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  1. "Cool", I never knew that was why they were not as cold.
  2. Absolutely! I am not flying to Hawaii to shop in a mall.
  3. Exactly the point of my thread, I want to inform people to pay more attention, don’t trust your TA, do your own research. I have been saying all along that this was my mistake. In the future I will be booking my own cruise through the cruise line after doing my own research.
  4. Sorry, I deleted the email. Maybe someone else can answer your question.
  5. OMG! I am LMAO, I just check my emails and after spending $1,000 to upgrade our cabin to the only unobstructed balcony cabin left on the ship they are now sending me the "Royal Up" offer to submit a bid. Let me tell you...that is not going to happen. Sorry...I just had to share it with you all.
  6. I guess this proves everyone is looking for something different, I would have been happy with that view.
  7. Again, I want to remind people the intent of this thread was to warn people before they decide to book a guarantee balcony cabin. The warning is simple, do your research and see if the ship you are looking at has obstructed balcony cabins and decide for yourself if it is worth the risk. I admit I did not research the ship properly or I would never have booked a guarantee balcony on this ship because virtually all of the cabins on the 6th floor and some on the 7th have some kind of obstruction, that is a lot of obstructed balconies. Buyer beware. Thank you everyone for allowing a good discussion on this thread. My husband and I are what you would call "seasoned" cruisers, we are Diamond and I was still taken by surprise. We will still enjoy our cruise and look forward to the nice long sea days in our new "upgraded" balcony cabin.
  8. It was the way they did it. There was an entire thread about it. In a nut shell, RCCL knew they would have to have inspections done when they brought the ship to the US for the first time. They failed to allow time without cruisers to do these 3 day inspections. It appears that they put together an attractive Hawaii cruise and waited until the ship was pretty much booked and the penalty to change/cancel was at 75%, almost to the day, to announce the change that would turn it into a less than favorable itinerary. Several of us wrote letters and were given what some of us feel was canned lip service. Again, this is a very quick description of what happened on this cruise and it is my opinion only.
  9. Agreed. I even asked her when I booked, "This means we will have a balcony with a clear view, right?" She said yes, the thing we were taking a chance on is the location on the ship not being as favorable. My husband and I rarely take the elevator and could care less how far away the stairs are. Part of the blame should be put on my TA, I don't think she was even aware of the number of obstructions on this ship when I booked.
  10. I used to think like that but the older I get the more I appreciate just sitting on my balcony reading or enjoying a glass of wine.
  11. Not with my travel agent. Choice at the time we booked was Guarantee Balcony only.
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