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  1. I have cruised in and out of Japan twice in the last few years, most recently this past September. The information Bruce gave you is excellent but I highly suggest that first you call your Travel Agent or Celebrity and let them know you flight time and they can advise if this will work and if they offer Transfers. Just from my experience unless your ship is overnighting the night before you disembark in Yokohama there is no way you can get to the airport by 8. Fortunately Hanada is very close to Yokohama but while it is close traffic is always a huge concern as well as weather. Both times we disembarked in Yokohama it was pouring rain, traffic was a nightmare the ship was not even cleared by 8 am let alone passengers getting off. I am not sure how far away your cruise is but I would definitely look at taking a much later flight. I found most flights out of Japan to the US left in the late afternoon.
  2. Thanks!! This is good news, when we were on the Nieuw Amsterdam last March they stated you had to have Room Service to get the Mimosas, while I may have breakfast served in the Suite one morning I suspect we will go most mornings to the Pinnacle for breakfast. We were be on the Eurodam in less than 3 weeks. We have actually not sailed on Celebrity in about 9 years, we may have to return. Although we kind of like taking turns between HAL, PCL and NCL. Although I realized just last night that we are only about 5, 7 day cruises away from getting both our 300 day Medallion (if they still do that) and getting to 5 Star, so we may concentrate on getting that since it now seems within reach.
  3. The Coffee maker's in the Suites are the best thing HAL ever did, one of the reasons I now like to have a Neptune Suite. Other than our first few cruises back in 2005 with HAL I was impressed with the Neptune Lounge, now probably the last 20 Suites with HAL I have not even bothered to go in there. Sadly it does nothing for me. Of the cruise lines we frequent NCL was the first to have very nice Coffee/espresso makers in the Suites, we loved the Suite experience with them, so for a while did a few more NCL cruises, then HAL added the Coffee Makers with excellent coffee in the suites with the introduction of the Koningsdam in April 2016. We had a Suite on the Inaugural, we have now done several HAL Neptune Suites with one coming up on the Eurodam in a few weeks. Now if HAL would offer complimentary Mimosas in the Pinnacle for Breakfast like Princess does in Sabatini's πŸ˜‰ and if Princess would add Coffee makers in their Suites lol I would be a very happy cruiser. πŸ˜„
  4. That is great, we saw where the Hotel Monterey was when we were on the bus to Narita, yes it is very close and really $70.00 is not that bad from Haneda. We have said that if we return to sail out of Yokohama we would do the same since we have now stayed in Shinjuku 2 times. We are back home and feels like it's been weeks since we were in Japan, I will try to come back to this thread tomorrow evening to do a wrap of and also post some pictures from the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.
  5. I forgot to mention we had a good but rather expensive lunch here at Narita we wanted something Japanese yet Tom wanted Wagyu beef so we ate Yakiniku , Tom had the Wagyu and I had short ribs. I also had some amazing Plum Wine. The first picture is last breakfast on Diamond.
  6. Good Afternoon from the ANA Businesses Class Lounge at Narita Terminal 1, we have about 90 minutes till we board our flight. It was rather sad leaving the ship this morning. I have to say that this was the first Cruise in a very long time that we met so many fellow passengers that I know we will be keep in touch as well as got to know many of the crew. Lots of hugs and farewells this morning. Last night I was surprised that when we went down to dinner at about almost 6 appeared most had their luggage out already. We thought that was strange but by the time we finished dinner they were collecting bags. We had dinner with some of the new friends we made which was really nice. This has truly been a wonderful cruise that will definitely be memorable starting the cruise with a category 3 Typhoon is definitely one for the record for us. πŸ˜‰ I think Princess did a wonderful job under the circumstances. Many thanks to the Captain and crew. We had one final meal being breakfast in Santa Fe Club Class Dining Room. Many of the crew came over to us to-wish us safe travels. Debarkation was the usual hurry up and wait. It was raining as we left the Osanbashi Cruise Terminal the same as it was in October 2017. This time we made great time getting to Narita, it took less than 2 hours. It’s now about midnight at home and we will land in Las Vegas in about 21 hours.
