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  1. Thanks for the link. I read through your review and took some notes. I was sorry, however, that I read all the way to the end....I was so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. 😢Since it's been a few years, I hope your heart has healed a bit and you are content with all your happy memories, Tracie.
  2. Thank you! I will put him on my list to contact.
  3. I heard back from them: The price is £52 per person.The size of our coaches depends on the number of people that book the tour with us. We have a range of buses from 16 to 51 seaters but we are not able to confirm the exact size of the bus for your tour at the current moment. This is not what I am looking for at all. I don't want more than 8 on a tour. I've had to cross TImberbush Tours off my list of possibilities. They did not indicate at all that they would accommodate a smaller group nor tailor a tour to our specific needs.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. It really is a blessing to be able to discuss geography with a local! In rechecking my notes, I see that we will be seeing Loch Lomand, the Trossachs and Stirling castle as we go from Glasgow to Edinburgh (to the Tattoo that evening) Not quite sure how much time we'll have in Edinburgh before the show--I am thinking just enough time for some dinner and then off to the show. Considering we have that part of Scotland taken care of, what would you suggest we see? I'm not quite sure yet if we or the other couple is super interested in Edinburgh castle, Holyrood or Britannia. I definitely would like to see the Royal Mile and perhaps take a walking tour of Edinburgh to find some great pubs/food. Do you have any suggestions for these? Thank you for your time and thoughts!
  5. Already have transportation and tickets for it. 👍🏻
  6. Princess has already stated we will dock in South Queensferry. We will have already seen Stirling and Loch Lomond when we visit Glasgow (we will travel to Edinburg for the Tattoo) Other ports in Scotland are: Kirkwall and Invergordon. I am hoping to find a reasonable priced private tour for 4 that would include the outlying area like Trossachs and also would like to walk the Royal Mile and be introduced to some great pubs for food and drink. I am not sure if we are interested in Holyrood or Britannia. Would like a peak at St Andrews if it is near/on the way
  7. I have been reading ENDLESS Trip Advisor reviews and CC trips reports of the British Isles. I am looking for recent firsthand experiences with a particular company or individual. I have emails out to two individuals and Timberbush and am waiting to hear back. We will be in port one day 7am - 7pm
  8. Hello All~ I posted this on the British Isles site, 43 views so far, but no responses😢 I'm re-posting here hoping for some help. We are two couples looking for a recommended SMALL tour company --or individual person--to show us Edinburgh and area. We are not interested in visiting Stirling Castle or Loch Lomand since we will have done that already, so possibly Trossachs Natl Park, and touring the highlights of the city of Edinburgh a bit. Is there any other particular places/areas that we should consider visiting in and around Edinburgh? Most importantly: Is there a particular company or individual that someone can recommend for the four of us? Thanks in advance!
  9. We are two couples looking for a recommended SMALL tour company --or individual person--to show us Edinburgh and area. We are interested in visiting Stirling Castle, possibly Loch Lomand, Trossachs Natl Park, and touring the highlights of the city of Edinburgh a bit. Is there any other particular places/areas that we should consider visiting in and around Edinburgh? Is there a particular company or individual that someone can recommend for the four of us? Thanks in advance!
  10. I agree. I was not happy with her response. I sent a *more specific* email asking for clarification. 🙄 I have used Steve's insurance company before, but I made an error this time (and it won't happen again!) and failed to contact him within the required time for that all-important clause, so I had to go with the insurance from the TA this time as she has included it. I am just looking for something in the ballpark like: For every $500 of non refundable excursion costs, your trip insurance will increase by approximately 5% or by $10 or by ??? Just looking for a general idea....
  11. Can anyone tell me approximately how much it might add to the cost of one's travel insurance if several hundred dollars in nonrefundable private (non ship) excursions are added? My TA's response was "not much."
  12. We are two couples staying in London Aug 1 - 5 pre-cruise. We'd like to rent an apartment and read that the Covent Gardens area is the best area to look for an apartment. We'd like to stay in Zone 1, I think. I would love to hear from people who have rented. Can you recommend a particular place? We'd like two bedrooms with anything larger than double beds (twins are okay) and with two bathrooms, if possible. I am open to any and all advice. Thanks.
