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  1. We did not find that to be true. We used our phone the whole trip. Most of the time you could see land. I never connected to the ship’s internet.
  2. We have Verizon. Did the NYC to Quebec City last fall. We have the Canada/US/Mexico plan. Used it the whole time for calls, texts and data. You are limited on the data per day when outside the US but it was great for checking emails and keeping in touch with family. Did not notice any times of no service except when in our inside cabin low in the ship...
  3. I get notified when the price of my cruise goes down. About a month ago(after final payment) the price for a veranda was less than our inside room. I called my big box TA and asked if there was anything they could do. I had already checked the HAL website and knew which room I wanted. She contacted HAL and they said I could have the veranda with no change on the package I had originally booked(prepaid gratuities and 2 $25 beverage cards) and no extra charge. My point is that depending on what you paid you might just call and ask like I did.
  4. I just had my big box TA transfer my reservation in November...they did not require a firm. Guess I will have to keep an eye on this.
  5. Everyone is different. I get sick on everything. Have had good luck on most of our cruises but, I am always prepared. The medicine that works for me is Cinarizina that I purchase in Mexico. I take it based on the weather forecast. It can make you drowsy if you take too much, which is fine with me if it is really rough. I have used the patch and it worked but, my side effect was blurry vision and that made it hard for me to read. Not everything works for everyone. You have to find what works for you. People tell me not to lay down and not to close my eyes...lol...but, that works for me!
  6. We are booked on the northbound Westerdam on June 30, 2019. We always book inside and early. The price on this cruise just keeps going down. After final payment I called because a balcony was lower than what we paid for inside. I was thrilled that they upgraded me and I got to keep all the original perks. Last week it went down again and a NS is less than what we paid. I tried for that upgrade but, no go...lol. No big deal, we were totally happy with the inside in the first place. Now today I see that an inside on that cruise(7 days) is now $319 pp. just throwing it out there in case someone wants a great last minute deal. I think if we do another Alaska sometime we may wait to book. The room choice may not be the best but what a deal!
  7. Don’t own anything like that. We just go to the lido. It is not important to us.
  8. I agree flifpghtease can be better. But, what we ran into was our flights on UAL were booked by HAL using their cc. So we got none of the perks we have if we use our UAL cc(priority boarding and free checked bags). Someone on here said you can request they use your cc but we have not tried that yet.
  9. Our cruise is past the final payment date. I saw the other day that it was about half of what we paid. I called my TA to inquire if anything could be done. They called HAL and said that we could get a balcony (we were booked inside)and not lose our OBC and prepaid gratuities. We were totally pleased with that. Would have been ok if the answer would have been no, but it pays to at least ask.
  10. Hmmm...personally, we really enjoyed Astoria. Great little quaint town, friendly people, not a bunch of overpriced junk, barking sea lions, nice walkway along the river, easy walk to town from the pier, etc. Their JC Penney store is original...a great throwback to the one that was in my hometown. Much better than many cruise towns.
  11. If you turn the Ipad sideways the button shows up. I discovered that by accident. At least that worked for me. HAL was absolutely no help. They told me I would have to go to find a computer or wait and deal with it at checkin...
  12. We are early risers. We usually have our loungers by 7:00 or 7:30. I like the morning when there are very few people there. We do not leave them unoccupied. We eat in the Lido for breakfast so just take turns as I eat very little breakfast. We start looking for a table about 11:30 or 12:00. Grab one when it opens up and leave our loungers open for someone else. If we choose to go back to a lounger later, I have no problem watching for ones that are left for more than 30 min. and removing items.
  13. Not a big deal. On one of our cruises the beds were configured as twins instead of our requested king. We just asked and it was changed when we came back,
  14. I would think you would want to try Scuba somewhere in the Caribbean. Clearer, warmer water.
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