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  1. We always choose the lowest middle room we can get. I prefer the least amount of movement.
  2. We have used a Costco tours several times. Depending on the tour they can be a smaller group.
  3. This is from CCL about a month ago Moving forward, per the Carnival Shareholder Benefit policy, the proof of CCL stock ownership must be sent via fax to 206-501-2620 or sent by regular mail to 450 Third Ave. West, Seattle, WA 98119.
  4. Those odds are just another way to gouge the customer. It irritates me so I rarely play. I live close to Deadwood, SD and can play normal odds for $5.00 anytime. The sad thing is that I like to play on our longer cruises but I usually stick to the slots.
  5. I am not nearly as careful as most of you. I use the hand sanitizer before entering the Lido, but I have never taken wipes with me when traveling. I almost always use the stairs but, I do use the railing. I wash my hands throughout the day, use the public rest rooms, go to the casino, etc. I take a multi vitamin and try to eat healthy. In all our years of cruising I have only gotten a cold once. Not saying you’re wrong, my DH and I just don’t get colds easily, I guess.
  6. The issue is using your own cc. We have the UAL cc which gives us a free checked bag and priority boarding. Can this work on flightease? It has been posted on here that it can be. That thread was probably a year ago, tho.
  7. I got that info from people on this forum. Hopefully they will chime in again.
  8. We both get up 1-2 times a night. We never flush as a courtesy to the other one and our neighbors. It gets flushed when we get up in the morning. We do the same thing at home. Good Lord, this whole thread is hilarious!
  9. I go in and add my ff number and my known traveler number to my reservation. If you want to get the perks that go with your airline cc you need to request that your flight is paid for with that card ie. free checked bag.
  10. Honestly didn’t know that HAL had anything to do with what any TA gives you.
  11. I transferred to my BB TA...we had prepaid gratuities, casino discount and extra OBC. We also got the BB TA added OBC with no problem. Are you past the 90 day window?
  12. This question comes up a lot. I really don’t understand what the big deal is. We are talking 15-30 minutes.
  13. For those of us trying to downsize...who needs them. That is probably why they are at the thrift stores.
  14. We did 39 days, Vancouver to New Zealand. It was awesome. Met tons of new friends, played games, went to the shows, watched some movies, read books, walked the promenade deck(numerous times). We really have to work at being bored...just doesn’t happen.
  15. We arrived about 11:00. Everything went smooth, no wait line till we were all checked in. People were seated in the holding room. They started taking people in soon after we got to that room...we waited maybe 15 minutes. We took a taxi from our hotel. They let us off right where the luggage racks were. People on the buses(HAL transportation) got let off upstairs...they had to stand in line for the elevators to take their luggage down to the luggage carts, then get back upstairs to check in. Those lines were a mile long. I have no idea how long it took those people.
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