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  1. Makes sense...the Spirit, Sky, and Sun will probably go first...
  2. I’ve seen them do a 5th ROA (as a matinee) once to accommodate those unable to see the 4 sold out shows...
  3. I have also found this to be true, even in those instances where the online check in lets you specify. The steward's will just leave it the way it was previously, and adjust when the new occupants ask for it adjusted. That way, they don't waste time changing it, only to be later requested to change it the other way.
  4. It all depends...some drydockings are just a light makeover, while other's can be a radical reworking of the ship. In some, they can add entire new cabins, in other's they just change 'soft goods' like curtains, etc.
  5. Nice balanced review...thanks for posting it. I am disturbed more about the lack of response to your problem, than the problem itself. I find that unacceptable, whether one is in an Inside or a Garden Villa... As someone mentioned, at CC meet and greets, the hotel manager will often implore attendees to contact him/her if their problem is not resolved thru normal channels, and they give out cards with their ship phone number (IIRC, 8888). The idea is to give them the opportunity to resolve it on board, and not suffer thru it, and then tell all here on CC, after they can no longer do any good. That said, I would take it up with NCL's customer relation's, in Miami, and document all that you can recall, in hope that they will rectify the situation, and perhaps also offer you some compensation of some sort.
  6. I’ve noticed similar on Breakaway...in fact, in the morning around 0900 give or take, they often prop open a door while the crew is cleaning/restocking for a half hour or so...😉
  7. Alongside, Miami, FL.😎 It’s been great... Fair winds, and following seas, to all. Until we meet again....
  8. Betsy and I want to thank the entire CC community, both those on board and those just following, for all your love and support....it means so much to us!🙂
  9. Ship’s passing in the day, part II... Our “cousin”, the Norwegian Gem, enroute Boston to the Dockyards...
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