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  1. Hi Lois... I’m confident you will enjoy Oceania. As for solo traveler’s....all I can say is, I boarded the 180 day world cruise as a solo, but disembarked as a happily married man. I met the love of my life at a solo party on the second day, and had our wedding on board two days before the cruise ended. While I realize, that may not be what you are looking for, but to me, it just doesn’t get any better than that.😉🙂
  2. Were you on deck 3, or deck 6?(or 7)? As the photo in the link LHT28 posted above shows, the deck 3 porthole behind the curtain is kind of small, to be used as a “hammock”, unless I’m missing something... IIRC, there are a couple of cabins on decks 6 and 7 that have a large round window , instead of a balcony like the others on those decks...Those might be large enough to curl up into...🤔
  3. Not sure, but at least in Carnival’s case, they do claim to limit sales. I have read that on the CCL forum, with people asking for tips on how to be sure to get it in time...
  4. Carnival has its "First to the Fun" package, and I believe NCL, HAL, and some others do, too. This is where you pay a fee to obtain some of the perks afforded normally to those in suites. How many other lines offer something similar?
  5. Haven't been on RCI for over a year... Does RCI also have one of those "pay for perks" type package's, similar to Carnival's "First to the Fun", where you pay extra to get some of the perks of suite guests? I believe NCL, and HAL, and some other's, also have something similar...
  6. I have to agree. I have experience similar "Taste of...' events in various cities, and in those cases, you usually get a bargain prix fixe meal from participating restaurant's, in order to entice you to become regular customer's. In this case, it seems just the opposite... you are paying more than the regular price. I will be interesting to see how long it lasts, or if they adjust the price....
  7. I am curious of what the RCI partisans think of this latest creation to raise on board revenue? https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4704/ Note that having a specialty dining package or drink package (except for a small discount), is not applicable to this $54.99, (plus $19.99), "Experience"...
  8. If you each individually owned 100 shares of NCLH stock, you would double your shareholder OBC benefit by booking two separate rooms. The benefit is only one per cabin, normally....😉
  9. Bill, I enjoyed sitting next to you, and learning from you about the show, during our repo cruise last October... Was "Lonnie" played by T Scott Ross, again?
  10. I 'get' that about ship size...I was more curious about ice ratings....such as 1A, 1A+, 1B, etc....or 6P?
  11. Interesting... does CAS waive the single supplement on all cruises, or just some?
  12. But did you pay the full fare (for a standard cabin), or did you get a bargain fare where you only paid half the room for two charge...that could make a difference, maybe. With a Studio cabin, you are not paying a "single supplement", however, you are paying more than half of a standard inside cabin for two...sometimes even more than the full discounted price for a cabin for two... IIRC, the fine print on the shareholder benefit form says something about not getting the full benefit, in certain condition's, such as special reduced fares...
  13. I am just beginning my Antarctic cruise research. Can someone explain the various polar classes of ship's, if it isn't too much trouble? Appreciate it!🙂
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