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  1. When it says reservation times are confirmed onboard, does that mean HAL assigns them and tells you after you board, or do you arrange the times yourself after you board?
  2. I know that, and I have been well within the 330 day timeframe during this whole discussion with them.
  3. After spending the last 3 weeks trying to access my Flight Ease booking without success, and contacting HAL three times for help, and being told every time that the system was down and they could not help me but to try again later, and that I was just being incredibly unlucky to try to access the system when it was down, and being made to feel like a complete idiot -- today I FINALLY got a chat agent to listen to me and spend an hour trying to figure it out. She escalated it up two levels and finally told me " It turns out that it did have something to do with the coding on your booking but our air agent was able to resolve the issue and the air has been resolved." That was g*****n ridiculous.
  4. I mean, if I had a nickel for every time somebody on this board mentioned their jewel/precious metal status . . .
  5. Today my final refund showed up. May 27 cruise, cancelled by Princess in April. Took option 2. The refunds showed up in two big chunks. 1. Prepaid shore excursions and other prepaid items (spa treatments, etc). 2. SEVERAL weeks later, and after a few phone calls, the cruise fare itself was refunded. That only left one item, which they either missed or was on a separate timetable - refund of the Princess Protection premium. I called to ask about it two weeks ago, after everything else had been refunded. It showed up today. All told, not quite 5 months from cancellation to full refund.
  6. It’s just so weird. I’ve called twice now, and each time I’ve been told “flight ease is down for us right now, too”. Which is the same thing the chat agent told me a few days ago. I try to explain that I’ve been having the issue for weeks, and they just repeat that it’s down for them, too, so nobody can help me. But based on these messages, other people are having no problem at all.
  7. Yeah, I'm well versed in the "just turn it off" fix. Amazing how often that works. But not this time.
  8. Thanks, this has been going on for a few weeks now. It must be something to do with my booking, so I'll call them. Nothing urgent. I've tried 3 different computers, 2 different browsers and 2 different wifi networks and still run into the same problem. 🤷‍♂️
  9. I continue to have problems accessing the "plan travel" section of the HAL website for a booking I have. I get error messages when I try to check pre- and post-travel hotels, and when I try to check fight I'm not able to enter any information. I chatted online this morning for help, and the chat agent was also not able to access. Has anybody else been having problems? I like to check Flight Ease from time to time looking for better options, but I can't do that now.
  10. Yes, you do have to prepay. Still, it’s a pretty good sale, especially for Alaska, which has some pricey excursions. I’m thinking about it. There’s also a 10% gift card promotion going on. Buy a $500 card, get a $50 card. Buy a $1000 card, get a $100 card. So you could, I guess, it a $500 card, get a $50 bonus and then use that card to buy excursions and get the 20% off.
  11. Got a call from Princess rep today saying that my final refund has been processed and should show up on my card in 8-10 days. May 27 Coral Princess. Chose Option 2 refund.
  12. That’s exactly what I had to do, and saw the same thing. Some were obvious but it soon became hopeless trying to match things up. Just keeping an eye on the total. For my May 2020 cruise I have been refunded what looks like most (not all) of the things I cancelled in March (mostly prepaid excursions) but am still waiting on the refund of my cruise fare, EZAir and some OBC I purchased. I keep checking all 3 cards, but nothing so far.
  13. I didn’t see message until after I had posted my own reply to a poster suggesting that I dispute with my credit card issuer (BMO). Yep, as I said in my post, if anything BMO has been a bigger pain in the ass than Princess.
  14. I did dispute with Amex and those charges were handled very quickly. Very impressed. Unfortunately, most of my charges were on a different card, with BMO Harris. If anything, BMO has been more of a PITA about it than Princess has been. Lesson learned.
  15. I just called the regular number, didn't listen to the menu and pressed 0 I think. Waited to talk to a representative. I asked her to check on the refund, etc. I then just asked if I could work through what I thought I was waiting for, to see if it matched up. She transferred me somewhere and the next person was able to walk me through it.
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