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  1. I really look forward to some simple summer meals. Thanks Rich for all you do and now even changing up the meals for the seasons.
  2. Xoloitzcuintli are great dogs. Chavela is over eleven years old and weighs in at twenty pounds.
  3. This morning I couldn’t resist any longer. My service dog and I took a cruise on our river in the kayak. Now that we are home I may have an ice cream sandwich for lunch.
  4. Well we can’t go on an ocean cruise but Chavela and I went on a kayak cruise this morning on the river. Just the two of us.
  5. That is a real service. I’m sure it will be a blessing for many.
  6. Good morning all. Thanks Rich. I am amazed when I get on to find yesterday’s daily ahead of today’s. I have to check mentally what day it is. But to have two daily threads in the top ten posts really shows how important a good news thread is in these strange times.
  7. Shoot. Just came back to check in and my comment has disappeared. Thanks everyone for your posts to this thread.
  8. @kazu you always remember everyone. I forget what I was doing so easy. I went to look for wasp spray but it was under some other boxes in the car so I carried them in then noticed I needed to put some empty boxes in the trash then I see the wasps and remember what I was looking for. Also great pictures overhead Fred.
  9. About 70 percent less trailers and no group events. But also got good family visits and saw some old friends before the event. It was good to go but looking forward to when the virus makes life easier and more fun.
  10. Made it home. Exhausted but safe. Home is fine but in 30 days the weeds grew almost waist high. Thanks Rich and everyone.
  11. Thanks for the daily Rich. I learn something every day from this forum. Tomorrow I start heading home. I have two mountain ranges to cross from the coast to the high desert of Oregon. No hurry so I may break it up into two travel days. I’ve been land cruising for a month, I’m ready to go sea cruising or at least stay home for a bit.
  12. Morning everyone. Thanks Rich for being there every day. It is a nice constant to look forward to each morning. Throw in all the pictures and stories it’s really a place worthy of my morning coffee.
  13. Thanks Rich for the daily. Prayers for those on our care list and all. Hello to all. From my visit to Shore Acres, here is the hidden Japanese garden in four photos.
  14. Yesterday I drove north along the coast to Shore Acres State Park. Once the grand estate of pioneer timber baron Louis Simpson, Shore Acres features lushly planted gardens with plants and flowers from all over the world. Something is in bloom almost every day of the year.In the landscaped area you'll discover a formal garden, a Japanese-style garden with a lily pond, and two rose gardens which include All American Rose Selections. I took pictures so I could have some flower pictures to share.
  15. I took my son and granddaughter on a cruise early this year. A few days ago I get a private fare offer and call my pcc. He says it is for my son, not me. I ask why when I was the account paying for everything and all we can figure is they want my son to keep sailing and they know I will. He is looking into whether I can get the offer but no luck so far.
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