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  1. Ok, I got it. Duh! I was thinking that the photo was embedded within the card, but of course the card pulls the photo image from within their system. Makes sense! Thanks. Stan
  2. I know it is not required, but I am puzzled as to how my key card (with embedded photo missing) will get linked up to an on-board photo. No matter. I went to the website (rather than the app) and went to edit/complete my sign-in, and there they do have the instructions I was looking for. So I'll do a selfie of sorts and add it on... Thanks all! Stan
  3. Thanks. I'll try it. I hate selfies because I need my reading glasses to see well enough to know where the buttons are and whether I am in focus, in the frame, etc. Worse case I suppose it that they will laugh at the result and schedule a do-over... Stan
  4. So, I've done most of our check-in via the app. (Upcoming cruise on Silhouette.) But I stopped when I got to the "add-photo" section because I have no clue what sort of photo they require. Are there instructions anyplace? Limits on file size? Jpeg vs. other formats? A quick snappie with my phone or something more formal? Thanks! Stan
  5. A 5-shot stitched pano from excursion boat... not my favorite image from that period, but just to show what can be done from a moving platform.
  6. I agree with most of the previous comments. My summary: a) tripods are a nuisance to other people who are trying to walk behind you, trying to stand next to you at the rail, whatever. If you are on your own balcony, then ok. But b) the vibration from the ship will affect your shot. And c) if you really need the stability, then if you use a monopod, place it tight against the rail and really concentrate on holding it steady, you can get some help that way. Without having legs sticking out annoying others. I would rather up the ISO, handhold, and deal with any noise issues later. Oh, and note that at least some (all?) shake-reduction systems are recommended to be turned off when on a tripod. As far as the ship's forward movement... I have been on small excursion boats 200 feet offshore, moving at 15-18mph, (Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior) and have very acceptable shots of the cliff faces etc. One thing to think about, if your forward speed is high enough and the subject close enough, then it is similar to the techniques for shooting race cars or flying birds or other moving objects; i.e., try to pan your camera as needed to maintain a constant image. High shutter speeds help, and I would avoid anything smaller than f/8. Stan
  7. GottaKnowWhen

    Sea Salt

    When we go places, we often buy stuff. Yeah, I know it happens to others as well. Sometimes that. “Stuff” winds up as a treasured souvenir, sometimes not. I have a 3/4 full bottle of St. Maarten flavored rum that has been “aging” since 2001. So last time we were in Bonaire (2years ago?) we did an excursion that included the salt flats and slave huts on the south end. Back in town, we wandered, noticed a shop selling Bonaire sea salt. We bought a salt-crystal grinder of Bonaire sea salt. Got home, put it on the shelf. A few days ago we needed salt on the table, happened to notice the Bonaire salt. Used it. OMG! The flavor is amazing! If you are fortunate enough to stop in Bonaire, buy some salt to take home. Stan
  8. It’s going to depend on the ship and the senior staff. We enjoyed one, including 40-50 minutes on the bridge. No swag that I recall, but plenty on sale in the stores if I need anything...
  9. We have done this, most recently this last October. But we don’t travel with large suitcases. It is like a city bus. If you can lift and maneuver your bags up the stairs and down the aisle on your own, you should be ok...
  10. From my own limited experience and from other’s comments, I think Alaska is different. For several reasons including more novice cruisers, less difference between ships’ offerings and what is available independently, fairly intense itineraries, etc., the Roll Calls just don’t get the same attention. The Alaska board is super! Good up to date information, a good alternative to specific roll calls.
  11. A few years ago I somehow found Cruise Critic, somehow found out about Roll Calls. I had just booked my first Celebrity cruise, 7 weeks before embarkation. Started reading the roll call discussion, "learned" that the excursion options in Ushuaia and Port Stanley were extremely limited. "Learned" that any interesting excursion must be booked at least a year ahead. Fortunately a fellow passenger ignored the common wisdom, found a great excursion to Walk with the Penguins in Ushuaia, and we joined that group. And then I found a good tour for more penguins in the Falklands, it just wasn't with the already booked up "highly recommended" company. So, lesson 1: Roll Calls are great as an information resource when excursion planning and for finding others to share excursions, but in fact there are other options, beyond the frequently endorsed companies for whale watching off Juneau or penguin watching in the Falklands or whatever. Lesson 2: Roll Calls can be great, particularly for cruises with many sea days, like Transatlantics, because many fellow passengers share interests like playing bridge and other games, and the Roll Call provides a virtual meeting place for planning get-togethers. Lesson 3: And this is the biggie, when there is a price drop or a 20% Sale on beverage packages or whatever, somebody on the roll call is going to see that and alert others. I was reminded of this when reading a recent post on this forum from a disgruntled passenger who had paid megabucks for her cruise and never knew that there had been a significant price drop from her early booking date to the time of her sailing. Not everybody can benefit from every sale or price drop, there are too many variables depending on where you live and what you originally signed up for. But it is worth checking on, and I greatly appreciate seeing price-drop alerts! Some Roll Calls can get a bit tedious, e.g. when 4-5 members start comparing notes about college football teams or whatever and go on and on and on and on. But it is well worth it to periodically read the recent postings, to skim past what are basically private conversations. Stan
  12. Milos' last name is Radakovich. Very good very knowledgable presenter. If you are fortunate he will be onboard the Eclipse when you are. Stan
  13. My open-jaw round trip a) from my local airport to DTW to Lauderdale, then b) LHR back via ORD to my local airport , mid-April through early May 2020 was booked through Celebrity a few weeks ago. Outbound is on Delta, return is on United. I have not paid. I have the flight identifiers for both Delta and United, and was able to reserve my seats within about 15 minutes of the time I got the acknowledgement email from Celebrity. And by the way, my RT is about $1100/pp for Premium Economy vs about $3300/pp if I booked directly with Delta. I have made a note to continue to avoid American Airlines if possible. Stan
  14. Two observations. First, if I read you correctly, you are being offered a120% of your “actual cruise fare” in compensation for the two lost days; half of that in the form of a refund and half in the form of a future credit. Sounds fair, especially since by your contract with them they owe you nothing. Second, I am not sure why you characterize the base fare as “unknown.” Did you receive an invoice showing a breakout of fare, port fees, perks, bev pkg credits, other costs, taxes, etc etc? If you didn’t receive such an invoice, bad on your travel agent and your harsh words should be aimed in that direction. I am a somewhat compulsive planner, and it would upset me terribly if I had been in Japan watching the heavy rains, unable to tour the city due to weather, waiting for the ship while it waited out the typhoon in safety off at sea. I can totally sympathize with your angst. But based on what you have outlined, I would hold Celebrity not guilty of maltreatment. Stan
  15. I haven’t tracked the specifics of your pricing issue, sorry! But as I was skimming through the thread, I noticed the above. Four days ago I left a VM for my CVP, had a long useful discussion with him when he called back two days ago (when he got back from a vacation.) Some pricing changes, cancelled one cruise, moved the reservation to another itinerary, had some deals added... So I am not sure why you say the CVP is no longer an option. Stan
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