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  1. I actually got an upgrade on my November 2017 Miracle cruise. We were in our hotel room the morning of the cruise when my friends phone rang. He asked me where is 305 area code. I told him Florida. We went from an inside to a Balcony no charge. Neither of us had sailed with Carnival for a long time so I don't know if that had anything to do with the upgrade. We are both platinum and have been for awhile. It was a really nice mid ship balcony. We ran into two other people who also got that phone call the morning of the cruise. One guy even got a handicap balcony cabin, he said it was huge. Candi
  2. The shampoo will be a shampoo/conditioner combination. I always take my own. The stuff they provide isn't very good in my opinion. My hair is also medium-long very thick and naturally wavy, but not wavy enough to wear that way. I either straighten my hair or put it up. I will wash it, let it dry and then straighten it later. Candi
  3. Princess had a program like this one time when I sailed. Not sure if it is still available. Candi
  4. Carnival also asks how you want the beds. I wish NCL would have this option. Candi
  5. I loved that tuna on the english muffin. They didn't have it on my last cruise on the Miracle, I was disappointed. Tuna in the deli was okay, bread was white and way too soft sandwich fell apart. Candi
  6. I always use dollars. If I am supposed to get change back I ask if I can get U.S. dollars change, if they say yes I go ahead with the transaction if they say no, I walk away to the next place that has the same merchandise. I have never had a problem doing this. Candi
  7. We had one last year and we loved it. The only problem we had was people thinking we were trying to cut the line to get off the ship when we were trying to go to or from our cabin to or from public areas candi
  8. I was there in 2010. That was on of the best things we did on a 6 week long vacation Candi
  9. For the convenience of our guests, Camp Ocean offer Night Owls for children 6 months to 11 years, allowing parents time to enjoy the nightlife without having to worry about their little ones. When? Night Owls is available each evening from 10:00pm-1:00am. Night Owls is not available during the hours that Camp Ocean is closed or during their scheduled activities, which typicallyrun from 10:00am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-5:00pm and 7:00pm-10:00pm. How much? $6.75 per hour plus a 18% gratuity, per child No discount for additional children Fees are due upon pick-up and paid via Sail & Sign Card directly to the Youth Staff on duty. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment. Any child left past 1:00am will be charged double (for the time period beyond 1:00am) and will forfeit Night Owls privileges for the remainder of the cruise, if the policy is abused. There is more information on the website. I did a search and found it easily. Unfortunately you can only use the service for your baby in that 3 hour period. Candi
  10. When I was on the Star last March, the atrium bar was open early. I think 6:00 or 6:30 am. O'Sheehans was open but the bar wasn't open until 9:00. If you eat at O'Sheehans you can get soda. I did this a couple of times. Candi
  11. In regards to entertainment, you said you like the live music rather than the production shows. I find the I like Carnival for the Piano Bar and other live music. I like NCL because I can usually find some time of live entertainment somewhere. Hope you find what will work for you. Have a great time. Candi
  12. I got mimosa's the last morning and my friend go bloody mary's. They told me cut off time was 9:00 am. Candi
  13. I have booked guarantee cabins in the past, all but one time I had my cabin number before I sailed. The one I didn't have was given to me at the pier and they tagged the bags for me. Last time on Carnival, we got upgraded on the morning of sailing so I had to have the porter fix my tags. Candi
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