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  1. I just off the Getaway and want to put it on my profile. Please tell me where to look and how to add this cruise. Thanks Ron Lewis
  2. Usually never could anyone to chat!!!!
  3. Glad you got a cute husband. Lucky. Boy, so much negativity on this subject. Just everyone have a good vacation or don't go if worried about how gays will treat you! I am outta here to Paris so hopefully everyone can chill. LOL
  4. Couples in a very new relationship tended on the one NCL only to stay by themselves. Not a big deal..Were friendly but not inviting to dinner. Enjoy your cruise. I lv Thursday for Paris...
  5. First FOD on NCL was great. Lots of singles in groups..few couples. Planned several side trips. Second one less great due to newly-relationship couples. Met up occ later at pools or late at night around the ship, rarely for dinner. But I am social and talked to people at meals. So hit of miss. Just go to Meet and Greet in the beginning and sit in middle ( not at bar) and they will show up. Got a shirt with name of your city, might a conversation started. HAVE FUN AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. Too much energy spent. LOL
  6. Congrats! I lv from Copenhagen June 7th on Baltic Cruise with NCL. Strike up a conversation over meals at the next table and you might find a traveling mate for day trips. I do when sitting solo. Enjoy Ron
  7. How funny and true. Don't take a vacation if so uptight about if people talk with you or not.
  8. Agree. Don't have to always socialize with LGBT people only. If you are not into socializing, they do a land tour alone!
  9. That is too bad for you both to experience that. Might as well be on an Atlantis cruise is where you find that behavior. My first NCL "Friends of Dorothy" was fantastic. We all went to meals and excursions. More adult age. The last one only couples of young/newbies that tend to exclude solos and others outside their group. But we all had fund and Meet and Greet. I don't go on cruises for that. Did that with RSVP/Atlantis. I just go and meet all sorts of people....gay/straight. Open up around others. Are you soon to cruise?
  10. I walk up and start a conversation to find out about the person...and sit down with them all. If you look afraid to meet, then you will not be approachable. That being said, and I am able to get into the group, after the meet and greet, some just go off on already made plans and they don't want a single..sad. I had that on my last one and go really stuck with a curmudgeon. LOL The RSPV and Atlantis are a not for me anymore...too much gaydom!! I have tried with CC to get a roll call for LGBT TRAVELERS but not sure where to post. Have fun and you cannot control others. Also, dont arrive late. sounds like everyone is already there..so get there a few min prior to start time.
  11. Just got to put yourself out there and see. I realized that I just needed to introduce myself and see what happens. Hit or miss. I would see the usual people at 530 each night...but most had speciality dinner reservations which is difficult to include other. Have fun on Viking. Very upscale.
  12. I agree with what you said. I have experienced NCL only and had a positive experience for the most part. One NCL cruise was great to meet people and we hung out the entire trip. The second trip LGBT meet and greet on NCL was only couples which were not interested in including any solo travelers. That was unfortunate. Hit or miss.But I like that the cocktail meeting was out in the main part of the ship and not off to another part hidden away.
  13. I looked at www.tripinsurancestore.com on advice from others. Got a quote for medical only that includes my travels prior to Copenhagen for $80 with pre-exhisting condition. I did not care about ship issue, etc. Only medical emergencies. I spoke with Kim. $80 for more days and $250 from NCL!
  14. I am booked at Best Western. ( two of them) Less $$ than that offered by NCL but need to take a taxi to port. Rooms going fast.
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