  7. Good Tuesday Morning from the Diamond Princess, We are sitting in the Explorers Lounge watching people walk by and chatting with fellow cruisers. I will say this has been one of the most friendly cruises we have been on. We watched the Galley Tour walk by that was at least 150 + people I have never seen a galley tour that big. We started the morning with a lot of rockin and rollin. I looked out had saw lots of huge white caps. We got up and went to deck 7 to Sabatini’s for our last breakfast in there for the cruise. Tomorrow we will have breakfast in Sante Fe in Club Class before we head to the airport. I stopped by the Fragrance Shop decided to purchase another fragrance. Yesterday at Miyajima Island we put a dent in our yen so it is good that we packed one small suit case inside a larger suit case to bring home lots of goodies. Tomorrow will be a very long day that will last about 40 hours I think from the time we leave till we land in Vegas it will be about 31 hours. Captain just did his noon time report so I think we will head over to see what will be served for dinner tonight. If nothing jumps out at us we may eat in Sterling. Signing off from the Beautiful and Friendly Diamond Princess.
  8. We are at Miyajima Island, words cannot express how much I love this place, I want to spend at least a week here. Unfortunately the Tori gates are under refurbishment.
  9. γŠγ―γ‚ˆγ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™ Ohayōgozaimasu Good Monday Morning, Sabatini’s does not open till 7:30 for breakfast but Club Class opens at 7 so decided to eat there. We meet for our tour at 8:30 but will have to go through Japanese Immigration first. We do that because our last stop was Busan. Today looks to be absolutely beautiful. Today
  10. Good Sunday Evening from the Diamond Princess, I mentioned earlier about the 7 pm Captain’s Circle Cocktail Party. It seems that since there were so many they needed to add a second party one at 5:00 pm and then the original 7:00 pm . We decided to go to the 5:00 pm. To my HAL friends following this is a lot like Hal use to before the start the Mariner Lunch and it is similar to how NCL does it. I like the they have actual Live Music and the Cocktail, are not limited. They brought around a tray of various drinks but many order different drinks. Formal dinner was also nice this evening. There of course was Lobster and Steak Wellington. I actually had the Lobster tail with Risotto but also some of the Calamari Steak. We thought about going to the show but since we have an early morning with a tour at Miyajima Island near Hiroshima we decided to relax back in our stateroom, plus we have some Chocolate Covered Strawberries calling us πŸ˜‰ Signing off from the Beautiful and Friendly Diamond Princess.
  11. Had lunch at Kai Sushi 🍣 and of course had to have sake. It was a very good lunch, Tom was a great husband and watched me eat lol, then he went up to Horizon Court πŸ˜‰
  12. I forgot to mention we also had the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast this morning , of course it was way too much food but very good way to start the day.
  13. Good Sunday Morning from the Diamond Princess as we sail through the Kanmon Straits, its a beautiful day although a bit hazy and a few clouds and it is currently about 80 f. I have not written much because ever since the blackout the ship had I am getting little to no signal for internet in our stateroom. Prior it was failed strong. I wanted to mention previously that Princess seem to be doing maintenance constantly throughout the ship although not exactly well coordinated. Yesterday the day we were in Busan in the when we went down for breakfast we saw newly stained balcony chairs, table and lounger. Our cabin jets out to the left at the end where we have the only cabin door so there is room for the furniture. When we returned from breakfast they had replaced the old weather worn furniture with newly stained which was great. But A few minutes later painters arrived stating our balcony was scheduled to be painted. Ok no big deal we can sit and read inside plus it was a bit hot outside. After they finished we found that all the newly stained furniture is now splattered with white paint specks as well as the floor, cushions and railings. In our scenic cruising we our sailing between two cities, they are doing commentary out on the open decks and on out tv for the bridge cam. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the two cities. Lots of other boats and cargo ships waiting to go through the straits, kind of reminds me of Panama Canal along with the heat and humidity πŸ˜… Tonight is the last formal night, we want to go check out the menu if it’s good we eat in Santa Fe Dining Room where Club Classisms locates, or we may go to Sabatini’s. I do want to go to the Captain’s Circle Cocktail Party at 7.
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