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  1. That’s exactly what I had to do, and saw the same thing. Some were obvious but it soon became hopeless trying to match things up. Just keeping an eye on the total. For my May 2020 cruise I have been refunded what looks like most (not all) of the things I cancelled in March (mostly prepaid excursions) but am still waiting on the refund of my cruise fare, EZAir and some OBC I purchased. I keep checking all 3 cards, but nothing so far.
  2. I didn’t see message until after I had posted my own reply to a poster suggesting that I dispute with my credit card issuer (BMO). Yep, as I said in my post, if anything BMO has been a bigger pain in the ass than Princess.
  3. I did dispute with Amex and those charges were handled very quickly. Very impressed. Unfortunately, most of my charges were on a different card, with BMO Harris. If anything, BMO has been more of a PITA about it than Princess has been. Lesson learned.
  4. I just called the regular number, didn't listen to the menu and pressed 0 I think. Waited to talk to a representative. I asked her to check on the refund, etc. I then just asked if I could work through what I thought I was waiting for, to see if it matched up. She transferred me somewhere and the next person was able to walk me through it.
  5. My hope may have sprung eternal, but I still have no cash. I called today, on the 90th day since I submitted my refund request (option 2). I was able to confirm that we were not accidentally placed in the FCC basket, so that’s good. And the rep patiently walked through the outstanding refund with me, and the numbers line up. But no, no money yet. The rep told me that based on my sailing date it will “hopefully” be within a few weeks. 🤷‍♂️.
  6. Oh good grief. Thanks for the heads up, but sorry about your situation 🤦‍♂️
  7. I know Princess has given up on estimated timelines, and have completely given up on honoring prior timelines, but hope still springs eternal. Tomorrow is 90 days since they acknowledged my Option 2 choice, so it seems like a natural day to call them to check in. Not expecting much. I have not bugged them at all, but given what others have posted I should at least make sure I haven’t been “accidentally” put in the FCC group rather than the refund group. I have received a few reimbursements for pre-paid purchases for some onboard services, but those were cancellations I made before Princess acted, when I saw the writing on the wall.
  8. Thanks! I’m glad I wasn’t going crazy, because that’s what I thought. But for some reason I can’t get past the book and manage flights step. As soon as I click the boxes next to our names, the “enter flight departure city” box becomes outlined in red and won’t let me enter any text. So I can’t move to the next step. Weird, I‘ll need to work on it some more.
  9. I'm new to HAL so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I recently booked an Alaska cruise for next year and reserved flexible air travel in Flight Ease. How can I modify that Flight Ease reservation if I see better fares? I thought it would be similar to Princess since they use the same system, but apparently not. Princess has a button on its EZ Air reservation page to modify flights, which will let you check for and select lower fares. I don't see anything like that on the Flight Ease page -- am I just not looking in the right place? Thank you.
  10. Received several credits to my credit card yesterday. I have to work through my list, but it looks like they were all refunds of prepaid onboard expenses (excursions, specialty, dining, spa, etc). That I had cancelled in March BEFORE Princess cancelled the cruise in April. So it’s something, but doesn’t look like a refund of the actual cruise fare yet. Cruise was scheduled for May 27.
  11. Just received two $63 refunds for prepaid onboard services (pedicures, I think). Only ~$10k to go.
  12. Phase 2 cancellation for a sailing on May 27. I cancelled all of my prepaid shore excursions and onboard activities in late March. Just received my first refund. Two $63 purchases. Just $10k to go.
  13. Amex Platinum immediately confirmed the dispute and resolved it in my favor. BMOHarris MasterCard confirmed the dispute but said they would investigate and let me know. I had a small charge on a Chase Visa And they’ve told me it’s too late to dispute through them. I didn’t have enough time on my end to try to escalate to a manager but will try again.
  14. I’ve seen several and you haven’t missed much. Although in retrospect the perennial optimism and goalpost moving is kind of fun to watch, in a gallows humor sort of way 🤷‍♂️
  15. Well, here’s the presentation from the webinar https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/news/PrincessUpdate6Presentation.pdf . There’s also a recording And oh my God they are pushing their TAs to push their clients to take Option 1. 5 slides on why option 1 is “obviously” the better choice!
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