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  1. Thank You ..I will be on her Dec. 1 2019..
  2. Is the Jersey Boys show at the same times 7:30 & 10 :30 pm ? and what about the show Havana times? if you find out anything about this six .. please post it 🙂 Happy Sailing 🚤
  3. I did give you my address right ? Thank You again.we are just under 90 days 🙂
  4. I still think it is a nice offer.. And since I never received it. I hope you either changed your mind or just have not sent it .. and it didn't get lost in the mail 🙂 if you would like me to pay you shipping I would be happy to . Thank You Rev. Thomas
  5. I want to do an Alaskan Cruise. But I really don't want the mega ship feel. what is a smaller size ship that does Alaska out of Seattle ? maybe 1,000 - 1,500 passengers
  6. So when there is a ship swap.. we have to pack up all our belongings and they move it to another ship ?
  7. Does anyone that has been on this AMA cruise, know if there is a tour that goes to a concentration camp ? I know about the shoes, and the tree of life, and plan on seeing them .. but I am not sure about a camp ?
  8. I am the person that he is sending his change to.. and as for being in the top 1%.. you are so off track.. I am a disabled USAF vet . and there is no way I would ever ever be able to do a river cruise if we didn't win the cruise.. I am thankful for his offer .. and I would never ask for a hand out .. Rev. Thomas M.
  9. Enjoy your trip.. We will be flying out of Newark in Oct. to Charlotte and on to Munich .. should be a great trip with Oktoberfest 🙂
  10. So is it just a half day total tour, or just half the day in Salzburg and then move to another location .. but the total time is a full day ? we still have a few weeks to pick our tours.. so now thinking maybe the 1/2 day and see more towns .. but still would like to see the church from the movie .. and the lake District looks nice too.
  11. We are leaving from the same airport as we will be flying back to.. maybe I can get a list from customs while we are waiting for our flight to board .. Looking online I am seeing mixed postings.. some say no meats , some say no uncooked meats .. and cheese has the same thing going on.. So I may just bring back Paprika and strudel.. and maybe some wine.
  12. Other then Jersey Boys & Havana .. what other shows should I or could I make reservations 120 days out ? We are on a 13 day Bliss cruise .. so I am thinking dinner reservations won't be a big deal getting in at least 1 time during the trip.
  13. I know that I can bring Paprika back to the states .. But has anyone brought Cheese's or sausages home ? I have friends from Hungary that said they would love if I could pick them up a few things ..like strudel , chocolates, and the cheese and Bratwurst ..
  14. That is what I will use in Budapest Hungary right ? And how will I send you the money for what you have left ? we are going the first week in Oct. 2019. for our first trip to Europe . ( and probably our only ) Disabled Vets don't make enough for a trip like this , more then 1 time..
  15. My Girlfriend , now says she is planning on using her Visa for any purchase she wants while on our Danube River Cruise, Will she find it hard to use it in the different countries ? and like most , food places here in the USA .. do they take the card at most places ? street food vendors ? souvenir shops ? ect.
  16. Thank You .. This is our first trip to Europe, and want to get these for my souvenirs..
  17. I collect walking sticks.. and I see that in Europe they add the metal medallions of the cities over there .. did anyone see them in souvenir shops at stops along Danube stops or maybe the sticks them self ?
  18. Wow.. Goodluck to all the cruisers on the river at this time...
  19. Thank You for the updates.. And I also hope Oct. will be good for sailing 🙂
  20. WOW Great pictures.. I am still trying to decide on a go pro or not.. I need to see how stills look with the Go Pro. before I decide on what to get 🙂 Thanks
  21. Can I ask you if the still pictures at the beginning of your video, were also taken with the Go Pro? And which model did you use ?
  22. Great Video and thank you for the info. Can I ask you if the still pictures at the beginning of your video, were also taken with the Go Pro? And which model did you use ?
  23. I was looking into a Go Pro for underwater video in the Caribbean while snorkeling.. and general videos & pictures taken from our balcony heading into and out of ports .. Then we are going on a Danube river cruise during Oktoberfest .. and I need a camera that will take good long distance photos and clean videos .. But I am not sure if the Go Pro will handle pictures of mountain top castles ? I am not that photo smart. so need something easy to carry and shoot fast ( Like a gunslinger ) !! Any ideas I can look into ?
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