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  1. Also Pacific Aria and Pacific Dawn are off to CMV.
  2. $60.28 That would of been when they had a glitch in the system, I saw it at that price but the system was not working by then so couldn't complete the payment but got it later for $65
  3. I'll second Signal Island, great snorkeling & should be a few turtles there, also seen a few at Escapade Is as well. Going again in Feb and doing a sailing cat tour to Laregnere Is thru Noumea turtle tours.
  4. The behind the scenes tour was $95 when we did it. The behind the scenes tour was $95 when we did it. We thought it was great, worth the money.
  5. The agent should be able to sort your dining arrangements so it's just your family. If you want to do the behind the scenes ship tour, book that as soon as you board, only limited spots available. With the coffee machines, they are all calibrated differently so try them all and see which one best suits your taste. Drinks included are water, lemonade (American), coffee, tea, hot chocolate also apple & orange juice available at breakfast.
  6. On our last cruise there was a very young diamond all of 9 years old.
  7. The mood on board that day wasn't great, many disappointed to miss Santo, us included but we still got 5 ports and the weather was great the whole cruise, we will just have to book another cruise to Santo.
  8. Just got off the Spirit, we missed Santo and Mare replaced with Lifou and Isle of Pines.
  9. Just booked this one, looking forward to getting back on the Spirit.
  10. Last time we cruised from White Bay we stayed at the Metro apartments, it's a very short walk to the ferry wharf.
  11. I heard it was a prop shaft issue, they seem to have done some sort of repair in Noumea as her speed has improved.
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