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  1. Just had a question posed on our roll call regarding taking your actual passport when you go ashore or just a copy? The question was: what do you do if you miss getting back to the ship and you have to fly to the next port? Problems? Anyone ever experienced this? Thanks Judy from SW Florida
  2. Does anyone know if the port in Mallorca Spain (Palma) is close to downtown? Thanks for any info you can share. Judy from SW Florida
  3. I have a TA coming up March 26. That should be very interesting as far as timing in ports, etc. Judy from SW Florida
  4. The last I heard was a date of 2-15 to be fixed but that doesn't appear to be true. So I guess my thoughts of not believing in deadlines proved to be right yet again. Judy from SW Florida
  5. Thanks for all the input. As far as being fixed by Feb. 15th, how can anyone be so sure? Past practice has not told me that deadlines are always met. I guess it's just a matter of wait and see. Thanks again. Judy from SW florida
  6. I know the Crown has propulsion problems but is it just late to the ports or are you missing ports altogether? Any word on when it might be fixed? Thanks for any information. Judy from SW Florida
  7. Absolutely wonderful, funny and fascinating review and kudos to the writer for sharing her cruise with all of us. Judy from SW Florida
  8. Thank you so much for your very knowledgable information. That is so much better than everyone guessing about things they really know nothing about. Are you saying with the problem you laid out, it might be possible to have it fixed in the next 2 months? Is it something that needs several days in port to repair? Thanks again, for all your information Judy from SW Florida
  9. Will be interesting to find out if they change the itinerary on our TA in March. Since we have 6 sea days before our first port, will they be a day late, just skip it or???
  10. I am thinking they probably won't announce the problem too early for fear of people canceling the cruise. Everything I have read seems to say that this is a problem that won't be fixed at the earliest, until the next drydock and that isn't until Oct. If you hear anything please report back. Thanks so much for responding. Judy from SW Florida
  11. Anyone on the Crown Princess or have knowledge of the progress of the propulsion problem yet? Have a TA scheduled for March and wondering what to expect if it is not fixed by then. Judy from SW Florida
  12. Hypothetical: I am booked on a TA in March. IF IF IF this problem is not resolved by then, do you think we might miss our first port, the Azores, and go directly to our second one? Just trying to think ahead. LOL Judy from SW Florida
  13. Thank you very much for your insight. I actually prefer softer mattresses so I should be happy. Thanks again. Judy from SW Florida
  14. Good to know since I will be on the Crown in a few weeks. Could I ask you a couple questions: what is the status of the mattresses on board and my other question is, do you know if the barrell chair is still in the balcony rooms? Thanks so very much for your help Judy from SW Florida
  15. Coral, thanks so much for the pictures. Was this actually on the Star or another similar ship? And thanks to all who contributed to my question. I could find deck plans easily and saw comments here and there but was getting all kinds of opposite remarks like this was an added cabin and is set up a little differently; or lots of wind if you are moving; and pictures of supposedly that exact cabin which looked different. Guess I won't really know until I experience it. Thanks again. Judy from SW Florida
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