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  1. I am not overly concnered about it, but will the port fees, taxes for her be refunded or absobed by him due to her being a "no show". At this point we aren't really concnered about it but curious if he would receive that portion refunded. I assume not.
  2. Thanks everyone. I was thinking leaving her on may be best. I just didn't want him to have any issues checking in. He has been through so much lately he really needs this vacation, and didn't want him stressing over extra cost or hassle while checking in. Thanks again.
  3. Hi everyone, I have an inquiry. My brother in law and his wife have seperated. He is still travelling with us on a cruise. Obviously his ex wife will not be joining us. When we look at dropping her off the reservation online it is adjusting the price to the new promotion which in turn is costing him 400.00 more, which is crazy. When we originally booked we inquired about this, as things were rocky with them. They infromed us that we could remove her with no changes until the final payment. Is this normal? What if he leaves her on the reservation and she doesn't check in with him? Thoughts, suggestions anyone else have any experience with this?
  4. We have flow out of SJU three times, sometimes it has been fine but we have experienced very slow lines in at check in counters and security check points. I personally wouldn't book anything before noon hour. I often look for a flight around 1:00.
  5. Thank you so much for reporting this back to me. Greatly apprecaite it!
  6. Thanks everyone for pointing out some things to consider. A lot of our OBC is from our agent, and would most likely be refundable (as it has been in the past). We are in the market for a new IPad as ours is over 7 years old, and can no longer update, but surprisingly still works. I will have to print out some infromation to bring with me and ensure the price is on point, and verify the model. Thanks again for the tips and suggestions.
  7. Thanks. I did read the thread over. I beleive we are exmpt from VAT as we depart from Lisbon, and stop at Gibralatr, which from my understanding from this post eliminates the VAT.
  8. Hi Everyone, We wil lbe sailing at the end of October on the Reflection . We have a significant amountof OBC and was wondeirng if iPad's are still offfered for purcahse on the ship?/ We may be in the market for a new IPad in the next little while and thought why not try to use some OBc to apply towards our purcahse. Can anyone comfirm if they are still available for purcahse. The Pros and cons of purchasing on the ship. I will be out of Lisbon to Barcelona, would I have to worry about VAT? Thanks in advance for any insight. I tried to do a search but found only dated posts. TIA
  9. I had this offer for 20% off drink poacakges under my Febraury 2020 cruise. When i called the rep said it as no applicable on the upgrades from classic to premium....after waiting on the phone for over an hour 😞
  10. Thanks. I have cruise a few times, but never really needed to delay the disembarkation, and never really paid much attention on timing of everything. Plus I know it will take 30-40 minutes driving from FLL to Miami depending on traffic. I wasn't certain of when last call was to disembark. So thanks for letting me know. We arrive at 7am.
  11. Hi Everyone, I tried doing a search but came up short, and thought this may be quicker. I am sailing Feb 2020 in he Infinity out of Miami. I am renting an Airbnb post cruise for one night. I am trying to locate the time slots for disembarkation to try and time our arrival to the Airbnb. We aren't able to drop our bags off until 11:00/11:30. I am trying to figure out how much extra time we will have from disembarkation to checking into our Airbnb in FLL. Then we will need to find a resolution to kill time between the two in the event there will be a long stretch between. Obviously we would be aiming to disembark as late as possible.
  12. I am also interested in knowing how this situation works....
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