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  1. Khakis, or other slacks work well in cities. Shorts are ok for beaches or villages. Check out Pick Pocket Proof Pants from Clothing Arts. Quite comfortable and your wallet etc will be secure.
  2. Elite & Elite+ gather in the assigned place (Deck Four MDR often) and are escorted by Captain’s Club Host/Hostess to the head of the landing down to the tender. The ones on Celebrity excursions are meanwhile boarding a different tender from a different area.
  3. We have had several Celebrity trips, including a total of 4 weeks on the Eclipse, where we had a bump-out cabin. Never had a noise issue. I suspect you didn’t close the sliding door completely. Stan
  4. Two things to add to peety3’s thorough discussion.First, in my opinion based on your duck image, you have a lot of movement. Whether it is you moving the camera while shooting or the subjects moving I can’t be sure, but really work on practicing a steady hand. So, careful focus, take advantage of the deeper effective area of focus you get with smaller apertures. And do practice on the tripod with a good ball head. And by the way, if you do use the tripod, turn off the VR. VR and the like are said to cause image degradation if used on a tripod. Stan (Additional comment. I went back, re-read your earlier. You said you were cropping the image in the camera? So you are working with jpg rather than RAW images? I would expect you will have better final results if you use RAW or at least the max quality jpg you can get, and then do careful post processing on your computer at home. A higher quality out of focus shot will still be out of focus but better files can allow you some additional ways to salvage the marginal shots.)
  5. Alejandro is back as Eclipse CD as of 24 March.
  6. I have full internet package on my current cruise (Eclipse). As I was signing up & logging in yesterday I noticed several price options including one for Texting (and email?) But sorry didn’t note the details.
  7. The cruise lines totally do not care if you have any form of passport, except when you check in the first day. After that your room key is your access/egress from the ship. The Port security or other officials may want to see some form of photo I.d. I’ve heard of that but in about 80 or so different ports I have never been asked. Carry drivers license, passport card, whatever. You won’t need it, but carry some I.d.
  8. I tend to be a bit antisocial. But I have learned... One recent cruise, table for 6 in the MDR. First night, nice young couple at the table with us. Clear we would never see them again, they couldn’t wait to be gone from us. And then the second couple was an older couple, with an attitude. Hoped we would never see them again. But second night, the older couple was back. By the end of dinner we had warmed up. Became good friends, shared several excursions and free time ashore with them, would be happy to link up again on another cruise or whatever. So, (1) first impressions shouldn’t count, and (2) if you never associate with people you don’t already know, then you must know very few people. That is sad. 😟
  9. Thanks Dave. I am not taking any of the discussion personally. I made what I though was a suggestion for clarity and simplicity, I expected some blowback. No problem. I’m not going away mad, I am going away to travel! This trip takes us to Asuncion where I lived ages 9-13, where I first used a camera - Brownie Box of some sort. Then on to Iguazu which I first visited as I was finishing up my PhD 11-12 years later (the trip was a graduation gift from my parents who lived in BA at the time), and which was the first experience I had shooting impressive landscapes with a good SLR (Nikkormat.) Then down to BA, we’ll catch our cruise a few days later, around Cape Horn and up to San Diego. One of the obvious challenges, occasionally discussed here, is storage & backup along the way. I’ll be experimenting with a new-to-me workflow involving Lightroom CC on my iPad, images to be synced back to Lightroom Classic CC via Adobe’s cloud. My RAW files are being sent? Really? I can delete from my iPad? I can’t quite bring myself to put much faith in the Cloud and so will be doing redundant storage/backup. A good discussion of this recently on Kelby’s Community blog. Stan
  10. Since I started this, I will see if I can close it. Many of you say or imply that I should know all these camera specs, and if I don't, I should just go look them up. My point wasn't about specs. I could care less about camera specs. What I am interested in is camera functionality. If a newbie makes the mistake of coming into this forum to ask about what camera to use in Alaska or Antarctica or the Caribbean, a reply with the name of a camera is meaningless. A reply with a detailed regurgitation of manufactures specs like oviedo did in his/her post above is equally meaningless. A reply that talks about the relative advantage of wide angle vs. telephoto, the need for tripod or other stabilization with longer lenses, the merits of an image from a quality shorter lens cropped in post vs an unstabilized handheld p&s with a 400 zoom, these sorts of discussions have merit. Blathering on about video capability of a still camera is meaningless unless the newbie has some intention of shooting video and then it deserves its own discussion of relative merits of different approaches. Telling someone xyzzy is a "good" camera is meaningless unless you mention the advantage of a high frame rate or high ISO with minimal noise or other functional characteristics. Back up your assertions with specs if you must, but I say again this forum would be much more accessible to those not already within the club if you stop making assumptions about what people know and try to describe rather than name. Description of functionality, not naming of model numbers or marketing specs. Sure, it may be useful to give some additional pointers so they can do follow-up searches, but choice of a career system is about functionality, not specs. I'm out of here, going cruising. Stan
  11. Two things. One, as far as taking a lot of stuff... Do some searches on packing tips on youtube. A few excellent items out there from flight attendants etc on what to pack and how to pack it neatly. Second, we do a lot of sink washes on a 28 day cruise. No big deal. Take packets of liquid soap (each good for a sinkful or two). Or use the ship’s shampoo. Rinse well, roll in a bath towel and wringe to remove excess moisture, hang to finish drying. Our clothes typically dry in about 4 hours, heavy socks or sweaters take a bit longer. We ask our stateroom attendant on the first day to provide us an extra set of towels, but not to take any away unless we have put them on the floor to indicate our intent to have replacements. We travel lightly, don’t want the hassle of large suitcases to schlep though airports and train stations. My suitcase is usually about 28-29 pounds, hers is 24-25 pounds. With the caveat that I do carry my camera gear separately in a backpack weighing upwards of another 20 pounds. Stan
  12. I am a somewhat serious amateur photographer. I know a fair amount about the technology involved and a bit less about artistic questions. I like to read, and sometime participate in discussions about travel photography in general, cruising in particular. So I read this forum. Most of the posters here seem to assume that everyone knows all about every camera on the market. Sorry, but I could care less about Nikon 5dx vs cannon Ros RT. Or whatever. But I really would like to know what the camera is, not what the manufacturer called it. In other words, instead of naming a camera brand/model, could you please just say “such and such mirrorless one-inch sensor camera” or “such-and-such APS-C camera” or “such-and-such PoS 1/2inch sensor camera” so we who are not avid followers of the commercial market might have a chance to know what type camera you are talking about and why you prefer a given lens type? Thanks. Stan (who shoots K-1 Mk ii full frame...)
  13. 1. Use the sink. Our recent trip was 40 days, our upcoming is 42 days including shore time before/after. Small suitcases. Minimal use of the laundry (even though we are Elite - did not use all available free laundry). Take some soap packets along, use Celebrity’s shampoo as a substitute if needed. 2. Wash stuff, hang it to dry. Carry some foldable plastic hangers, carry a clothes line, ask your steward for more hangers as needed. 3. Irons? You mean like for wrinkles? Why bother! Everyone is in the same boat, nobody cares if you or they have wrinkled clothes. 4. Relax. Don’t worry about how you look and what others might think of you. You are on a cruise vacation. Enjoy. Stan
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