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  1. If I had to guess, it might end up being one of the non-licensed shows: shorter, lower production values, no leads or roles to cast (other than vocal range), much easier to crank out with an easily rotatable cast in-house. Hopefully something more along the lines of Blazing Boots and not World Beat (which remains the worst show I've ever seen, on any line, ever).
  2. As someone who has been... on the receiving end of the NCL shoreside customer service team (to put it politely), I really, really empathize with those guests. It's one of the reasons we try to sail with other lines, because even on the worst day, no CCL or RCI brand would ever go to the length NCL regularly does to kick you in the teeth after they screw up.
  3. 1) That's how science works: our understanding of how best to deal with a new virus is constantly changing. The newest no mask guidance from the CDC was issued specifically *because* three just-reviewed and published studies showed a statistically significant difference in outdoor and indoor transmission amongst fully-vaccinated people. As science changes, so do the guidelines. 2) The CDC director did warn everyone of a spike... in late March. Which happened. And then vaccines became more widely distributed. And then infection rates reduced dramatically. Which is where we are now. (a
  4. Yes... masks demonstrably reduce *transmission* of SARS-CoV-2, especially amongst people who are asymptomatic or presymptomatic, when they are the most contagious. Wearing masks isn't entirely about protecting the wearer, it's about protecting the community from the wearer potentially acting as a super spreader without their knowledge.
  5. The onus is not on customers and guests to give a multi-billion dollar corporation leeway in providing a good guest experience... it's on the corporation. Again, I understand the situation is evolving! I want Celebrity to follow the science and make good decisions to keep their customers safe and healthy, which is why I'm not complaining about any sort of testing requirements or guidelines! But engaging in a "Who's on First" communications strategy with requirements that will materially affect whether or not people can/can't board a ship is just ridiculousness. If they don't know, that
  6. I actually strongly disagree. I don’t need them to have it all figured out, and I understand the situation and science is fluid. That is fine! What I don’t like is getting guidelines posted on May 7th, then surreptitiously changed on May 11th, while an entirely different set of guidelines are communicated to travel agents (in a Celebrity guidelines webinar!!) the same day. If they don’t know what the guidelines will be, also okay. Just stop with messaging three differing sets of guidelines in a week-long period!
  7. You can't *chew gum* in Singapore. People outside of America have very different perspectives on the personal liberties that do/don't matter.
  8. So far this week the line has posted two different versions of the testing requirement, and told TAs a third. I don't call that a work in progress, I call that mixed messaging and a signal that no one really knows which end is up.
  9. This is easily the best humblebrag EVER!! A few factors, with the biggest being that there was no urgent need for the (expensive) technology to be used on a large scale. Government and grant money wasn't really there to build a better mousetrap, when everyone thought the current mousetraps worked just fine. Additionally, the integration of lipids (kinda super tiny fat globules) to serve as a delivery mechanism for the mRNA via a vaccine shot is a more recent breakthrough. https://cen.acs.org/pharmaceuticals/drug-delivery/Without-lipid-shells-mRNA-vaccines/99/i8
  10. This is a great example of vaccine disinformation: it looks real, but it's actually misleading and fake. What this chart fails to explain is that the coronavirus vaccines have been in development since the early 2000s. Wha? How does that work? (let me explain) The disease COVID-19 is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. Sound familiar? It should be, because there was a global outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002-2003. That virus was SARS-CoV. Closely related to our current coronavirus outbreak, hence the "2" on the end of the current virus. Research into cor
  11. It seems pretty unlikely (epidemiologically) that Celebrity would allow fully vaxed staff and crew to mingle with unvaxed staff and crew, especially considering the tight quarters crew share. The covid vaccines are great if everyone is fully protected, but commingling in that sort of environment is... not great.
  12. I know Celebrity loves a silent disco, but with everything getting shoved up it in the days leading up to this cruise, my nose is going to think it’s traveled back in time to Studio 54.
  13. As I noted in our roll cal for the 12th, the timing on a Wednesday PCR test is dicey for a Thursday flight... since we all need pre-approval from the St. Maarten EAHS to even board the plane to St. Maarten. Essentially what I'd need to do is schedule a PCR test for 1 pm on Wednesday afternoon, hope the lab turns it around in a few hours so I can submit that negative test to St. Maarten, get their approval docs in a few hours, print all of that out, and then go to the airport for our flight Thursday morning. The risk there is way too anxiety-producing (and I am not in any way an anxiety-pro
  14. As guests, we can only go by what the line says publicly. Every single interaction with Celebrity (both online and via phone), has made it clear that they revised their guidelines on 11 May, and have decided that every passenger boarding in St Maarten will need a negative rt-PCR test within three days of boarding. I know the TA deck said something different, but this is an outlier. Until a different PCR test window for boarding is posted on their public website, or communicated in a way to the public, we have to plan for what the line is telling passengers, not what they're telling trav
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