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  1. Thanks but we are back from the cruise... and everything was great . used euros, brought back both powdered and paste Paprika in my check bag with no problems. I used my atm at 2 stops. and it was not to bad. we are planning another river cruise but on the Rhine this time.. well in a few years 🙂 now we have a ocean cruise on Dec 1st from New York City to the S. Caribbean and back .. but no flights involved.. so just buy what we want ..
  2. Now we just have to wait until Dec. 1st for our next cruise ...a 13 day ocean cruise to southern Caribbean on NCL Bliss.. 🙂
  3. Yesterday we got home from our cruise on the Romantic AMAWaterways Danube river cruise from Vilshofen to Budapest . No ship changes, no busing .. the only hold up was a glitch in one of the locks. No big deal since we were just sailing and between ports. I can't say Anything bad about AMAWaterways .. they were amazing .. we are going to plan another river cruise .. The food was wonderful, the wine flowed and we were there for Oktoberfest ..so beer, sausages, and pretzels .. AMALEA had such a great staff. 100% waited on us hand and foot ..
  4. Thank You ..with only 24 hrs until we start our flight over to Europe .. We are sure getting excited .. It will all be new to both of us 🙂.
  5. I am wondering if there a magic water level number on the Danbue from Vilshofen thru Budapest.. that will keep us sailing and not make it a bus trip ? I have been keeping my eye on the weather for this week .. and I see a chance of light rain every day . 20 % - 60 % .. so I guess we can hope that we won't have to keep packing and unpacking ..
  6. We will be leaving Vilshofen on Thurs and ending in Budapest the following week 🙂
  7. We will be starting our Romantic River Cruise in 5 days .. ( Oct. 3rd ) from Vilshofen to Budapest ... and I am wondering if the leaves have started changing color yet ?
  8. I hope you are right .. We will be on the AMALEA from Vilshofen to Budapest on the Oct.4th ( 7 days to go )
  9. Thank You.. We are looking into getting around $100 Euros from a bank here in the States .. and since my girlfriend has an acct. there may not be a fee ..just the exchange rate .. and as for Budapest .. I am not sure yet.. and since we will be flying home out of Vienna .. we will need Euros there for breakfast and gifts .. I am sure it will all work out 🙂 10 days to go
  10. I never mentioned a country.. I will be getting Euros from the atm , when we first get to Germany.. and then when we get to Budapest I will get HUF there . Most of the buying will be in Budapest .. Paprika mostly and small trinket for the grandkids . the Euros will be for food while on excursions and more trinkets .. so I am wondering if I really need to use the atm ..or just my C.C or Debit card for cash..
  11. Do you remember the price for the ferris wheel and the lift ? and thank You for this great info.
  12. The bad thing is Budapest is our last stop.. I need one in Vilshofen ..
  13. Ok I was just wondering .. I will use my card or the atm.. I remember reading something about, not letting them do the exchange..and let my home bank do it Right ? and I was told by my bank not to use the atm in the airport.. the fee is crazy.. but I have to stop at my bank again. To ask where he said to use the atm. And they would only charge like 1% for atm ...
  14. Does anyone know if any of the shops will take American money ?
  15. I am wondering if there is any special number I need to watch for, To know if the boat will make it all the way thru the trip ? I will be on the Danube from Vilsofen to Budapest on Oct. 4th.
  16. I will let you know how the windows work out , once I am back.. I doubt we will spend a lot of time in the cabin during the week anyway.. 🙂
  17. Thank You.. this is our 1st river cruise .. Plus we have a 13 day cruise to Southern Caribbean Dec. so all our new cruise wear is shorts and swimwear .. and I don't really think that will work for Oct. 4th on the Danube.. so I will just wear nice jeans and polo shirts for this trip.. and bring a light jacket for evenings ..
  18. I have been watching many pictures and videos of past cruises.. and I see many men in jeans and polo shirts at meals ( including dinners ) and I am wondering if I need dress pants and dress shirt for the chef table ? I am starting to get clothes together for our cruise . I may have to make changes right before we fly over to Munich .. depending on the weather forecast for the trip .
  19. Thank You for the info. and it is getting close. and we are getting excited.. I am just wondering how we will do with the time change.. we have a lower cabin with just the windows.. I am hoping we can see out them, without standing on a chair 🙂
  20. Thanks for that tip, and Budapest is our last stop !! We will be on the Amalea in about 3 weeks .. Anything I should know before hand ?
  21. We booked thru AMAWaterways.. and they booked us on a smaller plane from Munich to Vilshofen.
  22. Can anyone that has sailed on AMAWATERWAYS AMALEA, know if they had blow dryers in the cabins ? I have looked at videos from the ship.. but didn't see one . My better half wants to know if she needs to pack her own?
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