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  1. Good morning Rich, thank you for the daily. National Stress day....very appropriate for today with the ships leaving. The sun is shining brightly through the window, we are safe and healthy, and I have all of you. Have a great day dailyites!😻
  2. I have to say we are so sad right now. I know it probably would have been cancelled since it was early January but it was hope, something to be excited about in this terrible time we all are going through. Just depressing. But this daily brings a ray of sunshine into each day.
  3. We got the same email. Our Veendam cruise for January has been cancelled.☹️
  4. Just received an email from Holland America that our cruise is cancelled.....sigh....not a happy house here.
  5. With these 4 small ships leaving the fleet, what ships are the next smallest? We are booked on the Veendam for January and love the small size.
  6. One of our favorite places to visit. The blooms were overwhelming.
  7. Pet Fire Safety Day.....we have a sticker on our doors to make them aware we have a cat inside. Cows....love them. <grin>. We've been giving items to the local habitat since the lockdown began. It's refreshing to give away unused items. Not sure about the quote. Would hope that doesn't happen. Turkey Meat Loaf, make often. Good morning Rich and dailyites. Happy hump day. It's a beautiful sunrise here, sun blasting through all the windows.
  8. We have a Veendam cruise booked for January 2021. If she is sold what will HAL do about those of use booked?
  9. National Nude Day, no one would want me to observe that!! 🤣 The cost of living is going up, and the chance of living is going down. This is becoming truer each day. Meal suggestion for today - Hot Chicken Salad Love cold chicken salad, will that do? I hope everyone is having a good beginning to their day. Prayers for continued health concerns and prayers for safety for everyone else. Looking forward to KK's post.
  10. Good morning Rich and fellow dailyites. Another HOT day here in south Florida. The quote is so true for many things in today's world. Beans and Franks is one of our favorite meals. I'll pass on the meal suggestion. Love all the photos of flowers and pets everyone is posting. Brightens my day! Keep them coming. Prayers for continued recovery for everyone that needs them and for everyone else, please stay safe.
  11. Thank you for the daily, great start to my day. Beautiful sunrise shining through the windows. Prayers for everyone, as we all need them. Kazu, your porch is fabulous.
  12. We cancelled a cruise for next January on April 24. Received refund to our CC today. Just waiting for our travel expenses from our stopped Rotterdam cruise in March.
  13. Good morning dailyites and Rich. The quote is so true. LOL Love the menu suggestion and Blueberry Muffin day. Wish we could go in person to cheer up the lonely, but I send out cards daily. Have a great Saturday.
  14. Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day. One of my favorite books when I was teaching K/1. "I wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There's a knob called `brightness', but it doesn't work." -- Gallagher Boy could we use this with some of the news people. Meal suggestion for today - Slow-Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken This sounds so good. Will have to find my recipe. Good morning everyone. Thank you Rich for the Daily. It's the first thing I look for. Hot and humid here too, already. Rain every afternoon doesn't help. Stay safe everyone, and social distance. We want all of us to stay safe.
  15. Good morning Dailyites. Love sugar cookies and a beautiful horizon. Miss those mornings on the ship. The flowers are beautiful. Do not care for anything smoked so the menu will be a pass. Have a great day everyone.
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