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  1. GottaKnowWhen

    Classic Beverage Package Question (BEER)

    A little off your question, but a side comment. For several cruises my primary reason for upgrading to Premium was to be able to try some of those beers on their Premium list. I eventually realized that List does not equal Inventory. Most bars have little if any variety. Some servers will travel to another bar to find the tipple you requested, most will offer apologies and a Corona or Bud Light or some other light tasteless beer. Most ships do have one bar with a more diverse stock, if you really care then you can probably find it... Stan
  2. GottaKnowWhen

    Hotels in Venice Italy

    Our first time in Venice, a week in 2007, was a work related trip, no cruise involved. The organizer put us in the Gabrielli Sandwirth. An elegant old place, not a Hilton or Marriott clone. Very nice if you can afford it! If you do go there, then at least once when you exit the front door, turn left rather than heading for San Marco. Go past the small canal leading to the Admiralty, then bear left along a fairly wide street with many nice restaurants. Off the usual tourist beaten track. Stan
  3. GottaKnowWhen

    Train Station in Rome from Port

    I haven’t done this, have embarked twice in Civitavechia but never disembarked there. So take this as my just thinking aloud, not as definitive advice. But from Rome we took the train to Civitavechia, I would think the easiest way to catch a train in Rome would be to go to the train station in Rome by train from Civitavechia...as Hank said while I was writing this reply! Listen to him.
  4. GottaKnowWhen

    Cruise Director

    Alejandro was on the Eclipse in the Med and across the Atlantic this last Nov-Dec. We loved him! But he left on vacation.
  5. GottaKnowWhen

    Stateroom Bar set up

    I have considered this option a few times but their offering is very narrow. Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Bourbon... No tequila.
  6. GottaKnowWhen

    eDocs delay due to Choice Air

    I noticed another thread on a similar topic but that one has wandered off into discussion of seat selection and travel agents and bashing of Celebrity's web site and other topics. So, here is my heads-up for those using Celebrity Air/Choice Air. From my experience, it seems that sometimes (but not always) if you book an out-of-the-ordinary itinerary through Choice Air, then issuance of eDocs and the availability of luggage tags through the mail is delayed until 2-3 weeks before departure. One Captain's Club phone lady speculated that it may be because of the possibility of airline flight changes. But why only with oddball itineraries? Oh well. In my case, I head to my next cruise in 2 weeks. But on the way I am going to a different country (Paraguay), not the embarkation port or country (Buenos Aires Argentina). From Paraguay to BA I made my own arrangements directly with Aeolineas. Definitely not the typical flight to embarkation point 0-2 days prior to the cruise. This will be a back-to-back. The second leg does not involve Choice Air. I was able to request my luggage tags 8-10 days ago. (Not that I need them for a b2b, but what the heck...) In short, sometimes stuff happens. If your arrangements are a bit out of the ordinary, you may have a longer wait before you can get the eDocs and take care of luggage tags. Stan
  7. GottaKnowWhen

    Alaska suggestions for shutter bug

    Look for a generic flexible lens hood, there used to be rubber or rubber-like hoods available. With that on your lens, if the hood is pressed tightly to the glass you will eliminate most of the obnoxious reflection. Also, do note that shooting through glass on a moving vehicle is not optimal at the best of times. Go with the flow. Shoot wider. Show the context of the shot (windows, window frames, other passengers, etc.) If you want that ideal shot of Denali, pay the money to go someplace where you can set up your tripod and wait for a day or two for the right lighting. My own favorite shows the green light of northern lights reflected off Denali, but it cost me. And most others don’t get it that the green hue is anything other than photoshopping so is only for myself... Stan
  8. You are from a foreign country the minute you get 12 miles beyond the good old USA mainland. There are hundreds and hundreds of people just like you roaming the ship, driftless foreigners...
  9. GottaKnowWhen

    Do you find cruise cabins noisy at night?

    Ok, so your misuse of the term is due not to any prejudice about the happy hardworking staff, but rather your lack of understanding of good usage of the English vocabulary. Got it.
  10. GottaKnowWhen

    My packing list. Would you add anything?

    Enjoy! I was intrigued by your extensive list. I did have a few suggestions, but have not gone through the few hundred other replies so I am not sure if they would be redundant. E.g., mailing excess stuff along the way, Or stashing it in a hotel you’ll be back to, is a great way to maintain an adequate supply of Stuff without being overburdened. Use PDFs on your phone/tablet rather than paper. i don’t know if you were talked out of you duct tape, but I will note that I was once traveling with a youth group, we were at the airport redistributing stuff to get a few heavy suitcases under weight limit, one suitcase latch broke, and Duct Tape came to the rescue. One other thing. Keep track. My wife is a list person. She travels with a small suitcase, even for a six-seven week trip. She keeps track of every thing that gets worn (or not), everything that gets washed how many times, etc. When we get home, she revises her list for next time, eliminating those things seldom used, occasionally adding things she missed. Have a good trip! Stan
  11. GottaKnowWhen

    Ship access during port calls

    Yes. Come and go as you please. Note that leaving early you will be amidst hoards of others trying to get to the beaches, whatever. And there may be prioritized departures depending on your status, whether you are on a ship’s tour etc. Coming back aboard you will need to line up to go through ship security. Minor nuisance but still not the same as walking in and out of a hotel at a beach resort.
  12. GottaKnowWhen

    Millennium Revolution -

    Younger folks take selfies and post on Instagram. Older folks know that their selfies would break the internet and so, out of humility and respect, they keep their photos to themselves. If you click on the attractive younger people’s images, the posting notes and comments makes it clear that these are real people, not stock images. Stan
  13. GottaKnowWhen

    Do you leave unused toiletries and such behind?

    We do the same. We carry our own “stuff” and rarely use the supplied shampoos etc. We stash all of the room/cabin toiletries and once home we give them to one of two shelters nearby. As to the OP question about their own remnants, I ask the steward if she/he wants any of what we are leaving. Or I’ll say “we are leaving such and such on the counter. Please take it and use it, or pass it along if you would like to. Otherwise, just throw it out.” This lets them know we haven’t inadvertently left something behind and it is ok for them to claim. Stan
  14. GottaKnowWhen

    What to do in Stanley, Falkland Islands??

    A quick Google got me this. If this doesn’t help, ask again and I’ll go back into my files. https://www.falklandislands.com/visitor-information/estancia-excursions-p674761
  15. GottaKnowWhen

    Can I Disable the Automatic Picture Posts

    I will admit that I hadn’t noticed. You made me look. And now I know why I hadn’t noticed. Not worth spending any time on. Like ads and other minor nuisances, I just automatically ignore them and get on with what I am on the site to read or search or reply to. Stan