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  1. When you board you should be able to go straight to your room and your cards will be in the mailbox outside your room. When this program first started many people had concerns such as yours, but no one has had a problem that I have read about. If you can't get your cards immediately you can use your boarding pass to charge drinks. If you notice your cards are missing go to guest services immediately to let them know so they can issue you new cards. Most people have said this process works very well and makes check in smoother. You picture also pops up when you purchase something. I would think that alone would deter people from taking others cards. Candi
  2. Yes. There were people on our cruise last March that had a single bottle of soda and were made to drink it before boarding or throw it out. Candi
  3. Thanks I just figured that out. I missed it somehow. Great information. I will check your drink menu as well. This really helped me. Candi
  4. Thanks for the information. I don't think I can use the dailies as you didn't appear to have a sea day and I need to know opening times on sea days. Thanks again Candi
  5. Do you have a copy of a sea day Freestyle Daily which shows what time the bars open? I am trying to figure out a pub crawl. Thanks in advance. Candi
  6. Thanks so much for that very entertaining review. Lee is my favorite cruise director. I met him the first night of the cruise and he said hi to me by name every time he saw me. I wish he was on my Panorama cruise in February. I have read all your reviews and also agree you should check into doing videos on youtube. You have a great writing style. Thanks again. Candi
  7. Thanks for the review and pictures. I will never be able to do this kind of cruise unless I win the lottery, so I am happy to go along and enjoy it from your perspective. I read your Royal Princess review as well, because I am going on that cruise in November of 2020. That was a lot of great information. Candi
  8. I don't have my reservation details, my friend has that. We are staying at the Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel. Not sure when you are travelling but I think he paid around 130.00-145.00 per night. When we were looking it was listed in Canadian dollars. Candi
  9. The only time I went to the excursion desk upon boarding, it was already open. I was platinum and we wanted to do the behind the fun tour. So we went straight there. Candi
  10. After reading this I went and checked and they wanted to offer me an upgrade from interior on deck 6 to oceanview on deck 1 for $232.00. I declined. That to me is a downgrade. Candi
  11. This is not true in all states. We live in California and my daughter and her boyfriend are both servers and they make $13.00 plus tips. In California they are required to pay everyone minimum wage in restaurants. Candi
  12. I try to take an afternoon nap every day. If I don't I am done around 9:00 pm. I usually only sleep an hour but it makes a huge difference. I also try to drink a lot of water. Candi
  13. I actually got an upgrade on my November 2017 Miracle cruise. We were in our hotel room the morning of the cruise when my friends phone rang. He asked me where is 305 area code. I told him Florida. We went from an inside to a Balcony no charge. Neither of us had sailed with Carnival for a long time so I don't know if that had anything to do with the upgrade. We are both platinum and have been for awhile. It was a really nice mid ship balcony. We ran into two other people who also got that phone call the morning of the cruise. One guy even got a handicap balcony cabin, he said it was huge. Candi
  14. The shampoo will be a shampoo/conditioner combination. I always take my own. The stuff they provide isn't very good in my opinion. My hair is also medium-long very thick and naturally wavy, but not wavy enough to wear that way. I either straighten my hair or put it up. I will wash it, let it dry and then straighten it later. Candi
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