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  1. So if you get the emerald discount of $125 per balcony and they have pricing that includes $125 instant savings you'll still get the balcony discount?
  2. That's a new one. Different due dates for different cabin categories. I've never heard of this before. Guess you really have to read the fine print. I always just "assumed" that the final payment date was the same no matter what cabin you booked.
  3. What a horrible way to start a cruise. If it wasn't for Cruise Critic I wouldn't even had known that RCI cancelled the DDD program. No email in eith regular or spam box but they know what my email address is now that my cruise is close. I get emails very day for BIG discounts on excursions , dinners, and drink packages although the prices never changed.(fake sales)
  4. My apologies for the incorrect info. It didn't show up like that when I did it online. It didn't break it down like your page did. Just said kids sail free - $2019.00 and no mention of 60% off. 🀐
  5. When you book a kids sail free cruise you do not get the free kid AND the 60% off. It's either one or the other. Mock booking for the Harmony Feb 2 2020. 3 adults in cat 1C cabin $3897 with 60% off 2 adults 1 kid cat 1C $3629 with kid sail free but no 60% off.
  6. I don't think you can message anybody on this message board but they could post the number here for you.😊
  7. make sure to get a lanyard to make sure everybody you walk past can see your platinum card
  8. sounds like the best plan to me.😊
  9. I thought he said he got a standard balcony for less than $500. i dont think he got the yacht club for that price.
  10. Nobody is mad, well at least not me. I have been on Carnival more times that any other cruise line with about 35 cruises under my belt. Presently have one RCI cruise booked and one CCL cruise booked. Being a Libra I just like fair and balanced.😊
  11. Not to pick nits but that would be Bob Dickinson, Jimbo.😊 He was a great guy and did so much for the cruise line. I remember when he was on the ships and did all the different jobs on the ship including housekeeping and being a drink runner on the decks which caused him to change the fabric their shirts were made of.
  12. I don't need any convincing but some here might.πŸ˜‰
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