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  1. Hi, I requested a refund for my deposit for 3 cabins on 3/23. Was told 10-15 days, then told 30 days, then told 60 day. 60 days brought mt to this past Monday. When I called they said it's being processed and give a few more days. Called again and got the bad news, refunds are coming 60 days after date of sailing. In my case we were on a cruise out of Venice scheduled for July 3rd. They expect me to wait until September? Time to call the credit card company. Sorry MSC
  2. I cancelled 3 bookings on March 15th for a July cruise. Haven't seen anything yet. When I cancelled, they were easy to reach and helpful but it took multiple calls to them, i was told 7-10 days. I called back today and was told 60 days.
  3. So sad for us, we had 3 balcony rooms booked on Magnifica for a cruise in July out of Venice that we of course cancelled.
  4. I've been watching a Xmas cruise and the price went up for that as well. And today they took away the $200 OBC as well as reduced the # of specialty dining nights from 3 to 2. I would have expected the price to go down when they take away a few perks, guess not.
  5. jcollin

    November cruise

    I cancelled three bookings on 3/23, b4 FP was due, for a July Med cruise out of Venice. Deposits have not been credited yet.
  6. Cancelled 3 bookings for a July Italy cruise on 3/15. Have not seen the refund yet.
  7. I agree with fstuff1 on the prices. We love NCL as well. If you look at sailings later in the year (Nov or Dec) the prices are pretty high compared to other lines. That needs to change or else it could be it for them.
  8. I agree with others and want to get my 100 shares as well. Just bought 100 @8.23 a share. I'm watching and hoping that we can go at Christmas. Current prices are too high right now but i can wait another month or more.
  9. I'm thinking of a Xmas cruise but right now the price on Escape is pretty high. 50% higher than we paid for the Thanksgiving 2 years ago. I thought they would have better deals, i guess I need to wait and see what happens.
  10. I've tried to cancel three bookings since 3/15. I was told I would get an email to confirm but only got it for 1 one them. I've called a few times and each time I get a different answer. To MSC's credit they are answering the calls relative quickly. Our final payment date was April 4th. I just want my deposit back but have not seen it yet. Hopefully it comes soon
  11. I cancelled yesterday, 3 cabins for a July cruise out of Venice. Final payment was due on April 4th. MSC said they would send a confirmation email showing all 3 deposits refunded but I have not received that yet. Anyone who cancelled get an email from them? Thanks
  12. Has anyone heard if MSC is extending pay in full date? Ours is coming up at the beginning of April for our July cruise. I thought I read that the final payment day was reduced from 90 days to 60.
  13. Hello, Does this cover you if the cruise line won't allow you to board? I know MSC is doing thermal scans on everyone and if you have a temp everyone in your party is denied boarding. Would a full refund come from that? Thanks
  14. HI, If there is no roll call for our med cruise how do we know when or if there will be a meet and greet? This is for the Magnifica July 3rd. Also we have the easy drink package so anyone who has more info on that please pass it along. Thanks
  15. Hi, I'd be interested in seeing a menu as well. We (7 of us) are on Magnifica July 3rd from Venice. We too have the easy drink package. Any feedback from anyone who has sailed with that would be great. Thanks
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