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  1. It seems odd to me that all 4 of the perks are coming from the TA. I think I would double check with the TA because if you and your friends booked the exact same deal with the same TA, then you should both be seeing he same thing online in regards to OBC.
  2. Personally, I'd just wait until final payment was due and make my decision at that time. Unless pricing has already plummeted due to the ongoing social unrest.
  3. It's always nice to hear when a big company does the right thing even when no one is looking.
  4. Whether refundable or not, if the OBC is coming from the cruise line it will show on the reservation and can be used to make precruise purchases in Cruise Planner. If it's coming from the TA, then it doesn't show up on your account until the second day of the cruise. So anyone whose reservation includes the 4-perks should have at least $300.00 on OBC for use precruise.
  5. Thanks for posting. I'm glad you enjoyed your first Celebrity experience. We've only been in a Suite once and it was also on the Equinox. It was an amazing experience. We have our second Suite experience Thanksgiving week on the Infinity. Happy Cruising!
  6. I believe you probably received the same email notice that those of us on the October 12 Millennium sailing received. The email really does add confusion to the already somewhat complex Chinese Visa requirements. I can only speak as a US citizen. If you have any questions, contact the Chinese Consulate that services your state and get you questions answered directly. However, there are a number of websites online that fully explain how the different visas/visa waivers work and what is required of each. We qualified for a visa-free waiver, but decided it wasn't worth the worry of being denied entry or boarding and broke down and just got a 10 year visa.
  7. The "sales' are a marketing tool that usually involve the perks or special added onboard credit for a specified period of time. If you're looking for a sale that is going to result in a lower fare than you are currently booked at, then you need to constantly check pricing for you sailing date and cabin category (or use fare monitoring site that alerts you to price changes). Sometimes prices do come down if the sailing is not selling well, other times the price never comes down from the original prices at the time the sailings are released. But the only way to now is to monitor the pricing from time to time.
  8. I too have come across a price difference for the same flights on the browse vs. book Celebrity site. It's frustrating when you think you have a flight at one price only to find out it's $100.00 more per person.
  9. I would agree. It's not anything I would be interested in watching. But I'm sure there are many that would enjoy it. Every show doesn't have to be to my liking. I always find something entertaining each evening.
  10. They ran the ABC 10 night itinerary last year and have it scheduled to sail this year and in 2020 so there's a good possibility they will also do it in 2021 but we'll only know for sure when they release the new itinerary schedule for Caribbean 2021 in November or December. Only a few months off. This is actually a Caribbean itinerary we really enjoy. Key West, Aruba, and Curacao are some of our favorite ports.
  11. Celebrity all aboard time is usually 30 prior to the scheduled ship departure time. If it's a tendered port, they normally state the the last tender leaves shore 30 prior to the scheduled departure.
  12. Specialty restaurant dining can be a nice plus to a cruise but are not essential. We've been on cruises where we've eaten in a specialty restaurant every other night and we've been on others when we made the decision beforehand that we weren't taking anything other than shorts and t-shirts where we ate every meal in the buffet. If the food isn't that important to you, I say save the money and spend it on something that would bring the two of you more enjoyment. That may be an excursion, a lunch in one of the ports or even a momento souvenir. And it's not like you have to decide now whether to do it. You may get on the ship and they offer a great deal to try one of the restaurants. Just go with the flow and see where it leads you.
  13. I, like your DW, love to plan our trips, but I still use a TA. In fact, he tells me I'm his easiest client. When I contact him, I already know the date, ship, cabin number, and rough price. He just has to check if his agency has any special pricing on my specific cruise and what additional OBC or other promotions I qualify for. I just don't see a reason to give up getting a better deal booking directly with the cruise line. I still get to do all the planning that I enjoy, and get the added bonuses provided by using a travel agent.
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