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  1. Australian government extends cruising ban until June 15 2020. From P & O website. We would like to share an update on P&O’s operations from our President Sture Myrmell: Hi everyone, we are sorry to have to bring you more news today. However we must let you know that the Australian Government has extended its ban on cruise operations until June 15, 2020 as we work together as a nation to slow the spread of coronavirus. We are naturally disappointed on your behalf that we must now cancel more cruises to adhere to the extended pause in operations but P&O must continue to support the authorities in their efforts to protect the community’s health and wellbeing. We look forward to resuming cruising from 16 June when we can begin normal operations and deliver amazing cruise holidays on our fleet. I know you will be wanting to know what affect this will have on your upcoming cruise. We will be in touch again early next week with an update for guests booked on itineraries scheduled to depart before June 15. As always, guests booked on these cruises will also hear from us directly. There is no need to call. Please understand that in the current circumstances we have limited call centre capacity. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this update.
  2. After a few years of planning to take a year out and travel this Country, I wound my business down and closed it on the 20th of February and planned to reopen in early 2021, not sure if it's good timing or not but business would be very slow now. I converted a bus/coach into a motorhome which was just about to be registered but will delay that now and finish off the small things left to do. We planned to leave mid April but now that's not going to happen. We got back from our cruise on Voyager 2 weeks ago then got an email on Saturday to let us know someone on board tested positive to the virus but as it's been 2 weeks now no action needed. So still taking the rest of the year off and if we are lucky we may get to travel a bit later in the year. NZ looks to be going for a total eradication of the virus with a total lockdown so short and drastic, where we here in Oz look to be going for a plan to reduced the infection rate to a more manageable level but will take a lot longer to go through.
  3. Carnival Spirit apparently is going to off load non essential crew and sail back to the US/CANADA and wait it out there.
  4. Good luck with the purchase. We went with a bus conversion, it's been a lot of work but just about done now.
  5. Here's a crew members daily vlog on Oasis of the seas, the crew have got the ship to themselves.
  6. Due to start our lap around Australia in a few weeks in our motorhome.
  7. They have several medications available that kill the virus now, the first people in Australia that got the virus were Chinese tourists and they told the doctors what to give them as that is what they were doing in China, so no real need for a vaccine if they can stop the spread now, so if they can get their act together it could be all over in a couple of months.
  8. On Voyager of the seas last week, denied entry into Vanuatu due to 3 crew members having influenza a, so we went to NZ & Eden instead, luckily we had the drinks package and made good use of it on those extra seas days.
  9. Just off Voyager, I saw it advertised at one of the bars for $89
  10. Also Pacific Aria and Pacific Dawn are off to CMV.
  11. $60.28 That would of been when they had a glitch in the system, I saw it at that price but the system was not working by then so couldn't complete the payment but got it later for $65
  12. I'll second Signal Island, great snorkeling & should be a few turtles there, also seen a few at Escapade Is as well. Going again in Feb and doing a sailing cat tour to Laregnere Is thru Noumea turtle tours.
  13. The behind the scenes tour was $95 when we did it. The behind the scenes tour was $95 when we did it. We thought it was great, worth the money.
  14. The agent should be able to sort your dining arrangements so it's just your family. If you want to do the behind the scenes ship tour, book that as soon as you board, only limited spots available. With the coffee machines, they are all calibrated differently so try them all and see which one best suits your taste. Drinks included are water, lemonade (American), coffee, tea, hot chocolate also apple & orange juice available at breakfast.
  15. On our last cruise there was a very young diamond all of 9 years old.
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