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  1. My friend and I just booked a last minute cruise on the Joy. We did a balcony guarantee and a day or so later we were given a great location on deck 12 near the aft elevators. This is a great location for me. I don't like being forward so this was great news. Candi
  2. You can try, but the last two times my friend put vodka in rum runners there was a note in the suitcase saying it had been confiscated and would not be returned. Candi
  3. I am one of the lucky few. I drink Pepsi at home. In a situation where only Coke products are available I manage quite well. Candi
  4. I just prefer it at the beginning. They do this on NCL when possible. They always have refreshments and staff there to answer questions. They also give you a list of all the different department heads in case you have a compliment or complaint you can reach them. Just my opinion. Candi
  5. Having the meet and mingle the last day is really pointless. The whole point to me is meeting people st the start of the cruise. Candi
  6. Love your reviews. They keep me going until my next Cruise. I am leaving Saturday morning to fly to Vancouver then on board Norwegian Jewel on Monday to L.A. looking forward to your December review, that will keep me going until February Panorama cruise.
  7. The Panorama is doing 7 day sailings to Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Candi
  8. The pizza tastes like frozen Red Baron pizza to me. Candi
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Just wanted people to know that the Jewel was not there that day. Candi
  10. I always let our servers know if we need to be somewhere else and we have not had a problem getting out in 45-60 minutes. We usually get to the dining room as soon as it opens. We like to eat early and then enjoy the whole evening. We know we can get a snack at O'Sheehan's or the Buffet. Candi
  11. I am on the Jewel and we depart on October 7, 2019. There is no sailing from Vancouver on the Jewel on October 6. Candi
  12. I also wish they would go back to the old deli. The turkey is now on a pretzel bun and if I can't get it on regular wheat bread I will order whatever is on wheat and switch it around and throw out what I don't want. I hate to waste food, but not having options isn't good. I also don't want to be told which condiments come with it. I wish they would put those at the end of the line so I can pick what I want. I actually wish they would have a build your own sandwich bar where you pick your bread meat cheese veggies and condiments. I know it won't happen, but that would be my ideal sandwich station. Like a salad bar where I can pick what I want. Candi
  13. I knew what it meant as my parents were English. Funny how different people speaking the same language can have different terms. Candi
  14. All great answers. I like the Freestyle concept. I wish there was more activities on sea days that weren't an extra charge. There seems to be a lot to do, but most have those extra charges. I like the trivia which is free. I go to Deal or no Deal, but just to watch. It's way too much money. Bingo is fun but again way too much for what you get. I always find things to do and any cruise is better than being home. Candi
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