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  1. I don’t know what you mean by “small..” From what I have seen of the Edge class ships (ads, comments by passengers etc) I have no interest nor intention to sail on that class. No, I wouldn’t find it overwhelming, just poorly designed with kitsch over functionality. I am happy on M class, also S class, looking forward to Windstar and Hurtigruten cruises.
  2. Sorry, I had no intention to minimize the upcoming cancellations. I know the pain, I have had 10 trips involving 17± cruise legs cancelled or rescheduled since March 2020. I recently cancelled and moved my last remaining 2021 trip, a 4-week Iceland trip that was to happen this August, but now is reconfigured and delayed to August 2022. Nothing left on the books for us in 2021, and my next hope is for Jan-Feb 2022 on what will be our first Windstar cruise. When I saw the title of the post "Windstar Cancellations as of..." and then saw the listing, it seemed that the poster was pointing to Carib
  3. You almost ruined my day! But I followed the link to the WS page, and all is good, so far. According to the WS page, the dates you show in your note are not cancellations, but rather are the dates when travel is expected to resume. So a November 3 resumption of operation for the Star Pride in the Caribbean gives me hope that my mid-January 2022 trip on Star Pride will actually happen. Stan
  4. In the highly unlikely event that cruises start soon from Florida, I would hesitate for a long time before I would travel to Miami or Lauderdale to embark/disembark. It might work for Florida residents but would many people really want to travel there? If/when Florida gets its act together, then maybe they can start leaning on CDC, the Coast Guard, the cruise lines etc but meanwhile I am not sure that they are in a good position to complain. Stan
  5. Hard trade-offs need to be made in times of scarcity. In the medical and health - care communities there is an ongoing debate as to whether it is better to have more people with at least a small bit of protection (just the first jab), or to have a smaller group of most vulnerable people who have received the most protection (two jabs). Trying to limit disease spread, trying to reduce deaths, trying to reduce hospitalizations so that the systems are not overloaded, trying to protect the grocery-store clerks and the nurses and teachers and food producers... There cannot be one right answer, and
  6. Also note that Estancia provides a similar experience. We went with estancia, had a great day (including a box lunch prepared by the owner’s mother. And the owner’s father was one of the drivers. We liked the family operation vs commercial tour agency.) But that was in 2015, I have no idea what the current conditions are like.
  7. Since I mentioned the issue here, I have had 3 different emails saying “we understand you have been trying to reach us and we will respond soon.” Most recently 3 days ago. I guess they have no answer to my questions which are a) is my itinerary in 2022 still going to sail? b) if you switch to a ship with smaller cabins, what compensation might I receive? c) will you please send me a full refund? No answers, no real contact. Except that I keep getting their ads extolling their wonderful itineraries. I would be tempted by some of the options if I had any faith in the company. St
  8. If the suit gets wrinkled to the point you cannot stand to wear it, have it pressed.
  9. Thanks for that info. Our booking is supposed to be on MS Otto Sverdrup for 27 March 2022 Bergen-North Cape - Bergen White Winter Expedition. At one point it seemed they were doing a similar itinerary from Hamburg, and if that were the alternative I would definitely cancel. A large part of the attraction of this itinerary was the Bergen departure and the opportunity to visit Norwegian friends before or after. I have seen some Azamara itineraries which go to at least some of the same spots along the Norwegian coast and if I have to depart from someplace other than Bergen I would prefer a more c
  10. Are all the employees furloughed? I do continue to get automated offers for future cruises, but their website is totally unresponsive. As are the people who should be reading email. Specifically, for many months now, when I put my reservation number into the web form to "check your reservation", I get a "sorry we are not working now" message. When I look at the website to see my March 2022 cruise, zilch, nada, nothing. Our ship doesn't show up at all, but maybe it is there a week or 10 days earlier and maybe it shows up again the following month. But no indication of our March 2022 Expedition
  11. Thanks for that update. Good to know.
  12. They haven't yet, or at least as of yesterday. I have 2 October 2021 cruises booked, mostly paid for with FCC from 2 cancelled cruises. The October cruises are now cancelled. Yesterday I had the discussion with my Celebrity Vacation Planner about whether to get a refund or 125% FCC on the dollars I had spent. My old FCC will be reissued, but any new FCC would be in separate certificates and no, I would not be able to use more than one FCC per voyage. Stan
  13. When I started this thread 2 weeks ago or so, I said that Celebrity told me “refunds are coming “. Two days ago the final refund notice from my BOA Celebrity credit card system hit my inbox. Today I took a deep breath, poured fresh coffee, and prepared myself for a long bout with the BOA automated phone system. I called. The system asked for the last four digits on my card. I did that. The automated VOICE said “you have a credit on your account of $xxxx. Would you like us to mail you a check?” Yes, I said. “All right. Check will be sent.” Amazingly easy process. And I had barely touch
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