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  1. Unfortunately I had to cancel a booking (with an independent TA) that was secured with 2 FCC's. How can I tell that the FCC's were transferred back into my HAL account? Do I need to call HAL or should I be able to see them in my account? Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions. We have already booked the Princess transfer from Heathrow to Southampton.
  3. I think I will ask, the next time 🍷
  4. We brought 3 bottles on board on our last cruise and paid corkage for one. We brought that bottle to the MDR and they stored it for us. I only drink one glass with dinner and they had it on the table waiting for me each night . Saved a bundle even paying the corkage. I only wish they would suck the air out when they cork it..
  5. Our ship is the Island Princess. I do not know which pier that would be. We have a Princess transfer from Heathrow, so we would walk to wine store if nearby. Or..we can check the airport, as suggested. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Are there any wine shops near the pier in Southampton to purchase bottles of wine? thank you
  7. We are booked on a Baltic cruise next June. We have our EZAir booking and we went to the individual airline websites, put in our confirmation numbers and picked our seats on both flights. Virgin Atlantic and SAS, no added charge.
  8. I have never waited more than 24 hours. Once it was only 6 hours. Best service!
  9. I have been checking my EZair flights the same way as above. At first I was really nervous about checking because I was afraid I would inadvertently cancel the original booking but as stated, as long as you don't click cancel your fine. I have a limited seating reservation on a non-stop Copenhagen to Boston which disappeared already, so I dont want to lose that return flight. I am watching for a BOS to LHR price change and if that happens I will call Princess as I dont want to lose that Copenhagen flight.
  10. If you book a cruise through an online TA, using FCCs and then cancel that cruise, with the intent of not using that TA again, will the credits be automatically sent back to my account at HAL? thanks
  11. We also just disembarked the Veendam. I agree 100% with the OP, it was a fabulous cruise and I love this ship. The entertainment was low key, although not as low key as my last Maasdam cruise. The Veendam has their own singers and dancers troupe and they are very talented and energetic. This troupe performed 3 different shows and they were all superb. There was Magician Jeff Peterson and Indy. He was very good and comedic. Then there was Mike Robinson, a Ventriloquist/Comedian who was fabulous. I have seen him on two different ships and we didn't stop laughing. I found the crowd on my Boston-Montreal cruise to be a little younger on average..more 50 somethings. The captain Steve MacBeath and the cruise director Hannah Delaney were so friendly and outgoing. The crew and staff were terrific.
  12. Yes, I brought one of my "free" bottles to the MDR on embarkation day. They put the charge through at dinner.
  13. Oh, that is interesting...and I had brought the wine on board myself!
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