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  1. Iancal, Do not forget trekking gorillas 🦍 in Uganda. You can do this only in 2 countries: Uganda & Rwanda. A gorilla (Rafiki) was killed during Covid and the killed was found guilty & received a sentence of 11 years in jail. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/30/africa/rafiki-silverback-gorilla-killer-jail-trnd/index.html DH and I have helped Jeff (guide/driver in Uganda) and Ivan (guide/driver in Uganda) during Covid as there is no work at all! Some might say we are having a hard time in Canada and USA but once you see the poverty in these 2 countries, you understa
  2. Hello all, You are absolutely right, I forgot to mention longer stay at port of calls. On the Prinsendam (Aug 2016), we stayed overnight in Dublin and left the next day at 5pm. Two full days in Dublin was a treat. If we had it our way, every port of calls would have a stay of minimum 1 night so this way, nobody feels rushed. For you out there that might want to experience Tanzania & Uganda, I posted a few months ago on this topic (best port to do a safari). That might give you some idea for one of your future trip... My first post is #33 Enjoy!
  3. Where would you like to see HAL go? (I voted “Other” & I am 50 y.o.) -Reposition themselves as leader of great itineraries with several new ports of call (example: B2B of 14-night around Africa (in depth discovery of Africa) and at least14-night around The Philippines). I feel Norwegian is really kicking HAL derrière with new itineraries at a great quality/price. -Entertainment: Escape room — Scavenger hunt — Great Rock & Roll shows -New ships: keep the wraparound Promenade deck & teak chairs. My understanding is that the new ships do not! What a mistake
  4. Looking forward to hearing from you Lauren! The Canadians!😎
  5. These are the photos of the cheetahs & all the vehicles. There were a lot of happy customers taking photos... The drivers/guides are not selfish and share all info with other drivers. Plus, all our photos were taken with iPhone11. We could not believe how great they turned out. Papa, you will get so close to the animals that you don't need a super duper camera... The Canadians!😎
  6. I just want to be happy! I wish you have the best safari ever! The Canadians!😎
  7. Hello JB, You are right about Papa’s itinerary... The tour operators and drivers/guides know what they are doing and will deliver. Papa’s itinerary look great. When were you in Ndutu with the cheetahs experience as we experienced the same. We were there around Feb 5 or 6. I will post a photo when I have a chance. We are currently entertaining friends from Calgary... The Canadians!😎
  8. Have you made a payment yet? If not, contact me at chantalanddennis at hotmail dot com I have not researched your accommodation but we were mid-Luxury. I don’t want to write to much here... The Canadians!😎
  9. Hello 4774Papa, Could you post your itinerary? I always love to see itineraries... I am sure your safari will be as exquisite as ours... We do not travel outside Canada from June to Sept as it is the best time of the year to be in Canada. Georgia is much hotter than Canada in July so it is a good time for you to travel. If everyone would travel at the same time, it would not be good! Enjoy your safari to the fullest. Enjoy the photo. The Canadians!😎
  10. Hello JB, We had the exact same itinerary. I feel I would help someone with their itinerary, i would advise not to sleep in Arusha but to go straight to Tarangire National Park. We stayed only 1 night outside the park and our accommodation ‘Sangaiwe Tented Lodge’ was out of this world! Instead, I would advise 2 nights... Tarangire was very special, great place for first spotting of the wildlife. However, we were all disappointed with Manyara. The reviews were so outstanding and our visit was way below average... However, Tarangire was outstanding! i could go and on but w
  11. Hello from Canada, We just came back in Feb 2020 from our first trip to Africa: Uganda (15 nights), Tanzania (8 nights) and Zanzibar (11 nights). It was just outstanding. We really enjoyed the 2 boat Safaris in Uganda, trekking chimpanzees and gorillas also in Uganda and the outstanding safari in Tanzania. Tanzania had obviously much much more wildlife but both countries were brilliant. We will cherish FOREVER our first 2 safaris (Feb is an awesome time to visit Ndudu (Serengeti Tanzania) as it is calving season: a million wildebeest give birth to 8000 babies every day, and as these newbo
  12. I am with you, it is very upsetting. This is our story: -On Feb 25, I booked our first Princess cruise to Alaska for August. Stupid me, I paid the whole amount even if I could have paid only a down payment (I learned and will never do this again!) -I cancelled our Princess cruise on March 17 -On April 9, I filled a dispute with our credit card company (through Bank of Montreal). BMO explained: 1-) once BMO start my dispute (an employee looking at the documents I had just filled), BMO will apply a conditional credit back to my account of the amount paid to Princess on
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