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  1. After a lot of back and forth on my end trying to decide to cruise or not to cruise this coming November, I decided to L&S. When I first planned this cruise, it was for Allure, November 2020, which would've been post-amplification. I got an amazing deal on a CP Balcony room w/ the extra large balcony - you know... the ones that aren't advertised that way. And the cruise was almost 2 years away at the time. Then they decided not to amp Allure just yet, so we transferred to Symphony, same itinerary, still November 2020, and I was even able to get the same exact cabin. Cost was a little more - I think around $300 more than Allure - but the different dates made a huge difference in the airfare prices, so we made up for the increase by what we'd save in airfare costs. I'm not afraid to cruise. If I weren't still working, I would be happy to be on the first cruises out of Florida to the Caribbean honestly. But I can't chance being held on a ship for 2 additional weeks if there were to be any sort of outbreak of COVID during the cruise. It was so hard to pull that trigger yesterday, but after 1.5 hours on hold waiting for C&A rep to pick up, I was able to lift and shift to the same cruise, same ship, same itinerary, same week in 2021! It was tough watching my countdown clock go back up to over 500 days again. 😞 I will say, the rep who helped me was AWESOME. She was careful to explain L&S and how the fare and OBC is transferred but the taxes and port fees will vary somewhat from my original cruise. I was sad that the L&S would mean losing my double-sized balcony because when I looked online, that room wasn't showing as available. But the C&A rep said it was open and booked me in. So I'm very pleased at the whole process. They were great when I transferred from Allure to Symphony, they were great when I moved from Symphony 2020 to Symphony 2021!
  2. Really? You can't figure out why a dentist wears a mask and not a physician in an exam room? Dentists and hygienists are at very high risk of having saliva splash back. They're working inside someone's mouth. Mine wears a mask and a face shield as well, and that makes perfect sense considering they're apt to being splashed with spit or even blood droplets. Using that as a basis for having everyone else wear masks in public makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever.
  3. Well, he has a booming practice and has had one for 30 years now. And none of the physicians - specialists included - that I've used have EVER worn a mask in the exam room save for once, and that was when I presented with flu symptoms. Here's my bottom line -- and reading your comments in this thread I'm sure you will not agree -- but here goes. Asking people to wear (or mandating) face masks THREE MONTHS into this thing is like asking the baby's father to wear a condom at the baby shower.
  4. Exactly. My own physician doesn't wear a mask during flu season when treating patients in an examination room (very small, closed door) unless that patient presents with symptoms of the flu (coughing, fever, etc).
  5. This is going all over Facebook as well. Seems to be misinterpreted as a new standard by many folks, but is intended for the passengers and crews currently on ships.
  6. I have been checking our Symphony November 2020 cruise every few days for price drops and Friday night .... jackpot. Dropped $400. Called in at around midnight Friday night and had no problem getting the reprice done. Took maybe 10 minutes on the phone.
  7. We have a non-refundable for a November cruise as well, but I'm hopeful things will be looking up by then - at least for the Caribbean sailings. Ahhh. Okay, that's where the sticking point is. FCC vs. Refund. Thanks!
  8. Royal's Cruise with Confidence policy was revised yesterday to include sailings thru Sept 1, 2020. So I don't understand why they'd say no refunds. I must be missing something. I can understand them not extending the final payment date. But I don't understand the no refund response you were given.
  9. We were in that cabin on 11th deck. It was a little high for viewing (and hearing) things happening in AquaTheater (just my opinion). I said at the time that if we booked Boardwalk again, I'd go to the 9th deck instead. Now that the slides are in on all Oasis class ships except Allure (until her amp takes place, when and if) I don't think I'd book a regular boardwalk balcony again because the slides really do obstruct that beautiful wake view you get from those cabins. It was nice at the time -- we had a great wake view of the sea, but at the neighborhood balcony price instead of Oceanview pricing.
  10. THANKS! I knew I'd seen you do a live one from Symphony and I couldn't find it yesterday for whatever reason. THANKS!