  13. The Kenai is such a beautiful area! And the Kenai Princess individual lodges with their little fireplaces was one of our favorite stops on the whole trip. They, too, are in the middle of nowhere, but so are a lot of places in Alaska one visits, and the whole point for many of us! 😉 But as far as "nothing to do," well, sometimes it is best to just "be." 😊
  14. Thanks for your kind comments. I believe you mean STEEP CREEK. Steep Creek is a Forest Service fish viewing site, with runs of sockeye and coho salmon that start in mid-July and continue into October. The site is very easy to visit. It is adjacent to the Mendenhall glacier visitors' center about 10 miles from downtown Juneau. There are no permits, fees or restrictions for the visitation. There's a 1/3 mile loop trail, part of which forms an elevated boardwalk.
  15. A little about us--DH and I have traveled quite extensive throughout the US and Europe, but only began cruising about 7 years ago. Since then we have taken several cruises with Princess and with Regent cruise lines. I am a highly organized trip planner who mostly plans private excursions in small groups. My intention with the review is to pay back CC members whose reviews and comments have been invaluable to planning our trips. One in particular from caribill on this site is a few years old, but much of that info is still current. I hope to bring everyone up to date a bit and will happily answer any questions I can. We are mostly DIY-ers. However, this tour came recommended to us by friends, and in reading about it, we were sold. We chose the longest (most expensive as well) land and sea tour Princess offered. We chose Princess because we wanted to experience their lodges and because Princess has been doing this in Alaska for a long time. This was a 15 day trip: 8 days on land and 7 days at sea. Day #1: Fairbanks June 19, 2018 We used Princess EZ Air (and carefully watched the flights DAILY as they changed times over the course of several months, and that had to be taken care of with calls to Princess and Delta.) We arrived at the Fairbanks airport and were met by Princess reps. This was one of the unanswered questions I still had not been able to find an answer for before we left. Out tour package clearly stated and in capital letters TRANSPORT to hotel from airport. Yet our invoice from our TA indicated a charge for transfers. Two calls to Princess by her and one by me resulted in being told there were no transfers included. Then why does the itinerary clearly state this? No answer for that one. I had the TA remove the charges. Plan A was we'd be met by Princess reps and be taken by coach to the hotel. Plan B was that the Fairbanks hotel has a shuttle (as noted on their website) Plan C was to simply take a taxi the 1.5 miles to the hotel. Plan A worked out. The reps gave us a packet with everything we needed to know for that night and the next day. We were already checked into the hotel. Room keys were in the packet. Info in the packet further explained we would be meeting the next morning for breakfast and that we had this first evening free to wander the property on the Chena River. We had a comfortable room facing the river, and since it was June 19, there was nearly constant daylight. The drapes in the room do the best they can to keep out the light, but there is still an element of light always in the room. Couple that with jet lag and excitement for the trip, and it was near impossible to sleep. We found that on the Connoisseur Tour we were allotted the premium rooms with the best views. A nice perk.
  16. For a 15 day land/sea cruise in Alaska this coming June, I booked EZ Air flights last fall, monitored them daily, re-booked twice for lower fares, then continued to watch the flights checking on them daily for further reductions. No further reductions showed up, and nothing changed on the flight portion of my personalizer on Princess—all flights remained the same. However, “something” made me plug my locator number into the DELTA website, and that’s when everything blew up. The flight to Alaska was now an hour earlier with a longer layover, but the worst part was that our return flights were no longer in synch. The flights all over lapped and did not line up at all. There were red exclamation marks all over the page and notices to contact Delta immediately. I did that, but was told since the flights were not yet ticketed, I needed to contact Princess/EZ Air. It took well over an hour on the phone with Princess and resulted in very satisfactory flights. However…. Two items of note here: #1 I’m not sure what would have happened if I had not had the “feeling” to plug my reservation into the Delta website. The problem likely would have come to light at final payment, and then I’m sure it would have been much more difficult to find flights similar to the ones I had booked last fall #2 When I asked what I could/should do to avoid something like this happening again, she said it seemed to her to be quite a fluke, but to be certain of your flights —since the airlines can and do change/cancel flights all the time—occasionally checking your reservation on the airlines’ website is good advice. Finally, If Princess is indeed reading these boards—kudos to Ophelia, the Princess rep who worked so very hard for me to resolve this issue. Thank you Princess and Ophelia!
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