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  1. I had booked three cabins on the Armonia for 7-19-2020 sailing with final payment due 4-20-2020. I called a couple of weeks ago and was advised to just wait a few days to see what developed. I felt that the agent was being somewhat patronizing, wanting to kick the can down the road rather than deal with my bookings. Nice enough, but not helpful. I called again today and was able to cancel all three cabins with full refund on each one. It took about 10-15 minutes (with no time spent on hold before reaching an agent). I was told that it would be at least 30 days before I could expect refund back to my credit card. Agent was very nice and helpful.
  2. DD is 33 and has been diagnosed with an auto immune syndrome which causes blood clotting and requires lifelong anticoagulant treatment. We sailed on Leap Day, but with the current restrictions, she would not be able to board now. We'll wait it out and sail again when it's safe for her to do so. DH & I will be 60 in the next couple of months, so we're in a higher risk category, too. I hate when I see folks like bury me at sea so discouraged. It doesn't seem fair to be told you can't make your own decisions about the risks you are willing to take. Hang in there and stay positive. I've learned so much from CC seasoned cruisers and look forward to hearing about your newest adventures when this all passes.
  3. Can't beat NOLA for a place to be stranded :) Have fun whatever happens!
  4. That's how I thought it would be used, and I can see how that would be great. What I found confusing was that even though people were in line for seating, we were told to request a table on the app and step to the side until our table was ready. Not really sure how that saved time/effort for the staff, but once we figured out what we were supposed to do, we just requested a table when we arrived at the MDR entrance and waited to the side until we got our confirmation. Meanwhile, people without the app were lined up and assigned tables as they reached the podium.
  5. The ship has to send a report listing illnesses on board.
  6. Wow!! There were a couple of nights that service was slower than usual, but I think we had better luck going as soon as MDR opened. On the last night, four of us got our meals and the fifth person was left sitting for 5-10 minutes. We wondered if there were several new crew members, but don't know that. Also on the last night, we had quite a lag between courses.
  7. Something new for us on Magic for YTD: we got in line as usual, but were told to request a table on the HUB app and wait until it showed an available table for us to get in line. The hostess would come down the line to see who had a table ready and then take us to a waiter to be seated. We never had to wait more than 2-3 minutes, but I really don't see what this accomplishes. We dined at 5:30, so it wasn't that the MDR was full. I had seen the feature on the app, but I assumed that was if you wanted to request a table at 6:00 for 7:00 seating for example. Some folks didn't have the HUB app, so they had to wait in line as usual.
  8. We purchased wifi for a couple of days on Magic to let family know what was going on with Grand Turk situation. It was very easy to share the wifi among the three of us. Just have to remember to log off when you are finished so your daughter can log in on her device. If you make the purchase, your log in will be your folio # and month/day of birth. Your daughter would use the same log in if you share. Considering the sheer volume who were likely using the internet at that point, it was fast and only dropped connections a couple of times in the 48 hours we purchased. Much better than our previous experiences when we purchased for a day to check in for flights.
  9. We just got off the Magic, and were denied porting at Grand Turk even though there were no suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus onboard. The crew was amazing and handled the situation as well as possible, IMO, and our cruise was wonderful. We were concerned about what would happen on Sunday in Port Everglades, but we were able to disembark without delay. Having said that, if our cruise were next week, we would cancel. I don't have fears about catching anything, but I do have concerns about being quarantined or having disembarkation delayed for testing. Missing ports is disappointing, but that can happen for a number of reasons, so that wouldn't be a factor for us either. Although I have a lot of vacation and personal time, DH and DD aren't that fortunate, and they can't risk going two weeks or more without pay.
  10. On the cruise with you :) I agree with all your comments. Did you notice that they were putting stickers on the Lido loungers? Not sure they were actually going back and removing belongings, though.
  11. Pepsi products were on Magic 2-29-20 cruise.
  12. Quite honestly, no profit-driven company would cut their prices or offer incentives for no reason. I'm sure this is a business move, but it's a win for anyone who still wants to cruise.
  13. Just back from Carnival Magic Leap Day cruise. All in all, a great cruise. Cabin 9256 balcony--great location. Quiet for the most part. A little noise from neighboring cabins using their outdoor voices in the hallway, particularly the last night. Embarkation was a breeze. We bought FTTF due to early flight out of MIA, so needed to be off ship in Port Everglades quickly. We were onboard by 10:45. Cabin wasn't quite ready, but that's understandable due to being onboard so early. We didn't meet our cabin steward until midway through cruise. We were only given morning service--no choice given. We were fine with that, but wish we had at least met steward and been given a choice. Cabin was kept very clean--no complaints about that at all. Toilet wouldn't flush on second day, but that was due to plumbing problems on deck above. It was quickly fixed. On the third day we came back to a terrible sewer smell, but that disappeared in about five minutes. That was the extent of our issues. We heard cruisers on deck 10 complaining about plumbing problems lasting for most of cruise. We ate most of our evening meals in MDR, and we thought food was really good. Lido buffet seemed to have fewer choices than on previous cruises, but there was plenty of food to keep us happy. Guy's Burgers was, as usual, heaven on earth for DH. Pig and Anchor BBQ was delicious. We were disappointed with the Seaday Brunch menu changes, but the Aft deck BBQ sandwich was absolutely delicious. Coffee bar was inconsistent this time compared to our other cruises. When Florin made the drinks, they were spot on, but otherwise it was hit and miss and the misses were sometimes pretty bad. Room service coffee is usually great, but not this time. Playlist performers were somewhat disappointing. "Flick" was probably our least favorite show of all we have seen. America Rocks was entertaining, but the vocals weren't that great. We only caught one comedy show. The first female comedienne was really funny, but she left in St Maarten. Weather was very windy and chilly until we got to St Maarten. Our port days were all very nice weather. Tortola was one of our favorite ports of all time, and we enjoyed St Maarten. We have been to San Juan several times, and can see the progress made since we sailed on the second cruise out after the hurricanes. Skipping Grand Turk was a disappointment, but totally beyond control of Carnival. Glad to hear the two passengers in need of evacuation were gotten off the ship, however that was accomplished. We were given $100 per person refundable OBC, which was incredibly generous IMO since Carnival had no control over the situation. Crew worked very hard to keep everyone happy and entertained. I know that updates were not as timely as we would have liked, but after learning that they were fighting to even get the pax in need of medical services off the ship, that is totally understandable. We were all safe and sound, so the captain/crew were handling things as they should have. I was disappointed in the behavior of several of our fellow cruisers over the situation , but most handled things with a good attitude. Simon London is now one of our favorite CDs. Always out and about and full of energy, and didn't feel the need to be on the intercom any more than necessary. We sailed with friends we "met" on the old Funville forum. We have emailed daily for 7 years, and finally met in person. We had the best time ever, and this cruise will be remembered as the best ever!!!! We did the early FTTF disembarkation carrying off our own luggage. It went smoothly. We had Carnival transfers to MIA, and arrived in plenty of time for our 12:25 flight.
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