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  1. Any communication at all would be welcomed by me. To this day I have never received one email even stating that there was a change in the program. I do get all the ads about the fake sales though.
  2. after reading this thread I went into my account and my $50 OBC I opted for was on my account.
  3. Even in the MSC pools I'd have a hard time walking to the other side even if they were empty.
  4. is the Splendor the ship that reminds people of pepto bismal?
  5. Geez Louise, give the guy a break, he's only doing his job.
  6. probably sitting in the restaurant one floor up and looking down into the lower level of the restaurant. I've been seated like that before. We were in anytime dining on the floor above and we could look down and see the waitstaff doing their singing and dancing for early seating people.
  7. The (fake) sale really has little to nothing to do with the price. More like they aren't selling many packages on that sailing. My cruise on the Harmony was $61 before and after the "sale" and the prices do very as you said. Glad you got it for a great price. 🙂
  8. If they continue down the same path as sunshine and sunrise there will probably be another 200-300 pax onboard than before the refurb so it'll probably be a little more cozy.
  9. You sound like a broken record with this same response all the time. Not everybody is a social butterfly or wants to sit and enjoy strangers. As mentioned above I only see my wife on weekends so we have a lot of catching up to do by the time the weekend rolls around. We've also had larger tables in the past and after grandma and drunk grandpa would bring their not so darling teenage grandchildren to dinner we had enough of the big tables.
  10. I can only talk to my wife at home on Saturday and Sunday so we like to have a table for 2. 🙂
  11. That'll do it. Can't stand around in the pool if it's over your head. Innovative! maybe it'll become an industry standard
  12. tyvm. 6 foot seems odd to me but what do I know.
  13. Are the pools on the ships that sail from Florida all have 6 foot depths?
  14. either seaside or meraviglia
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