  11. John, Did you happen to do a live review from Symphony?
  12. When i called this morning, the rep wasn't aware that the amplification wasn't happening. She placed me on hold for about 3-4 minutes, then came back and said she confirmed that the "full" amplification wasn't happening but didn't have details about which features would or would not be performed. When I asked for the transfer fee to be waived, she said they were not offering that at this time, so I asked to be transferred to the resolutions desk. She placed me on hold again for another 3-4 minutes, then came back and said they would be waiving the transfer fee if I wanted to move to another sailing. I would be totally bummed in your situation as it looks like your room may not even be 'built'! They'll surely have to make some sort of announcement sooner rather than later in this situation where they've sold rooms that might not exist. I guess they're waiting to figure out what exactly they will be able to get done so they know what to offer and how to proceed. That waiting would be painful though. For us, though, the timing is actually better for the Symphony cruise. The flights are so much cheaper that week vs. the week after thanksgiving too. So it was a win-win for us to just slide over to Symphony. I'm bummed I don't get to experience Allure though -- but maybe next fall!
  13. First, and most importantly... THANKS! I actually have THREE grandkids! I tell people I had my children when I was 10... so there's that. About Symphony, YES!!! It's the same EXACT cruise! Same ports of call, leaves out of Miami. I took a quick look at flights (which i don't intend to book right now, but just to get an idea) yielded results that are average $500 cheaper for two roundtrip tickets than what we were finding for the 11/29 cruise! And I was even able to snag my exact same cabin (one of the double-sized Central Park balconies). If it were just us, no kiddo going, it wouldn't have mattered. I would've been fine on Allure. When we originally booked Allure, this Symphony sailing wasn't even available. I found out later, though, that my favorite Cruise Director is now the CD on Symphony, so that's another plus for me!
  14. I jumped ship this morning. I'm a planner. I booked Allure for November 2020 almost two years in advance, and partly because of the amplifications. I have a grandson going on the cruise with us, and the scheduled amplifications were a big bonus (slides and updated Adventure Ocean) when selecting this cruise. We don't cruise every year, so when we do get to go we want what we want, and in this case, we want what we booked.... which was an amplified ship. And at the time we booked, no other Oasis class ships were sailing that itinerary during that same time period, so Allure was our pick! Nobody could've anticipated this hiccup. We aren't upset with Royal for suspending or downsizing this amplification. I took a chance and called Royal today and they waived the normal transfer fee and allowed me to book on Symphony. We were able to get the same exact cabin, same itinerary, leaving three weeks earlier. The Symphony is a little higher in price ($300 more), but the flights for that new sail date are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. The original Allure date was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I had totally spaced out on that when I booked it. So the overall cost will be the same for us. Win-Win!
  15. I just posted that on the comment before yours! We must've read the same thing. It certainly doesn't sound like they intend to do the full refit even if they do get Allure into dry dock this year at some point. So here's my conundrum. Do I reschedule? I booked Allure specifically because I wanted to experience the ship after amplification. This cruise date wasn't the most convenient for me - but it was the itinerary I liked and was post-modification. If they're not going to offer the amplification now, I'm thinking I might move to another ship and sail date. I know Allure is wonderful as-is, but that's not the point. We have our grandson, and we really wanted him to be able to use the new slides and new Adventure Ocean area. We booked this cruise in February or March of last year. So now the cabin choices are pretty picked over for the November sailings (we need to go in October or November) on the Western Caribbean itinerary with Coco Kay. I'm trying to decide if I just wait this out a little bit and see what they decide to do (maybe they will do some but not all of the modifications?).... and if they don't, maybe they'll offer some OBC since the product isn't what we were promised (using that word loosely for lack of a better one).
  16. I posted this comment on the other "Will Allure Be Amped" thread as well. Maybe these two threads need to be merged. According to a certain blog on social media, Royal has confirmed today, 3/18/20, that planned amplifications of Allure and Explorer are on hold. The response reads: "In these unprecedented times, in addition to voluntarily suspending our global operations, port closures and travel restrictions have also affected the possibility of moving forward with our amplifications of Explorer of the Seas in Brest, France and Allure of the Seas in Cadiz, Spain this spring. Both amplifications have been put on hold at this time. With global developments rapidly evolving, we are reviewing all options to bring Explorer and Allure into dry dock this year and determining the extend of the enhancements we can implement."
