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  1. Many folks including myself have reported getting free upgrades in the last month or so. I went from balcony to mini-suite for July cruise on Sky. I actually believe this is to discourage folks from re-faring, since prices have gone down dramatically. Did you agree to be upgraded? If not, I would change that first and give it a little time and see if you get a free upgrade. Good luck.
  2. I sent my form as soon as it was available, just hoping it comes my end of month, I've got to pay my July cruise and would really like to use the FCCs.
  3. I've gotten two upgrades in the last week, from Balcony to Deluxe Balcony to now Mini -Suite, I'm pretty sure this is to discourage us from re-faring, which at the end of the day is still pretty good.
  4. Sorry facts, I was intentionally trying to be a little vague, EZAir booked 7/12 - RIC-JFK-LHR, 700AM - 10:45PM, Delta cancelled 700 flight RIC-JFK, so automatically rebooked RIC-LGA-BOS-LHR, leaving 7/11 at 245PM, arriving 7/12 715AM. There is a desirable option to change going over RIC-DTW-LHR, but then the problem is changing the return (as I'm not sure if I can only change one leg). I'm on the 1235pm on 7/27, LRH-JFK-RIC, originally about a 3 hour layover is now a 7 hour layover arriving RIC at just before mid-night on 7/27. The only return flights on Delta now being offered is leaving late afternoon on 7/27, requiring overnight layover at JFK, which is actually more expensive then I originally was quoted. So, yes it appears until it's ticketed, airline takes no responsibility for schedule changes and I'm stuck with the auto rebook. I did book EZAir directly, but I called TA for advice and see if there were any other options. Once it is ticketed, then yes Delta will help with flight changes, but it has not been booked yet.
  5. We got off boat earlier, caught ferry boat to peninsula with Viking and Fram, we were able to beat the cruise buses to the Viking museum, when we were done the buses started to arrive. We then walked to Fram, and were back in Oslo for a late lunch. With four folks, taxi may be quicker and not much more expensive. Especially if you want to go out to ski jump or park too.
  6. Sorry, a little long, but wanted to try to fully explain. I've used EZ-Air at least 5 times without any hiccups, but our flights to our cruise this summer have gotten caught in the downside. Let me first say, it would not be as big of a problem, if I didn't really want to stay with DELTA/SkyTeam, as of today, I could book flights on other airlines a little bit cheaper or right around the same price but I want to stay on my preferred airline. The last couple of flights to Europe, I've taken a direct flight from IAD then connected. This trip I chose to flow out of my local airport and connect to direct flight to LHR (final destination). For outbound, Delta has changed my departure time by about 16 hours earlier (from 7AM to 3pm day before, with 2 connections) because it cancelled the 7AM flight, for the inbound Delta moved the connection about 3 hours later, so now I have a 7+ hour layover in JFK, neither of these are ideal, but I guess workable. Since these flights have not been ticketed, Delta is under no obligation to change to desired flights. I talked to my TA and the only way to change flights, is to now accept what is available on EZ-Air at that current prices, or accept the changes. Presently there are very limited options on Delta coming home all including an overnight stay at JFK. At the end of the day, I'll keep checking both Princess EZ-Air and Delta, currently booking Delta direct is about $300 more in total. Anyone else run into the downside?
  7. Following, also hoping for feedback. Their website looks nice and the tours look reasonable, hoping for some positive feedback and I'll probably book on of their tours for July.
  8. I usually like to book my own transfers, bus, train, metro, etc. and I'm considering a transfer from LHR to Southhampton which includes a stop at Stonehenge, it's not cheap 94 pounds, but we've never been to Stonehenge. But coming back from Southhampton to LHR, we have a 1230 international flight booked through Princess EzAir, so I'm a little leary about taking private transportation to LHR, in case something goes wrong and Princess tries to blame on us, if we miss flight. So, I'm considering just sticking with the LHR transfer with Princess.
  9. Airport and cruise terminal are on different sides of town, and there isn't much close to cruise terminal. Thus you need to decide between close to airport or in town. We choose and were very happy with AC Bella by Marriott. Airport Shuttle, easy walking distance to Metro to get to town, shopping mall with food outlets, grocery stores for wine within extended walking distance. We just took Taxi to cruise terminal about $60 US dollars. If you go back to airport after getting off ship there is a great cheap shuttle option from ship to airport too.
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