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  1. We were also on board that day in Vancouver. Was sitting by the Seaview pool with friends. That was a sound I'll never forget. Went back to stateroom and 5 minutes later pounding on our door telling us to evacuate. We didn't get far when evacuation was cancelled.
  2. Looks like a bunch of Police boats around her on the webcam
  3. The area in front on deck 7 is normally closed. There are officer cabins between the passenger cabins and the front deck area deck 7 forward. The small front deck areas are usually closed off except areas like Glacier Bay or Canal due to security and safety.
  4. Not a big fan of oelek. I prefer badjak or matah :-). Last cruise on NADM I had my own bottle of Badjak in PG- great PGM Aria spoiled us rotten
  5. Mae in the PG on Amsterdam made me a wonderful green Sambal for my breakfast a few years ago.
  6. I use my finger to hold the hook onto the bar and lift the bacon off with my fork onto plate. Easy to cut up and eat that way. Candied is not the best name as it is really not overly sweet.
  7. You can order as many sides and appetizers as you want. Additional entree is I believe $15 now. And yes- it is great!
  8. I know that they monitor social media as I have gotten a few responses to things I posted on CC.
  9. How well I remember sliding as far down in the seat as I could and holding a magazine in front of my face thinking "please don't see me" 😁
  10. There is a wall of windows next to the smoking area and a roof over. Smoke heads aft from that area.
  11. They have made us special request items in the PG at breakfast. Several times I have had Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) for breakfast. We eat dinner exclusively in PG so the staff gets to know us. As long as they have the ingredients they are usually willing to fulfill requests at breakfast. I usually ask our server at dinner the night before and they pass the message along.
  12. Deserves more than just a like- Thank You!
  13. It is more like Pork Belly than "Bacon". We love it- the smoky flavor with maple is wonderful.
  14. We were on one cruise that had to fulfill 900 dinners. Nobody was getting changes and no one was able to book dinners on board- sold out for full cruise
  15. Sad news indeed. He did a wonderful job carrying the banner from the Van der Vorms.
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