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    I am A Minister .USAF( I did my tour of duty ) Fishing, Hunting, Gold panning, Historical Sites
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    I have done RCL, Carnival and will be on NCL Bliss, Dec.2019.. can't wait !
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  1. So were the umbrellas up ?
  2. Does anyone remember seeing Smoked Paprika in the bags ?
  3. I didn't think I could bring any sausages home to the states ? and I was also wondering if the have Truffles at the market ? The fungus not the candies 🙂
  4. Thank You for this great information.. I never even thought about the bathrooms.( any idea what they charge ? ) I am sure it will all work out .. and it seems like you know all about the market . Do you have any recommendations on what foods to try there ?
  5. I am really looking forward to checking out the Market Hall.. and I see there is lots of shops and food stands.. my question is will they take my credit card at the shops ? or will I need cash to buy a bowl of goulash ? I have also been told to just pay the price on my card and to let my bank back home do the exchange . What is your suggestions ? 50 day to go 🙂
  6. Wondering the same thing .. 🙂 Happy Sailing
  7. There is a way around that by depositing the money into your account at an ATM .. it may take a few days to show up in your home bank .. Not saying you won't have taxes when you get home.. but you won't have to deal with Customs ..
  8. I am wondering more about if you do win a large pot ..Do you pay taxes to the country that owns the ship , or your home country ... or is there NO tax in international waters ?
  9. I am wondering how you are taxed for a large win, while at sea in international waters ?
  10. I was wondering if they were still doing the Illumination Cruise in Budapest ? I found out that the Budapest government had lifted the ban .. and some cruise lines were still not doing it after the accident that happened .. I contacted AMAWaterways .. and they will be doing it. but just earlier in the evening.. as for now anyway .
  11. We are doing a Romantic Danbue river cruise the beginning of Oct. 2019 and then NCL Bliss Dec. 1st 2019 NYC. to S, Caribbean for 13 days .. But I know they won't be using the same ports 🙂 Happy Sailing
  12. I hope my cruise will be doing it in Oct. 🙂 I am really looking forward to this as an end to our cruise ..
  13. We have 1 full day in Budapest as out last stop on AMAwaterways .. and the Illumination cruise was on the last night on our ship.. But I am reading that some or all of the cruise lines have canceled the night cruise .. Really hope to get to do it .. and we have to be off the ship around 4 am the next morning , since our flight leaves Vienna at 6 am .. 😞
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