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  1. Woke to many hunters putting huge boats in across the river at 3:30 this morning. Guess it was practice for tomorrow. Thanks Rich and all who post to this thread. Good morning. Boarding passes printed so I'm ready to go. Dinner sounds good. I went out and got a picture of the steam on the river. It must be about 50 and the air before sunrise was 30. Made for a good fall scene.
  2. Good morning all. Thanks Rich and Roy and all who make this a great place to be. Cold and clear here. I love the fabric on the bear scrubs. They are all wonderful. I am sure she proudly wears then all and loves to tell all who ask about your wonderful talent in sewing. Lots to do to get ready but not enough to keep my days full. I'm packed and other then the test and air boarding passes there isn't much that "needs" to be done. Tomorrow will be my last normal day as I leave about 3am to drive to the airport over the mountains. Have a great day and weekend.
  3. I am packed and even have room for a "change my mind" outfit. Done the health thing and now to just get through the next three days. Wasn't there an experiment that said time does slow down when it is within a certain time of going on a cruise? And then speeds up when you are on board? Thanks Rich and Roy and all who add to this post. I will try to stay in touch but if the CC gremlins get me, know that I will be able to read all the posts over my morning coffee.
  4. Hi all you wonderful Dailyites. I have to tell someone, I am getting so excited. my Navigation app says 3 days and 12 hours until I board the Koningsdam. Can't wait to be there, meet some famous Dailyites and have a good time aboard a BHB. See you soon Sharon.
  5. Every time I ask my PCC about them he says, don't worry, you don't need anything. Its just automatic and sent to everyone.
  6. Good morning all. I have always enjoyed James Thurber. He was a great story teller. It really sounds like this month BHBs will get going from all kinds of ports. I am excited. I can hardy resist the urge to put stuff in my suitcases but for the wrinkle factor I think I will try to hold off a few more days. I think today I will work on my first aid kits. They include things we take for granted at home but miss terribly if we don't have them. Have you ever tried to find needle and thread on a ship. We had to stop at a Walmart in a foreign port and try to explain what a sewing kit was. Finally found one but if I had just thrown a needle and thread into the first aid kit, we would have had another hour to explore. Oh well, live and learn.
  7. When the ship first left Seattle they invited the HAL PCCs and several other employees to go on a test cruise. They didn't go anywhere except around Puget Sound but it was fun and it kind of gave everyone an idea of what a ship full of passengers would be like. I imagine that a test cruise would be similar for our ship. However with Facebook down as will as several other venues, Seth will have a hard time getting answers to what people need to see. My clothes have all been tried on and are hanging in a certain order waiting to enter the suitcase. Somehow the clothes seem to have shrunk while they were hanging in the closet.
  8. I read on my phone but it wouldn't let me post at all on CC today. Hopefully when we are all floating around out in the Pacific in a few days I will be able to post. If not then after Saturday or Sunday I may be absent for a bit even if I can read and stay current. The clouds today are broken and creating a beautiful display for my viewing pleasure but it is again cold. I woke too early so was counting the days between getting off the Rotterdam and getting on the Koningsdag in a few days. 547 days without a BHB under my feet. I am getting excited. And can't wait to meet face to face some of my Dailyite family members.
  9. I'm back. Ribs still a little sore but who could resist this. So peaceful.
  10. Good morning all. I could not post or like on my phone so had to break out the tablet. Today is cold but that fall kind of clear. I think I with go kayaking and enjoy the morning. I'm hoping my ribs agree. I guess that will decide how well I'm healing.
  11. Roy, I think you should take me off of your care list. I am healing and not hurting as bad. I need to get ready to meet Sharon and all in eight days. I am getting excited about this trip as it looks like it will be a go. It is definitely wintery here. The nights are dipping down into the 30s and sometimes into the high 20s already. Thanks Rich and Roy and all who add so much to this forum. I value the kindness here.
  12. Good morning all you Dailyites. Rabbit rabbit white rabbit. Thanks Rich and Roy and all who post drinks, food and wine. I do need my coffee each morning.
  13. Good morning all. Thanks for caring about my fall. I do feel better today. I am so glad Sam is coming home. I loved my visits to Hawaii. I love acorn squash. One of the favorites with my kids as each one got their own. Thanks everyone.
  14. Thanks everyone for a great Daily. Still trying to get everything ready for my cruise. It left frost all over last night so I want to make sure everything is ready for winter before I leave so I don't have to worry about it while I am gone. I fell yesterday and while there was no bones sticking out or blood, I knew that I have done some bruising and I am paying the price today. If I move wrong or lift I feel the ribs that got bruised. I'm not complaining because I got a lot done and for an old lady it is a small price to pay for being able to do it myself. Beautiful scarf. You are so talented. Thanks Rich and Roy. The room tour was great. Thanks everyone for the food porn and the other photos. I too am a person who needs my coffee before I can really do much. I always said we needed to install an expresso machine in our ambulance for night calls but no one listened.
  15. Speaking of sons, I found mine wore me out. After the long flights to Mobile and back, and keeping up with my youngest and my grandson, we were going all the time. Then when I got home my oldest son came and helped me get things ready for winter and I kept up with him to get it all done. I actually slept in today until 9. I feel more refreshed. Love my sons, I just have to remind myself I'm not as young as they are. Good morning everyone. Thanks Rich and all who make this a place to be with my coffee every morning possible. I am starting to get excited about our cruise in 12 days.
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