past years. Happy sailing. Quincy
  7. Happy Valley, For over 30 years I've been going solo: NYC and WA DC standard tourist stuff plus London and Paris same. Chile, Turkey and MX a bit more adventuresome. Would I go there now, probably not, but politically times were different. SF to MX is my first cruise. The ports: Long Beach, LA, San Diego and Ensenada. Several folks are looking forward to shopping at Walmart in MX! Not me. The trick is to know what you are doing, where you are going. If you don't, fake it. Several books have been published on women traveling alone. You may wish to read up, do YouTube research. Go and have a swell time. Quincy
  8. SS Canada, How did you enjoy your Panama cruise? This 7 pm cruise from SF to MX is a test cruise. The Panama Cruise looks so interesting. Quincy
  9. The QM2 adventure sounds wonderful! I suspect you will have a superb time! Quincy - my first 7-night solo is coming up soon and I'm all excited. quincy
  10. thanks landlocked. I'm in SF Bay Area - so need cruise . . . hits on port spots would be appreciated. I've researched and have lists for independent exploration. Quincy
  11. PC offers a book discussion group. You may wish to call 800/774-6237 if interested. Quincy
  12. Chas, 2/14 is my birthday. 90% of my travel is as a solo female over the past 3 decades. The standard trips: NYC, Washington DC, I live in the SF Bay Area and have been all over including up and down the coast. London, Paris were fairly standard, Chile, Turkey, MX less so. I think/feel it is a matter of attitude and good sense. Know what you are doing, where you are going. Several books have been published on solo, female traveling as more and more women are . . . I've had zero problems. This will be my first cruise. The largest challenge is what to see at each stop. You are the one who needs to feel comfortable first. Go girl. Quincy
  13. Adventure Jes and fellow solo traveler, I've been to NYC for a theater, opera, museum fix for 2 weeks, also toured museums and sites in DC. Had fine experiences both times. Did a lot of exploring on foot everywhere I've been. London and Paris more of same - standard tourist stuff. Chile and Turkey and Mexico were far more adversuresome! Tramped about and used busses and trains. Each adventure was extensively researched. PC will be my first cruise! I'm developing lists of places I want to visit in each port, far many more than will fit into the time allowed. Each time I travel I'm aware of how focused I'm on seeing and doing I miss opportunities of interacting more with people. Have you signed up for the Meet and Greet? Quincy, SF Bay Area
  14. mef 57, thanks for your advice. Roll Call has been particularly helpful. Quincy
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