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  1. These big ships are such trouble makers.
  2. Booked a Cruise for Springbreak and Royal canceled our cruise and gave us $200 as a compensation and we moved to another ship at a protected price. Now my cruising buddy changed job and won't be able to go. If I go as a solo, will I keep all $200 OBC? Because if not, I'd rather move us to another sailing when both of us can go and get the full $200 OBC but that will be one year later. The booking has a refundable deposit if that makes any difference.
  3. How do they compare to other lines top suites?
  4. Prepay locks in the gratuities' rate which seems to be going up every year. Otherwise it is only beneficial for those who have the need to budget for their cruises.
  5. Yes they will. Economy of scale is hard to beat in this business. People talk about how they are willing to pay extra in order to support the current way of cruising but in action they do not.
  6. I did it at tickerfactory.com. They will create a gif based on your input and a link to the gif, and you just copy and paste the link into your signature
  7. If you enjoy it and it makes you happy why not? Just don't use anything you are attached to because things may get stolen.
  8. Dress however you feel comfortable. If you want to dress up dress up. If you dont, don't. Cruise lines have learned not to impose much. I always wear tshirts and convertable cargo shorts with legs in pockets to mdr with the intention if they ask for long pants I will whip the legs out and zip them on right there. So far no need. I see anything from tux to gym wear in mdr. You will be fine.
  9. Look up NA IQ10043 or 10044 as an example.
  10. There are interior rooms with windows and oceanview rooms with no views.
  11. Never understand the need to "flaunt" status. It is not like it needs intelligence, or hard work, or a lot of money. What is it to be proud of?
  12. Celebrity caters to an older and quieter crowd. . You will be fine with polo and jeans on formal nights on Celebrity. Buttoned shirts and khakis work too. Haven't been on Carnival for years and can't compare. But shows are better than on HAL, not as good as on newer Royal ships. Met someone on HAL who thinks Celebrity has poorer service than NCL, which I don't agree but it goes to show how opinions differ wildly.
  13. That was on Royal. The previous poster felt the need to quote my post from Royal board. But yes, gym shorts were fine on Royal's dress to impress nights. On our most recent Royal cruise we only went to MDR on night 1 (boarding night) and 2 (first dress to impress night), wearing cargo shorts and t shirts of course. From night 3 on for the rest of the cruise we decided to have dinners elsewhere. Then on the afternoon of day 6 (second dress to impress night) our head waiter actually sent chocolate covered strawberries to our cabin and a note to invite us back to MDR.
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