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  1. You did say you never used the robes. Maybe there were 3 in the stateroom and you didn't notice. If so possibly the Steward thought you purchased one and had it sent to you. I know- far fetched but have never heard of this happening. Or another stateroom ordered a robe and someone put the wrong stateroom number on the order. Were there by chance any problems on the cruise? Perhaps an apology? Worth a call to HAL
  2. Normally you must attend one drill every 30 days. I say normally because has been reported some Captains require attendance at all drills. We haven't had to attend on B2B for a while.
  3. I read you previous post and remembered Able, Cadet, and Grand Mariner levels. Brought a smile to my face. Thanks!
  4. The two new ships have I believe 10 less NS than R class (much smaller ships). IMO looks like HAL is moving away from the suite market. Feels to me like they want to pack in more staterooms and sell a "lucky few" the CO package to make them feel "special". Would hate to see HAL become the Ryan Air of the Carnival companies.
  5. I have never had a problem once at Smith Cove terminal. Sometimes getting to the terminal can be a real bear- busy city streets and the Magnolia Bridge area can get really messy on a two ship day.
  6. Most likely passengers are pre-screened by HAL before boarding as all passport information is on file. Most likely would be denied boarding at the embarkation port. I have seen people very angry in terminals because they were denied boarding due to similar situations. I have heard people paged to the Front Office on round trip Seattle cruises at the short stop in Victoria. They are told that they are not allowed to go ashore in Victoria due to Canada regulations.
  7. Is the small prop in the center of the stern a thruster?
  8. A letter to the President will be responded to by someone in Guest Services with a polite but uncaring form letter.
  9. @Roz did you report the poor treatment to Seattle? If so, any response?
  10. We got one a couple of years ago. Were told it was for overcharge on port taxes on a past cruise. Came up in an audit.
  11. Thank you very much- great news! I saw a post in this thread where someone mentioned NS breakfast in either CO or PG on Koningsdam. Also seeing that NS are getting CO benefits (tote bag, etc). Perhaps they have decided to keep CO and NS more separate.
  12. Where was NS breakfast? According to recent posts CO on the new ships is dedicated room On the rest of the ships they said was going from dedicated section of MDR to "priority seating in MDR" (which NS already had)
  13. Normally I would agree. I believe that this one was 100% the ship. Others on our ship said their luggage was going to the bus (according to their disembarkation paperwork) and had the normal process. We were told that the ship didn't know we had pre booked transfers- evidently others had the same issue. Sounded like they had sold too many Seattle transfers on board and oversold the coach. Since they didn't know we had transfers we never got the early CBP forms to fill out Thankfully I had a printed copy of our confirmation. We were being told that the coach was full and we were out of luck. I'm sure that this was the reason we ended up in the small van. The last impression 11 people had of HAL was a really bad one. My biggest issue is that it was clear HAL doesn't appear to care. Their reply was basically "here is a little OBC for your next cruise, now leave us alone". There was another issue from HAL before the cruise that I won't go into here that ended up costing us $2000.
  14. I got a reply from the famous Ms Faris at HAL telling me that I was wrong- all passengers must pick up luggage in Vancouver and carry them through Canada Customs. I know this is not correct as we have done direct transfers to SEA from Alaska cruises before and our luggage was on the bus from our stateroom. Was one other issue that occurred before our cruise that she dismissed and said was handled internally- hence I received no reply to my emails. On past cruises we were walked around Canada Customs and directly to our bus. We were instructed to not leave the bus after we boarded. We were coming from Alaska and going to Seattle. In the past our driver handed a CBP officer our passports at the border, they brought them back out about 10 minutes later and we were on our way. I really don't think that 5 star will be in our future. Sad, as I do love the people on the ships- Seattle just can't seem to get their act together. We are getting close to the time that we will be cruising a lot more and I'm not wanting to have to fight to get what we pay for. Time to start looking at options. Again HAL has shown us that the the only thing they seem to be consistant with is inconsistancy.
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