  17. According to a certain blog on social media, Royal has confirmed today, 3/18/20, that planned amplifications of Allure and Explorer are on hold. The response reads: "In these unprecedented times, in addition to voluntarily suspending our global operations, port closures and travel restrictions have also affected the possibility of moving forward with our amplifications of Explorer of the Seas in Brest, France and Allure of the Seas in Cadiz, Spain this spring. Both amplifications have been put on hold at this time. With global developments rapidly evolving, we are reviewing all options to bring Explorer and Allure into dry dock this year and determining the extend of the enhancements we can implement."
  18. I noticed Princess is suspended, but not their parent company, Carnival. Viking has done the same thing. Do they both concentrate primarily (sailing) out of Europe?
  19. That's awesome. I keep checking on my November booking and so far, it hasn't gone down a bit. Last price drop I found was months ago. Maybe these deep discounts will keep trickling out. My beverage package did finally go down to $57/person, but I'm still not biting on that one. Port-intensive cruise, so I don't think I'd break even at that price. I'll keep waiting!
  20. If I'm following their wording correctly, Royal said they needed to assign their party to an alternate, then sent confirmation to them showing the "alternate" as the same (originally booked) stateroom... which would indicate they'd not re-assigned them after all. And this notice was to say "oops, we messed up, and we do still need to reassign you". What a confusing notice! Curious what the OP's original stateroom assignment was and how many are in their party.
  21. We've done both and enjoyed both. We enjoy people watching and the activity of Boardwalk balcony, and the serenity of the Ocean balcony. We also love Central Park, so we're doing a CP balcony next to give that neighborhood a try! The daytime ocean balcony views are wonderful. We found that we didn't use it as much at night because it's just staring into blackness and for whatever reason, that blackness makes me a little anxious. We found the opposite in a boardwalk balcony - meaning we used it more in the evening and less during the day. We didn't experience any in-cabin noise from the Boardwalk even during shows and we were on Oasis in the second to the last aft cabin, so we were very close the carousel and aquatheater. If the balcony door was shut, we had no noise in the cabin. We were on deck 11 if it matters.
  22. Was this an excursion sponsored by Royal, or was it a private tour that you booked. Sounds like it wasn't a very well executed excursion in either case, and I would've been very disappointed in as well. We've done Maho before and had a wonderful experience, but we used Bernard's Tours. The driver planned our day so that we were at the right place at the right time for the bigger planes, and he dropped us in a great spot. We found Bernards through numerous recommendations on Cruise Critic in the Ports of Call section. If you ever go back to the island, I would highly recommend Bernard's to you.
  23. Is Playmakers a place that someone could go, hang out for several hours watching football, and order off an appetizer menu? We will be cruising during football season - wondering what the options are for my husband to be able to enjoy games.
  24. I've never done the ultimate dining package, but i'm thinking about it for a future cruise. How does it work? I see some folks referring to fixed price vs a-la-carte... If you buy the UDP is it not really unlimited?
  25. We've had boardwalk balconies on Oasis... loved it (very far aft on Deck 11) because we had a great view of the aqua theater and the ship's wake - so it was wonderful for people watching and we still have the water view. Didn't book that same cabin again this coming cruise because that wake view was impacted when they installed the Abyss slides. We found ourselves drawn to the tranquility of Central Park each time we've been on Oasis class, so this time we're booked into one of the double-sized central park balconies on Deck 10. Biggest issue people seem to have with neighborhood balconies is the lack of privacy, but that doesn't concern me. We draw the curtains closed when we dress, and we don't do anything on the balcony that we wouldn't want anyone to see. No different than living in a city. CP can get stuffy mid-day in the more humid summer months. We generally use the balcony in the evening and early morning, so that isn't an issue for us either. And pool noise doesn't bother us as we don't nap on the balcony during the day. We do love the central park in the evening - music, lights, atmosphere - so are looking forward to spending time on our balcony overlooking that tranquil setting.
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