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  1. Yes, but that is my natural brow...and it's not thick like the extreme "instagram brows". I had the pencil thin brows of the 90s and then was luckily able to grow them back over the last 5 years or so. I just shape them a little and fill in ever so slightly, in the patchy areas.
  2. Leggings, t-shirt and a bottle of wine!
  3. I cruise specifically for the ports - can't wait to explore town or hit the beach! However I'm leery to go to Jamaica right now so if I was on a ship that changed schedule and went there, I might consider staying on board (maybe).
  4. I think on every ship you will encounter some of the nicest people you've ever met, as well as the rudest. I've never seen anything too rowdy but I hear that is more common on shorter cheap cruises. I have never been on Carnival because of that reputation. I will say that if there is a very large group travelling together on a ship, it will be very irritating because you will really feel them taking over all the hot spots (pool especially).
  5. Oh yes I did have some food on excursions now that I think of it! It was in the Cozumel area, we were totally fine. Drank homemade rum punch and ate the food they served. Honestly I've never been sick in Mexico and I've been sick almost every other place I've been in the Caribbean.
  6. I've never had a problem in Mexico although I don't think I've had anything other than bottled water off the resorts. I'm sure you would be fine but it really puts a damper on the rest of the vacation if you get sick. I'd stick to bottles off the ship, just in case.
  7. What is an appropriate bid to go from an inside to a veranda? Currently veranda costs more than double an inside!
  8. These are cool! I'm getting a few similar items for my son except the prints are lobsters and jellyfish, his choice lol
  9. Good to know, perhaps I will consider it then! At home I do wash all of my clothes in cold water and hang everything to dry other than pyjamas and socks, so the dryer alone makes me nervous. I wouldn't do a full load of laundry in the sink, just my swimsuits or if I had a spill and want/need to wear that item another day.
  10. This is normal for all purchases. As long as you have at least as much available as they have authorized you should be fine.
  11. Can you upgrade if you've picked a specific cabin number, or only GTY? I've saved the Move Up link for when I'm 30 days out 🤞
  12. I've read a lot of horror stories about obtaining a lounger on sea days - is this an issue with the new Summit revolution? Have they added loungers? I wouldn't even attempt to get one by the pool, but I'd like to chill out in the shade with a book SOMEwhere on board. I'll be travelling during Spring Break and I have an inside cabin so I'm nervous...
  13. Oh yeah! This can be a lifesaver! I personally wouldn't want to hand over my clothes for the cruiseline to wash. I really don't need any clothing shrinkage to accompany my body's enlargement 🙂 Not sure how this will work in an inside room.
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