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  1. Bob, if you said it, I must have missed it. Is Michele Tuvo the Captain of the Ship? Or Captain Bye-bye as he is also known. As you recall, he was the Captain when we did Hawaii. Such a wonderful, personable man. Take care on your journey home.
  2. Thanks Lew or sharing your experiences. I guess I have been extremely lucky because none of things have ever happened to me. And perhaps I would feel different about the Princess laundry services if it happened to me.
  3. Ever since I have been Elite w/Princess, yes I have gotten free laundry and free dry cleaning. No, you are not wrng. Enjoy the perk. It certainly is nice.
  4. What?????? You are Elite. Don't you send your laundry out for free?????? Why waste your time in the laundry room????
  5. Congrats on the watch. It is very very nice looking. But what if your squad gives you a watch upon retirement?????
  6. So sorry to hear that Bob. Hopefully the ice did the trick and there will be not much swelling. Bon Voyage
  7. Bob, If that is the case that Holli is talking about another Baltic, join myself and about 15 friends as we are sailing on the Sky on April 24, 2021 to the Baltic. Check it out onboard now while you are cruising. Would be great fun. Hope you consider it.
  8. So agree as I handle my Slot Pulls the same way you do. Each person puts in their own money when they want to come up and take a spin on the machine.
  9. Have sent you an email. Have a great time on your Hawaii cruise. Always wonderful to have lots of sea days over and back. Hope you all win lots of money.
  10. Hi Donna, We have a thread going for the cruise in September 2020 and I did not see your name. Come on over and join us. Here is the link
  11. Paul, You truly have a gift with your words in the explanations of all aspects of your cruise. Thank you so much for sharing your time and experience as well as expertise with cruising. I will be doing the same cruise in September, 2020 and your knowledge has been invaluable. I appreciate your entire blog.
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