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  1. we've done this before as well but you just lined up on the ship very early in the morning about 7:30am if I recall correctly. Birdtravels is usually spot on but I don't he/she is correct in this instance.
  2. I'm booked in a Havana interior for later in the year. I don't see the allure of booking the Havana cabin if it's not going to be exclusive to people booking Havana cabins. If others are allowed to book a regular cabin and pay a fee at any price for access then you'll start the chair hogging and overcrowding. I personally wouldn't book a Havana cabin under those circumstances. There are plenty of others that would so if they changed the policy it sure wouldn't hurt Carnival if I didn't book the Havana cabins. YMMV
  3. I usually whip out a credit card for airfare, but that's just me.😛
  4. on Harmony 2 weeks ago I was on ships wifi with airplane mode on and was getting text from people at home that also had iphones. Wouldn't work with android users.
  5. Is this a new ploy by Carnival to not honor early saver price drops or just a miscommunication?
  6. Thanks to SuzyCruiser2. Hope you don't mind me taking the liberty. Copy of 1523216014_SlotPullExample-1.pdf
  7. just make photo copies and avoid the extra charge.
  8. You should be able to see a show every night and not miss any dinners.🙂
  9. I always have a reservation months ahead whenever going on a trip. We are fastbreak members. Believe me there was no car there for my family nor a few others. We had an other family with us and they also had a reservation which I made. We both had to wait. They got their car first while we waited for another vehicle to be returned. When another vehicle was returned about 15 minutes later it was not cleaned or checked for a full tank of gas which I did not realize until on the road. The paperwork I received said it was a full tank of gas when in fact there was only about 3/4 tank when we received the car and when I returned the car it filled it to where it was when I received the car. Also when I realized it wasn't full I pulled off the road and took a picture of the odometer and gas gauge. At the Budget office at the airport they accused me of taking a picture of another vehicles odometer and gas gauge. There were still other families waiting for a car but I can't say whether they had reservations or not. Budget at MCO charged me a fee of about $150 for not filling it back up completely. It took me about 2 weeks of back and forth with Budget to get the fee dropped. Because of that incident when we were down there again last week we just took the cruise lines bus to avoid any problems since it was just 2 of us.
  10. they had it last week after our RCI cruise in Port Canaveral.
  11. Our experience with Budget only "picking up" a car, I would not recommend leaving your party at the pier while you get the vehicle as Budget has very few cars onsite after the cruise and you will have to sit and wait until people going on the next cruise bring their cars back starting about 10a - 10:30am. Your party could be waiting for awhile back at the pier. Just my experience with Budget. This happened twice although my whole party came over on the shuttle so we all sat at the Budget office until we got a vehicle. YMMV
  12. Don't say that around Captain Johnny! He corrected a passenger who asked a question about the "boat" but in a nice way. Pretty funny Captain.
  13. While on Harmony last week the cruise director during his daily show showed a picture on his phone of the Oasis and Symphony docked there side by side. Said it was the first time 2 Oasis class ships were there together.
  14. Thanks for the info Jim. We were docked across from the Glory and I believe the Horizon in Cozumel last week and noticed the rust. Was surprised about the Horizon especially.
  15. we just used Budget last week with no problems. If you were asking about getting a car from Budget after the cruise that is another story.
  16. You are welcome. Me too as evidenced in my post. The info I posted was already posted by 2chiefs.
  17. Yes that is what we encountered as well. We were asked the questions verbally by the rci rep and she notated our answers on an ipad.
  18. OK just wanted to make sure you are aware. I would go with the 9:45am time just in case. That's about what time we left Disney for the port. Took us about an hour. Have a great cruise!
  19. Just a heads up just in case you didn't know that the airport hotels are about a 45 minute drive to the port. We came in 2 days early, rented a car, and stayed at Disney before we drove to the port and dropped off the car and got shuttled to the ship.
  20. just got off Harmony today. While the weather didnt cooperate the trip was great.
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