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  1. Would anyone know if there is a shelf inside the Club Continent Suites on the Pursuit with the shower that we can put shampoo, etc on? I usually bring a small holder that sticks onto the tub or tile surfaces but if I don't need then that saves space. Also, I thought that Azamara had a video on their website of the various cabins, but I can't find it now. I thought maybe with a 360 video I could see for myself, but now I can't find the videos on their website.
  2. Just about to use Fer Tours the day after tomorrow - so far he has been very responsive and he fits the parameters for ticking by off ‘Support the People’
  3. I am on board the Veendam at the moment and we are getting a ‘share your thoughts’ card every three or four days - it is a tri folded card with space for three questions - - tell us what you like & we won’t change it -tell us what you didn’t like & we will try to make it better -tell us about our crew - did someoneone give you legendary service? I filled one out last week and both the crew members I mentioned thanked me and one apologized for the awful coffee on board (what I didn’t like). They read them for sure.
  4. I am onboard the Veendam, the merchandise has changed dramatically from the varied offerings that I saw in the shops on the Westerdam last year. And not to the better. There is one shop with just the logo wear - T-shirts and red baseball hats with I believe the Veendam embroidered on it, and then various merchandise with the dark blue standard logo on them - such as sun straw hats, bags, toiletry bags,etc. Then there is almost another entire shop with tons of branded merchandise (shot glasses, coffee mugs, T-shirt’s, note cards & journal books to name a few) with an almost indiscernible logo on it that says (if you look REAL close) -‘Haven’t been there yet but it’s on my list’ (memory may not be exact) - this and another saying that I can’t remember is on tons of merchandise. But if it does say HAL you wouldn’t known it, it’s not obvious which is why I don’t recall if it did or didn’t. Nothing in the shops tempted me to buy it. They also have a line of beach bags that are big enough to put a child in them. Bizzare. There is still a very small sundry/liquor shop and TONS of high end jewlellery shops. They are rebranding for sure.
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