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  1. I saw Princess' gift cards on AARP's website yesterday. Are they as flexible to use as carnival's? I hope so since Carnival owns Princess. I purchased RCL before but they are a pain to use. Thanks!
  2. We will be going to the Crown Plaza Tower. Any advise how to get there?
  3. But did you book a balcony and 6ms out, which would have allow two anyway?
  4. Is there a way to tell which ship/date/itinerary allow two certificates? I used one last time from NY. Booked sorta last minute and for the inside cabin. I just lucked out on that I guess? Hoping there is a list somewhere. I was going to use one for Cuba but the person I talked to told me it has to be for cruises are 7 days or longer so I booked with another cruise line. Turns out you can use it for the Cuba after all. Anyway, I still have two that are valid to April 2020. By the way, does anyone know if this is a booked by or cruised by date? Thanks!
  5. How did you cancel the reward? I purchased the 10% reward and found other option with 10% so I tried to cancel the reward but there is not an option to cancel that particular reward. I have canceled other before so I know there are options but not for the 10%.
  6. Can we bring wine on this five days trip? Have never sail less than seven before. Thanks!
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