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  1. I stopped going to the spas years ago. When I get a massage I want to relax...not be bombarded with sales pitches.
  2. I guess the thing to do is decide how much both packages would cost you and then decide how much it will cost you to drink what you want. That should make the decision for you on which way to proceed.
  3. Ours show up that way a lot...no big deal.
  4. FYI...there is a charge when you get chips at the table. Maybe there was a communication error in understanding the question?
  5. The safety drill on all the ships could be a breeze if people would follow the directions.
  6. Not living close to a BB store is not a big deal. Our closest one is 5 hours away. We order online all the time, stop when we are traveling, book travel, etc. it would be interesting to know if the card can be used when you book travel.
  7. Our Advantage program reimburses us for medical outside the US. You must pay and then present an itemized statement in English.
  8. We choose our cruises for the places we want to visit. We are perfectly happy reading a book, visiting with other passengers, playing a game in the Crow’s nest or watching a movie in our room. If I can’t find something to do I just walk around the ship. We do not have to be entertained. If the show is something that interests us we will go. Totally enjoy having someone to do the cleaning, cooking and laundry. I hope I never get to the point where I complain about a lack of entertainment. I am just thankful I am able to cruise...many people are not.
  9. I really don’t understand why it is that big of a deal. If you are using them as a TA then you are certainly a member, so I would assume you shop there. Either way you get the money. One way you buy drinks the other you buy toilet paper.....
  10. I don’t know what EZ Air is. If it is an online TA like Expedia then you will be dealing with them, not the airlines. I did that once...never again.
  11. We booked our cruise onboard in July. Got prepaid gratuities on an inside cabin and extra OBC and the price has stayed the same. Not looking like there will be much for me to spend all day on the phone for. Good...lol
  12. You already pay a tax to go to Mexico. It is included in the price of your plane ticket. App $30 in Q Roo depending on the exchange rate. That does not include cruise ships. We had to pay that tax when we disembarked in Cozumel a couple years ago. I am only posting this as many people who travel by plane do not realize the charge is included in the ticket price,
  13. I am not sure I understand the confusion. We book normally while onboard. It automatically gets transferred to our Big Box TA. I send in my request for the stockholder OBC and everything shows up on my confirmation. This is what shows on my current reservation...the $650 includes my stockholder OBC. This is a second confirmation from them...after I added the stockholder OBC. $425.00 Shipboard Credit • The shipboard credit amount is per stateroom and may be used during the cruise for shore excursions, spa treatments, specialty dining, beverages and more. Shipboard credit offered by Big Box TA is not available to view prior to travel on the cruise line’s website, or during your online check in. You will receive the shipboard credit in your personal onboard account by the second night of sailing. The value of the shipboard credit is determined by the base cruise fare for the stateroom category booked. Offer is nontransferable. Bonus Shipboard Credit and More • $650.00 Bonus Shipboard Credit (Inside, Ocean-view, Balcony, Suite) Member Benefits and Added Values: • Complimentary shipboard gratuities for two
  14. My reservation through a big box TA lists everything under “Included Extras”. The OBC from them, OBC from the cruise line including my stockholder OBC and anything else like prepaid gratuities, beverage package, etc.
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