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  1. For us it is worth it if the cost isn't too high. A couple of hundred dollars we'll do it - thousands we won't. The extra space is really nice to have, the bathrooms can be larger, and of course the balcony is larger too. We prefer longer cruises so we really use the space - breakfast in the cabin or on the balcony, movie night in the room, etc. We do the same on other lines: Celebrity Sky Suite and Princess Junior Suites when it's not stupid expensive. And on RCCL you get access to Coastal Kitchen for dinner on a space available basis on those ships that have it, which gives you another
  2. They've been using these on cruises the past year so they have it down. My understanding is that if you can't/don't want to wear it on your wrist, they can pin it to your clothes or something else. Sort of like the original fitbits. Similar technology has also been used in Singapore which has allowed them to do very efficient and targeted contact tracing so they've avoided huge lockdowns. Personally glad to see this, will vastly simplify contact tracing and minimize the number of passengers who need to be quarantined if there's any infections during a cruise. [On
  3. If the point is to protect the health of any non-vaccinated passengers, and thus to avoid a public relations disaster right at the restart of cruising, it would be logical to restrict the sale of inside and window cabins, and only sell balconies and suites with balconies (not all suites have balconies). On that basis, on the newer ships I assume that way more than 50% of the cabins have balconies so RC should do fine from a revenue perspective. On older ships with fewer balconies and suites not so sure? They could leave any inside and outside cabins that had been sold before the
  4. Probably like Fitbits had: either a bracelet/watchband, or something you clip to your clothes like the shirt collar or the bottom of your t-shirt, or something slim you can just put in your pocket. The actual electronics are really small and they just need to make it impact- and water-resistant.
  5. With the caveat that we don't know what changes will be in place once cruising resumes this summer, the current list of Owners' Suite benefits include most everything that you'd get with the Key other than Wifi. In fact, includes way more! current benefits here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program you can get a one- or two-device Voom connection on sale before your cruise. Enjoy the OS!
  6. Everyone cruises differently - for us, we enjoy hanging out on our balcony watching the waves. We use the gym and the running track, and eat in the specialty restaurants. We avoid the pool, dances, sail away party and crowded bars. And that's all pre-Covid; just not attractive for us. For us this would be perfect if it were on the West coast.
  7. I agree, but would phrase it slightly differently: the CDC has a mandate to protect the health of Americans. It's not to create jobs in the USA, or to promote tourism to and from the USA, or to expand the economy of the USA. Other taxpayer-funded agencies have those mandate. CDC employees are doctors and scientists dedicated to doing their job the best way possible. So I absolutely agree that RC has no "leverage" with the CDC as it is not supposed to take those issues (jobs, tourism, economic activity) into its analysis of what it best for the health of Americans.
  8. Depending on where you start in Europe and where your destination in the US is located, many options. From Northern Europe/UK to NE USA could break up a TA in Iceland, Greenland, or Bermuda. From the Med or Southern Europe to Florida or SE USA could break it in the Canaries, Azores, Medeira or even Cape Verde (not sure about that one). If they were trying to be that cute I assume they'd still want a port that would attract visitors on its own and could handle a large ship turnaround. I'm sure they would have already done this if it worked out logistically and financially.
  9. I'm not sure I understand the statements regarding how a port like Cozumel couldn't handle being a home port? There are a number of massive hotels and resorts there, and most of their food and supplies are presumably flown in or brought in on cargo ships. Also, the ship doesn't have to fully provision, or fully fuel, in its home port. I'm not in the cruise business but it seems to me that there's nothing magic about loading all provisions and fuel on day 1 of a 7 day cruise, could be at a different port that's Day 3 or 5 on a regular itinerary. Interesting concept but I suspec
  10. Speaking for myself, yes, in hotels and on cruises I refuse to take a connecting room and would pay more to avoid one. I've had several bad experiences with noise. Hotels usually don't show them as a separate category so you just need to chat with the FDC as you check in. Very happy to learn that RC shows them as a different category, but they're also always clearly marked on the deck plan.
  11. yup - we're planning a TA in Oct/Nov 2021 on Harmony and I'll need to stay connected to the office: emails, video calls, review documents, etc. Not great, but when I close my laptop I'm sitting on our balcony overlooking the ocean! I'll take that any day over sitting in my office, or worse sitting at home like the last 12 months... For kids schooling on a cruise the parents are certainly taking on the responsibility to make sure the kids do the work, but parents are effectively doing that today across America and around the world.
  12. I don't imagine we're talking about crew members getting vaccinated through their local national health care system but rather RC arranging for vaccinations. And yes, private firms can buy vaccines just like health care systems - my firm has been negotiating for this but is holding off due to the negative optics of a US firm with a relatively young healthy workforce appearing to "jump the line" ahead of poor countries, etc. Not all crew are from less developed countries either - plenty are from Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and lots of places with better-organized healt
  13. Wow! Now you make us want to go to WDW! There are some great veggie BBQ dishes, for sure. I suspect that Chops would offer a plain pasta as an alternative as that can cover several other food preferences as well. We will report back if we get our cruise this fall.
  14. Thank you Crewsweeper! I know that things may be different by the time we all get back onboard but good to have the perspective of “The Pros”, or at least those with more recent cruise experience!
  15. “Not sure if Chops would work for our vegetarian daughter. Are there enough options on Indy for unlimited dining?“ My partners been vegetarian 30 years, and loves a steakhouse! All the traditional sides are yummy and filling veggie dishes, and make a way more than filling meal. Looking at the menu, there’s no purely veggie appetizer, entree or soups and only one salad. But have your daughter check out the sides here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/menus/chops-grille-menu-sample.pdf
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